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September 30, 2005

crack head

Ian has been trying to get me a girlfriend or a wife recently. he has been taking applications through e-mail.

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September 29, 2005

A Wierd Day

Today started out kind of strange! I was carpooling with Collin and Linds and while I was waiting to meet them in a gas station parking lot i noticed that their flower garden was on fire.

The mulch was just burning away, and the fire was spreading into the bushes. I put my shoes on and stomped it out. I smelled like smoke and ashes all day, but to be honest, I enjoyed it.

Well, they picked me up and we started to drive to school. There, dead by the road was an animal. Not just any animal, it was a beaver. You know, deer, cats, dogs, groundhogs, foxes, racoons, possums, squirrels, and birds, those are normal. How often do you see roadkill beavers? We weren't even near a lake.

Collin suggested that we skin it and make davey crocket hats. I thought it would be better to sell the pelt to French ladies... Sometimes it's just better to drive on by.

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A Possible Show, Please Come!

Hey everybody. How's it going? This is a premature heads up.

Thursday October 13th at 8:30 pm there is a battle of the bands at the University of Delaware. It is being hosted by Scpab, the student organization that puts on a lot of the shows at school.

We are applying for the battle. We will be notified on October 4th if we get in.

The concert will be in Perkin's Student Center in the Scrounge. We really would appreciate any support you could come out and give us. First place wins a slot opening for Omnisoul in Mitchel Hall on Friday, October 14th.

Your votes count!

Like I said, we don't know if we're accepted for this concert yet, but save the date.

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September 28, 2005

Save Fair Hill

"I'm not here for a lynching," said Cecil County Commissioner, Bill Manlove. It was too close to reality to be a joke.

"I've got my red pickup right over there!" shouted a bystander, insinuating that he was only too eager to drag the commissioner to death.

The crowd stirred and Manlove gave a nervous chuckle. A police officer stepped away from the crowd and pulled out his radio, ready to call for backup.

Fair Hill as it is meant to be.

The Covered Bridge.

A hundred angry citizens had gathered on Saturday, September 17th to protest the selling and development of Fair Hill Natural Resource Management Area.

The Maryland Stadium Authority has asked the counties in Maryland to propose possible locations for a place to build a horse park. This would be a place where national and international non-racing competitions would be held, including: steeplechase, dressage, rodeos, concerts, and other cultural events. They plan on building 8-12 outdoor showing arenas, a large concession area, a campground, a barn with a minimum of 1,000 stalls, offices for vets, farriers, and breeders, a museum, an enclosed 5000 person arena, and parking lots large enough to accommodate massive numbers of cars.

The five Cecil County commissioners proposed Fair Hill Natural Resource Management Area, a public park containing over 75 miles of trails, as a possible site for the new horse park. The park has been a haven of wild, open space in a quickly developing area, but how much longer can that last?

The bid for the horse park to be in Fair Hill was made before the public was ever even heard about the plans. “There was no ballot,” Said Manlove. “It was a consensus of the board that we would go for it.” With 5,613 acres state owned open space the Stadium Authority was immediately interested.

The Stadium Authority claims that the project will bring massive economic benefit and cultural enrichment. Alison Asti, the executive director of the project explains: “There are really two reasons to build a horse park. One is to encourage the agricultural industry by having more people to utilize the business of our farmers and our tack shops and our small business. [Secondly], open space will be made because people will continue to keep their horse farms, they would continue to grow hay, and all their agricultural enterprises would be enhanced.”

Fair Hill as it it Today.

It sounds like a great leap forward for a county know for its backwardness, however, there is more than one catch.

If Fair Hill N.R.M.A. is selected as the site for the horse park it would mean that the DNR would be turning control of the park over to the Maryland Stadium Authority. The DNR is chartered to protect open space and maintain a park that is ecologically thriving and recreationally appealing. The Stadium Authority is chartered solely to make money.

It is doubtful that the economic benefits will go to Maryland at all. “Cecil County has nothing,” Said one protester. “Anyone that comes to these events will eat, sleep, and shop in Delaware because it’s a mile away, they have hotels, and there is no sales tax.”

According to Collin who's writing a book with Jason and Joe on the history and current activities of Fair Hill, the state bought the park from William Dupont in 1979 with the understanding that it would be open space for the public to enjoy. “William Dupont spent his whole life buying up farms and properties for more than their value then letting them go back to nature,” says Collin. “He wanted to see the land wild and undeveloped.”

Earth's Finest Tree.

Since 1979, the park has done an outstanding job of fulfilling Mr. Dupont’s wishes. In 1997 the state handed control of the property to the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and established the Fair Hill Unit Plan. This plan stated that there should be no commercial development in Fair Hill outside of the existing fair grounds. The plan was made into law, but now it might be overturned. This is a proposition that worries some environmentalists. “What strength do our conservation plans have if we overturn this?” Asked a protester. People shouted to show their agreement.

“Why are people so surprised?” Asked park user, Michael Dean. “The American government has been lying since the beginning. They lied to the Indians then stole their land. Now they are lying to Cecil County and stealing their land.”

Monday, September 19th there was a public hearing to discuss the building of the park. Over 400 hundred people attended. The vast majority of the people violently opposed any change to the park.

Ed Walls, one of the founders of Fair Hill N.R.M.A. and the director of the park spoke for all the protesters. “The volunteers and the and the staff at fair hill have done so much with so little for so long, they can do almost anything with nothing,” he said. “Look how beautiful it is there with that small crew there now! We don’t need anybody to come there and help them out, because nobody has.” The crowd erupted into cheers.

Ferns Growing on a Ruin.

The Stadium Authority is scheduled to announce their decision about the location of the horse park by the end of September.

For more information, visit Save Fair Hill.

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September 27, 2005

A huge noise in the ocean... Bloop.

Scientists have discovered a strange sound in the depths of the ocean. It is definately being made by something alive. The structure of the sound is such that any animal that could produce it would have to be much larger than the largest whale!!!! Some scientists are theorizing that there is a real live sea monster lurking in the deep. Check out this artical about The mysterious sounds of the bloop .

I learned about this from JD's weblog. Ian and I were joking that maybe we should just post everything he does, That guy finds some cool things.

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September 26, 2005

The teeny tiny football player

You know, it's bad enough that the NY Jets have started off the season 1-2, but in Madden 2006 one of their linemen is only 7 inches tall due to a bug in the game.

See what poor Michael King's ego has to deal with now that the game has officially dissed his prowess.

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Death Cab for Cutie Video

Hey. What's going on everybody? Things have been really busy for me lately, I've been a little bit swamped with school. However, there will soon be a long and bitter post on the blog from me. Keep your eyes open.

Well, my friend JD was nice enough to point out this video. Watch it. I think it's cool.

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September 25, 2005

A Scary Time

About 2 weeks ago, I received a call at work. It was a co-worker of my wife. She said, "hi Collin. Linds isn't feeling so well. Do you think that you could come and get her?" I said that I could and asked what was wrong. She said, "I don't want to alarm you at all, but she is just not feeling well. Right now she is sitting on the floor and just seems pretty sick." The words in that phone call did nothing to prepare me for the events that would follow.

I gathered up my things, and got some files together that thought I may need if I were going to work from home for the remainder of the day. I then drove to get Lindsay and take her home.

When I arrived at her office, there was a crowd of her co-workers and office cleaners gathered around in a circle. I walked closer to ask where Lindsay was. She was sitting on the floor in the middle of the circle, barely conscious and shaking badly. She had passed out, collapsed to the floor, and regained consciousness just minutes before I got there.

I put her in the car and rushed her to the ER.

At the hospital, they spent an entire day running tests, reviving her with IV's, taking blood, running more tests, taking more blood, running more tests, hooking her up to machines, and running more tests. Although it was hectic and scary, the doctors seemed to have everything confidently under control. All of the nurses and doctors were very informative, patient, and kind. I have never been more thankful for the miracle that is modern medicine.

So after all of this, we wanted to know the root cause for the episode. As far as the doctors can tell, she had dangerously low levels of potassium in her blood. Because potassium is one of the 3 electrical conductors (sodium and magnesium are the other 2) that make the heart beat, having low levels of it in your blood is extremely dangerous. Her heart apparently was not able to beat regularly or strongly enough to get the proper amount of blood to her brain. This caused her to lose consciousness and collapse.

They released her from the hospital with a prescription for potassium supplements and a potassium rich diet. Because of my flexible job and the awesome people I work with, I was able to stay home with her all week and just take care of her. Thus far, there has been no more passing out, but she was so sick for the entire week following the incident, she could barely move. Her entire body was cramped up from lack of minerals. The scariest part is that her heart was hurting a good deal.

We have been to cardiologists to look into any possible heart complications and we have been making sure to stick closely to the guidelines the doctors gave us. She is doing a LOT better. She went back to work and she is able to be up and around, but she is still exhausted.

Through all of this, we have really come to see how much people care. Our family and friends have all been really supportive and offered help of all kinds. Loads of people called us to offer to make food (which I turned down because I was enjoying my role as her caretaker... I cooked up a storm last week). Everyone told us that they were thinking about her and praying for her. Thank you so much to all of you. Keep her in your thoughts and prayers as she keeps healing, and for goodness sake, eat some bananas.

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September 24, 2005

Simple minds . . .

So, I can literally spend hours searching through the internet for funny videos. Stuff involving people falling, farting, and funny practical jokes are the best. Anyway, I saw some stuff yesterday that made me pee. It's just people falling, sometimes hitting their head, so if you don't like that kind of stuff, don't watch it.

People falling


People falling . . . involving slides

Laugh. It's ok.

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Eternity. Geometry. God. Here's my explanation. It just doesn't seem fair at all that a line and a ray have the same length. The line goes on forever in both ways. the ray has a definite starting point. Yet, they are the same length. Not fair. So, I was thinking... Eternity streches out in both directions for distances that never end. (This is a modern western view of time says ian.) So, a person is a ray. God and eternity have always been, and will always be. see this figure. ignore the segment. the ray is us joining into existence. Now, the real dispute is wether our 'ray' starts at conception or birth.After our initial starting point, we will continue on forever. just a thought. pick it apart.

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September 23, 2005

The Bitter Taste of Rejection

I was rejected today. I applied for a writing fellowship with Art Within , a Christian screenwriting group. And I didn't make it. I got an email that congratulated me for being a great writer, but not right for the program.

Ah, how I hate rejection. I have such a hard time dealing with it sometimes.

The Look Machine has gotten rejected a number of times. We didn't make it into the Dewey Music Festival. Goodness! We couldn't even imagine that we wouldn't make it into that. . . but we didn't. We've sent demos places and not gotten any response. And we're gearing up to send out a lot more promo kits so I'm sure we could probably paper the walls with the rejections we're going to be getting soon.

I know, on a rational level, that everyone gets rejected sometimes, that it's a right of passage, that it's paying your dues. I know, and I try to live this way, that what you have to do is just start trying again. And that the moment after the rejection is the most important time. You going to keep going, or just pack it up?

Anything worth doing is worth getting rejected over. I know this. And yet. . .

I wrote my first feature screenplay 2 years ago, and sent it off to Project Greenlight. I didn't make it out of the opening round. To my shame, I didn't write another full length until this year. I wrote some shorts, and had a good time with them, but I got bucked off that horse, didn't get back on, and didn't ride for a very long time.

Because even though I know that rejection is part of the game, part of the struggle of art, part of life. . . I hear this tiny voice that say, "Actually, if what you did was any good you'd have made it. . . so really what you did probably isn't so good."

And I want to shout out that voice, scream for it to shut up, that it's not helping matters, that really it's just lying to me. In a band, it's easier to do - because we can all silence the voice for each other.

When it's just you and a empty piece of paper and the words in your head that you have to fill that page with. . . it's harder.

But I'm not going to give up. Art Within. . . we just aren't a good fit. I'm glad you noticed that, spared us some anguish. But you missed out on a good writer. And you just kind of missed out on me. Because I'm going to keep coming, and I'm going to be one of those guys that people will kick themselves for overlooking.

New Lines' Lord of the Rings, U2, Harry Potter, the Sopranos, Lost, the Sixth Sense, Desperate Housewives, etc etc.

All of them were passed over numerous times by "the tastemakers," And of course, they are all awesome.

Rejection, I reject you.

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Thank God for friends

Here is one of my favorite myspace friends.


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September 22, 2005

Brett Manning's Singing System

I know the site looks a little corny, but I've read nothing but excellent reviews and we should all be improving ourselves at all times, so I'm giving Brett Manning's Singing System a try. He promises a full octave added to your range or you money back, so that would be pretty cool.

Plus he says that using his technique, you can sing and sing without hurting your voice, so that is worthwhile certainly. I often worry that if we really start touring my voice couldn't hold up to the night after night strain.

I figure the whole band can try it out. I'll keep you posted on how it works.

We also got a book on how to put together a proper press kit, and we're going to get together to whip that up tonight.

Finally. . . we're shooting a video sometime soon. We're going to use 16mm film stock. Unfortunately, we have only ordered 6 minutes worth of film stock so far, so we'll have to get some more - but that stuff is expensive.

Have to think of the perfect idea first, but that should be fun too.

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September 20, 2005


Well, the 3rd draft of my screenplay has been completed. I've sent it off to LA, and hopefully fame and fortune follows.

Realistically, thanks to all for the comments so far, I think Screenplay 3.0 is much better for it, and maybe it'll do something good for me.

If anybody would like to read it, email me at

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A Fine Sight to See

Collin, Lindsay, and I were carpooling to work and school today. We were driving across the University of Delaware campus, and what did we see? A student walking down the road wearling a Look Machine t-shirt. The best part, none of us knew him.

A genuine fan! It's awesome.

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Shane's Bandmember Profile...

Full Name
Sir Shane Gunter-Stefan Palkovitz The First

Date of Birth
January 12th The last of the eighties.

Birth Place
The place where I was born, duh!

Current Location

Student, Musician, Film-guy (however you make film the occupational form.)

Playing, writing, recording, listening to music. Reading. Writing. Foosball (of this, I am the world champion). Walking. Staying up late. Football. Malcolm-Ball. Shooting. Making Stuff. …

English. A bit of Spanish.

Favourites... (next Page)

- Bands
Jimmy Eat World, Thursday, Name Taken, U2, Boy Sets Fire, This Day & Age, Anberlin, Rich Mullins, Counting Crows, Blindside, Guster, Avril Lavigne (No, not ashamed at all!), Mewithoutyou, Dashboard Confessional, The Ataris, The Mint, Ducks and Lemons, The Appleseed Cast, Dear Ephesus, Coldplay, Storyoftheyear, Fiction Plane, The Beatles, Ben Harper, Better Than Ezra, Brand New, Taking Back Sunday, Smalltown Poets, Cat Stevens, Chevelle, Collective Soul, Common Children, Jay z, Linkin Park, The Cranberries, Dave Appelgate, Switchfoot, Tonic, Travis, Dispatch, Duncan Sheik, Foo Fighters, the Frames, further Seems Forever, holliday, Sufjan, Strong Bad, Jackson Browne, Jungle Moon (Lewis, Brett) Live, Yellowcard, Losers Inc., Mae, Matt Jones, Moments in Grace, Mike Knott, Relient K, Say Hi To Your Mom, Payable On Death, Muse, Sleeping At Last, We're All Broken. (This is by no means a complete list of music I like.)

- Song(s)
Okay, top 5 (not ranked by order):
Amsterdam – Guster
For The Workforce (Drowning) – Thursday
Kill – Jimmy Eat World
We give Up Sometimes – Name Taken
Sk8er Boi – Avril Lavigne (ha ha ha)

- Form of Relaxation
Playing Drums or Guitar. Checking my e-mail. Actually having e-mail from someone awesome. Shooting something. Running/walking far, far away from home to nowhere, just going.

- Food
Not lima beans or peas. Anything else I will eat.
Weird stuff I have eaten: Brain (I don’t know what kind). Worms. These big Cricket things. Dirt. Paper. Jason.

- Drink
Water. Thai Sprite, Iced Coffee. Shirley Temple. Sobe. IBC sodas. Orange juice. Blends. Milk.

- Film
Hitchhiker’s guide to the Galaxy. Tommy Boy. LOTR. Strong Bad E-mails

- Look Machine Band Member
Probably the little naked person type creature that I have stuck on the metal spike protruding from my hi-hat stand.

- Likes
Nothing at all. “the world is ugly, and I want to be blinded.” No, I like a lot of stuff. The Mailman -- He’s pretty much my hero. Macs. Movies. Crowd Surfing. People. Driving. New 5A nylon-tipped drumsticks. Getting beat up. Jumping off of thing. Jetskis.

- Dislikes
Posers (people who pretend to be that which they are most definitely not. Just because Collin poses for pictures doesn’t mean that I hate him.) Contradictions. When People don’t reply to e-mails. The Dewy Music Festival. The Dover Church.

- Religion
I once met this guy that invented his own religion while he was on acid. It was, as a result, very interesting.

Having nothing to do with the above blurb, I am a Christian. However, I don’t just sit around and meditate and sing toneless chants and stare blankly off into space as some lame sermon is given. That’s not me. I have an awesome life, it’s just different. I have been across the world drumming. I do lots of cool stuff. I have nothing against secular music, movies or anything. People who swear and drink and all that do not bother me in the least. That’s their choice, and it is not my place at all to judge them for choosing such a lifestyle. Maybe it’s not what I want for me, but I will not condemn anyone for such. I know that I am by no means perfect either.

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September 19, 2005

The Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire

If you live anywhere near Manheim, PA, you owe it to yourself to attend the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire. If I were just 2% nerdier, I myself would purchase medieval outfits for the entire family and we would attend in "period attire."

But for now we have to be content with merely snickering at those who do go all out.

Now there is far too much cleavage on display from the wenches in attendance, and it's the only place where it makes sense to see swords hanging outside of the port-a-potties while knights relieve themselves. We go at least once a year, 2 times if we're fortunate.

Check out the pictures after the link.

A Handsome Man.

If you are ever under attack, call me and provide axes as my weapon. I am unexpectedly excellent at throwing axes. I stuck all 5 of them to the wood wall, and 2 hit "the target." I impressed the full time axemen.

Josh however. . . he was not so good. In fact, he couldn't get one of his axes to stink in the wall. Oh well, he was actually fairly good at archery.

Drew and my sister Jessica were also there. Drew and this man made me feel. . . uncomfortable.

And he could not get the white ring while jousting either. (for the record, he was the only one who couldn't).

He also fell over when trying to climb Jacob's Ladder.

To be fair, ALL of us fell over trying to climb that accursed ladder. Even graceful dancer Jessica. (I have a bruise on my shin to commemerate my fall).

There were many attractive people there. Actually. . . this one had a boil that squirted water at you when you got too close. Got to give him points for creativity.

Another example of the beautiful peasants that gather here.

People were very tall in olden times.

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Copy Protected CDs Make no Sense.

I don't believe is in illegal downloading, but I do believe in MP3 players, particularly the iPod, which I love.

So, why in the world do certain labels now have a policy that makes it very difficult to rip their new realeases to these players? They say they are protecting themselves from piracy, but that's just not making sense to me - it only takes one person to get past the restrictions (which can be done) and put the files on a network and - viola! - rampant piracy again.

Really all they are doing is being annoying. Very annoying. I understand that piracy is a problem. But htis isn't a solution. It would be like trying to stop shoplifting by adding 50 pound weights to every product you buy in the store. Mostly that just punishes the poor innocent dude, and the real shoplifters will know how to remove the weights. (Not the best analogy, but I'm tired right now).

Switchfoot's new album - to their own dismay - is protected, and they've posted a personal statement about how upset that makes them. Good for them, they even let their fans know how to get around the restriction.

I'm sure Sony can't be too happy with them, but it's the right thing for Switchfoot to do. With so little "label awareness," fans are going to think that "Switchfoot did this."

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September 17, 2005

Nintendo's big gamble

I'll admit it, I have a soft spot in my heart for Nintendo. Ever since I first played Zelda in the 6th Grade, I've been hooked. And I've been frustrated for and with them as their last 2 systems haven't been anywhere near as popular as Sony's and Microsoft's offering.

I am now excited and nervous for them. When I first saw the controller for their next generation console, I was worried. It looked insane for a controller. So different from the normal.

But now I've read more about it, in places like this excellent rundown from, and now I'm completely amazed by the potential that the new design holds. In fact, it's not really just a new design, it's a completely new way of interacting with your games.

I believe that I will buy the new Xbox (for the XBOX LIVE functionality) when it releases this year, and then wait for the Nintendo, skipping the Playstation 3. And it's cool, because I think the 2 systems won't be redundant. My Revolution will let me swing Link's sword, or actually hold a gun and aim at the screen, or physically cast and reel in a fishing rod. If it succeeds where it's trying to succeed. . . the Nintendo will just may make all the other systems look primitive. Who would have thought they would be able to accomplish that?

PS. The overall design of the revolution is very pleasing to the eye. It looks like they're taking a play out of Apple's playbook with it. . . but it kind of looks a little like something Sony would design too. Very nice overall. I can't wait.

PPS. Of course, the only reason I'd buy these systems would be so I could play them with my kids.

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September 16, 2005

Sad Update

Turns out our recording dates have been pushed back to Nov 15-23rd. Drat.

But on the bright side it gives us a chance to really polish all of our songs, since we are still writing some new ones for this album.

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A Pain in the Eye

Wednesday night 8:30, my eye right started to bother me just the slightest bit. I heard Jason bumping around the basement below me and realized it must be band practice time. I decided to pop my contact out, clean it off a bit and put it back in.

Well I popped it out, and it's still not back in. I ran down the stares, tears streaming down my face and my nose running so fast it was all I could do to keep up. My eye felt like people were digging through it with burning toothpicks. I got Shane to drown my eye in multi purpose solution, which helped, but only a little. I started looking a lot like Sauron.

The next day was I was still in excrutiating pain, so I went to the eye doctor.


It was an altogether unpleasant experiance. I was confused and couldn't concentrate or hardly see. They were rather rude, shutteling me through five different places before sending me away with a prescription after not even telling me what was wrong.

All I heard was giberish and "cornea" "line of vision" "Injection" and "treat aggressively"

"You are going to put a shot in my eye?" I asked in terror.

"No." And the Doctor was gone.

"Wait, what do I do?" I asked the nurse who was walking away and clearly didn't want to talk to me.

"Go out and get that filled and put it in your eye."

"How soon do I need to?"

"Walk out that door and go straight to the farmacy."

So I did. And it still hurt. A lot. By today it was feeling better, although it's quite sore and very sensitive to light. I had to go back for a follow up visit (and maybe up to 4 more). They were a lot nicer today and I had a different doctor. This one actually talked to me. It turns out I have an ulcer on my eye. Yup, an ulcer. Like old people get in their stomachs, except it's in my eye.

Sounds gross right? Well it is. And it is incredibly painful. I would not recomend getting one.

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Collin's Band Member Profile

We are in the process of putting together Band Member Profiles. You get to see mine first.

Full Name
Collin Russell Palkovitz
Date of Birth
March 10, 1982
Birth Place
Sterling, Kansas
Current Location
West Grove, Pennsylvania

Web-Design, Print-Design, Film, Photography, Music.
Backpacking, Rock Climbing, Mountain Climbing, Hiking, Canoeing, and eating delicious food.
English, and enough Spanish to embarrass myself.


 - Bands
Boy Sets Fire, Thursday, Thrice, Muse, Hum, Rage Against The Machine, the Appleseed Cast, Dear Ephesus, the Counting Crows, Beck, Ben Harper, Blindside, the Cure, the Postal Service, Sunny Day Real Estate, the Fire Theft, Elliott Smith, the Frames, Coldplay, Dashboard Confessional, REM, Smashing Pumpkins, Joni Mitchell, Modest Mouse, Live, James, Jay-Z, Jimmy Eat World, AFI, U2, Nirvana, Tori Amos, Cursive, James Taylor, Story of the Year, Ben Folds, Mewithoutyou, Moments in Grace, Robert Earl Keen, Simon and Garfunkel, (this list is not exhaustive and in no particular order)

 - Song
Impossible to pick one. “You are the Everything” by REM somewhere near the top of the list.

 - Form of Relaxation
I don’t really feel the need to relax very often. I am just about always doing something active. I know that a lot of people watch TV to relax but I have no TV (well, I have one, but it is not hooked up to anything besides the DVD player). I think, besides the Amish People, my wife and I are the only people in America who don’t watch any TV at all.

 - Food
I love food. I am probably the least picky guy I know. I like everything except brussell sprouts. Basically I like everything Jase does AND everything he hates. I spend a lot of time at his house and I consider it my God-given role to eat all of the leftovers in the fridge.

 - Drink
Water. I love water.

 - Film
Fight Club, Garden State, Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind, Donnie Darko, A River Runs Through It.

 - Look Machine Band Member
Isaiah – No contest. Sorry, the rest of you guys just don’t stack up. Please come back Isaiah.

Laughing, traveling, driving, good food, nature, riding motorcycles, the smell of the air right before a rain storm, cliff jumping and other exhilarating situations, pipe smoke, fires, plane rides, peace, the smell of new things, guitars, amps, drums, stages, dimly lit clubs, old trees, rocks, rock climbing, rock music, outdoor cafes, old stone buildings, rapidly moving water, dreams, old books, libraries, learning, pottery, poetry, paintings, apple computers, well designed websites, music in scales that my ears do not recognize, dangerous animals, holidays, the satisfaction of a job well done, paychecks, my friends, my family, and my wife.

Injustice. Nothing infuriates me and frustrates me more than discrimination, unfair treatment, or judgment based on culture, skin color, religion, sex, or any other silly man-made distinction. An example would be the invasion, occupation, mistreatment, and slaughter that now take place on a daily basis in the under the guise of “liberation,” “freedom,” “Democracy,” or even “God.” The God I know said to love your enemies.

Christian. It is sometimes hard for me to say that, not because I am embarrassed of my faith or my God, but rather because many people have tainted the word “Christian.” Far too often Christians cast harsh judgments and throw out hateful condemnation everywhere they go. They preach loudly about God’s anger and judgment in an effort to frighten people into conversion. Sometimes leaders invade a country and slaughter its people “in the name of God.” I do not serve that god. The God I worship loves people from Iraq, gay people, black people, poor people, rich people, Jewish people, drug addicts, priests, pastors, and prostitutes all the same way – enough to die for them. I hope that I can reflect that kind of love and acceptance in my own life.

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September 15, 2005

Finishing the Full Length

We go back into the studio in the second week of October to finish recording another 5-6 songs. I can't wait. Our last 2 practices have been spent refining 2 new songs. Our sound really continues to develop, something we are all increasingly excited about.

It's hard to know how long things will take, but really we don't have the budget to spend too much time on everything, so I'm guessing that there will be a nice new Look Machine album just in time to stuff it into a loved one's stocking.

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does this freaking thing work?

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Embarrassment at Walt Disney World

Argh! Christians of the world!

Please. . . If you're going to behave as awful representatives, don't even let people know you consider yourself a Christian.

It's a shame.

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September 14, 2005

Brett Weber's photo shoot

Brett, a recent University of Delaware graduate who majored in Photography, took our pictures last week. Here are some shots from that good time.

Look at the size of that vein in Collin's neck. I think this picture was photoshopped or something.

Finally we got rid of Drew. (Just kidding, Jessica)

We're all such rock stars.
More pictures after the jump.

When we really start rocking, fire flies through the room. It's amazing.

Right now I'm thinking, "Keep your balance, there is certain death waiting 400 feet below." But yet I still manage to look so good. Impressive.

Rocking out in the Palkovitz's basement like we do every practice.

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September 13, 2005

Deployed to Iraq

The townhouse I used to live in I still own and rent out. It's vacant in October, and I've been needing to find another resident to move in.

Someone saw an ad online. Her husband is being deployed to Iraq at the end of the month and she wants to find a safer neighborhood for herself and their 4 children - all girls between the ages of 12 years and 5 months old.

This, unlike anything else, has made the conflict in the Middle East so personal for me. I don't know exactly why, but I can barely think about it without tearing up. What if this man dies, leaving behind these 5 girls who depend on him? Is it worth it? If he dies, I may have to join Cindy Sheehan in Crawford, Texas.

So, anyway, I'm showing the house to her tomorrow. For rent, she can pay what she can afford. And I will be praying for her husband's safety.

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TypeKey Identity

If you don't want your identity spoofed - say, for instance, you come to the site and see that someone is putting words in your virtual mouth - take a minute and sign up for a TypeKey Identity. That way we'll always know it's really you. Just like you can know if it's really us. There is this graphic that shows up next to your name proving that you are who you are.

Boring, but if you don't want people to think you have said something nasty, maybe necessary. However, you certainly don't have to sign up if one minute is just too much time out of your busy day. (I know how it is).

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Another season begins


Oh my Philadelphia Eagles. . . so much promise and so much heartache wrapped up in one package.

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September 12, 2005

Brand New Website

We're happy to introduce you to our new website. Check it out, this has really been a labor of love, and a great collaborative effort between the band, myself, Collin and Joe Kempista from Elany Arts. Thanks Joe, when we sell a million records we'll send you an autographed pick.

Look at all the new things available

We've integrated the weblog into the very heart of this new website so we'll be serving up fresh content to you all often. Look around, there will be nice little surprises added here and there too.

We also have posted lyrics to alot of our songs, with more to come, and there are 3 new demos available in the download section.

And if you want to know how you can help us in our struggle to dominate the world, check out our fans page.

All of our weblog posts can now be archived by category too, which is helpful.

Hope you enjoy! Let us know if there are any little bugs you discover.

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September 09, 2005

Poncho Speaks the Truth


Thank you Poncho, it's about time someone said it.

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September 07, 2005

Walking the train bridge

We took band pictures today. You know. . . it's kind of hard being in a band with a bunch of risk-taking daredevils. Where did we take the shots, you ask? Try a thin rickety train bridge 350 feet in the air (ok, a train bridge that was probably only 60 feet up - but far enough to die if I were to fall.

And we had to climb around on the underbelly of it all. Agh, I try to avoid unnecessary risks like this! I really don't want to end up being one of those cautionary tales that parents tell their children. "You know Jason Latshaw climbed up on a train bridge just like that one and now he's missing a spleen. That's why he smells so bad."

Well, it all worked out, I do still have my spleen, and I don't stink (too bad). So I guess things worked out. And I think we got some excellent pictures, thanks to Brett Weber, Photographer Extraordinaire. You all will see them soon enough.

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