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October 25, 2005

Farmer's Almanac Predictions

So, what do you think about the Almanac?

Here is what they are predicting for November. We'll put them to the test:

November 2005 1st-3rd. Fair and cold. 4th-7th. Stormy Mid-Atlantic States, then fair and cold. Stormy New England, heavy rains, wet snow possible. 8th-11th. Fair. 12th-15th. Some rain New England, then fair. Rain also Maryland, Virginia area, followed by clearing. 16th-19th. Storm; snow and rain through New England. Increasingly cloudy Mid-Atlantic States. 20th-23rd. Rain Mid-Atlantic States, then fair, colder. More rain and wet snow, then clearing, colder New England. 24th-27th. Unsettled Thanksgiving, with light snow or flurries, then fair. Fair, then rain Mid-Atlantic States, followed by clearing. 28th-30th. Mostly fair.

Posted by ian on October 25, 2005 12:13 AM


Is Ben Franklin still writing it? That would be cool. Of course, if he were, we might have to fear that it was actually Ben Franklinstein, and that would be fairly scary.

Anyway, I hope he's right. . . I love a snowy thanksgiving.

Posted by: Jason – Band Member [TypeKey Profile Page] on October 25, 2005 09:02 AM

This is what they predicted for our current time of October (keep in mind...this was published a year ago).

20th-23rd. Turning milder Northeast. Rain Mid-Atlantic States. 24th-27th.

So far they are dead on. They also line up exactly with what weather.com is predicting for the next week.

Posted by: Collin - band member on October 25, 2005 10:15 AM


Posted by: Anonymous on October 25, 2005 03:19 PM

no school! Whoot!

Posted by: Poncho on October 25, 2005 04:18 PM

i FINALLY figured out who snakeman is. w00t

Posted by: sha'uri on October 25, 2005 11:23 PM

If it's going to be cold, it better snow. Cold with no snow sucks.

Posted by: Jack on October 26, 2005 07:21 AM

Yeah, and now you’re wishing you hadn't found out who Snakeman is. Well, welcome to my life. I found it much more pleasant when I thought he was a smarter than average ape. I told them, breeding horses with Owen Wilson, nothing good can come of it.

Posted by: Childish on October 26, 2005 08:32 AM

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