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October 02, 2005

Check this out.


Hate me?

Posted by xerxes on October 2, 2005 03:44 PM


that was the WORST thing I have ever had the misfortune of clicking on.

Posted by: jason - band member on October 2, 2005 04:27 PM

You are an absolute jerk. You just made me shut my computer down.

Posted by: DJVNDFJOKBVNSFGH on October 2, 2005 10:57 PM

I thought it was funny.

Posted by: Collin - Band Member on October 3, 2005 12:46 AM

::sits back, folds hands behind head, and smiles.::

Posted by: Xerxes on October 3, 2005 02:34 AM

I hated it. It made me nervous that something was wrong...

Posted by: Jessica on October 3, 2005 04:09 AM


and i will take a pic of the sign...i just have ta get it from kristina and im still waiting for "aprroval" from the assistant principal Mrs.Pine

I had to burn the songs i have of you guys and give it to her.... yea its stupid lolz but hey its fun! it will look awesome!

Posted by: Poncho on October 3, 2005 05:54 AM

Cool. Send me the picture when you can!

Posted by: ian on October 3, 2005 08:25 AM

Tell your assistant principal that if she likes our music, The Look Machine could come and play a show at your school.

Posted by: Collin - band member on October 3, 2005 09:33 AM

New post please.

Posted by: Earl Greyer on October 3, 2005 12:50 PM

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