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December 11, 2005

Concert tonight.

Hey everybody! We had a really good time playing tonight. I thought the whole concert was a lot of fun.

Thanks to everybody who came out, we really appreciate it. Thanks also to everybody who played. You guys sounded really good. For real, it was amazing to be there to listen to everybody. I just saw so much talent tonight.

David brought a sound system and ran sound tonight. He did an amazing job. A lot of people told me that our mix was the best they have ever heard it. Thanks man. You rock.

All told, Laura and me were able to raise about $200 for our trip with Mercy Ships. That's awesome.

Posted by ian on December 11, 2005 01:21 AM


Yeah, thanks david!

Posted by: Anonymous on December 11, 2005 01:28 PM

I personally had a great time. I love playing an acoustic set. Just so you all know, we are playing another acoustic benefit for Ian and Laura this coming saturday too. I think that, with the exception of the Look Machine, all of the other acts will be different from those who played last night. We'll post more info later this week, but keep it in mind and try to come out if you can. It is sure to be another fantastic night.

P.S. Thanks David!!!

Posted by: Collin - Band Member on December 11, 2005 03:28 PM

Good job tonight guys! :-D and jase, i'm glad you didn't have a brain tumor :-P (b/c i posted it before there was this post and this is where it should've been in the first place)

Posted by: sha'uri on December 11, 2005 10:41 PM

No problem guys. Anytime you need a system just let me know. Hopefully at some point I'll get some powered monitors so there will be a controlable monitor mix.

Posted by: David on December 12, 2005 04:34 PM

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