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February 07, 2006

Application for the Warped Tour

So, the Look Machine is applying for a spot on a side stage when the Warped Tour comes to Philly. It's pretty cool, they are having a slot for unsigned bands. Hey, we're not signed, so maybe that will be us.

So, we're sitting here in the studio, Collin is recording his guitar track for stop the bleeding, Jason is... well to be perfectly honest, I'm not sure what he's doing. He's got this really intense frown and he's staring at his lap top. Drew and Shane... well I don't know what they are doing either. I'm filling out this application (with lots of help and input), mostly so that Josh doesn't do it for us.

Anyway, since all we post on here these days is surveys, I thought you might like to read this one.

Which Band’s Career Would You Most Like Your Band’s Career To Emulate?

Hey, it's a big dream, but we'd have to say U2.

What Kinds Of Bands Deserve To Be Picked For The Hot Topic / Kevin Says Stage On The Vans Warped Tour?

hard working bands that have something to say, and an original way to say it.

What Is Your Band’s Two-year Plan?

We'll be releasing our debut full length in mid to late March. We plan on promoting that album, touring in a developing nation (either Thailand or India), touring some in the United States, and getting a record deal. In two years we plan to be releasing another full length with our record company.

What Are Your Ultimate Goals As A Band?

We'd like to write powerful music with a depth of meaning and quality that people can relate to and really appreciate. We'd like to have an album go platinum.

If You Could Change One Thing About The Music Industry, What Would It Be And Why?

I wish that labels took a long term view of their bands and built a career with them. It seems like developing a solid band is no longer something that's done, and a lack of patience leaves us with old heavyhitters and young flash in the pans that quickly burn out.

Posted by ian on February 7, 2006 04:54 PM


I'm glad that It has the word Thailand in here.^^

Posted by: Aom_rock_magical on February 8, 2006 04:46 AM

And I'm glad for TLM:l

Posted by: Aom_rock_magical on February 8, 2006 05:37 AM

Just the Philly one? No NY one at Randall lsland? It's all good though... i think you guys will make it because my friends band like in dyign fashion or something got in before.

but you guys are better than them

Posted by: Poncho on February 8, 2006 06:07 AM

don't forget to mention that some members of the band are willing to perform in loincloths--that's one of your biggest selling points.

Posted by: tlmrocks on February 8, 2006 07:00 AM

Please don't tempt drew. He would love to do something like that.

Posted by: Collin - Band Member on February 9, 2006 12:51 AM

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