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July 31, 2006


Some terrible news came out today. BoySetsFire is calling it quits. I honestly feel like someone I know and love has died. It's just so sad. I think their latest album was their best, and it makes me so upset that there won't be another.

Driving today, I didn't even want to listen to the bands so have so obviously been influenced by them, like Thrice and AFI. Anyway, since the band has given us both After and Before the Eulogy, I guess know is the time for the actual Eulogy.

What a band. I know all the guys personally of course, so you might think that makes me biased. But if anything, that would make me biased against them, not for them. In fact, for that reason I didn't really listen to them at all until they had been around for like 5 years.

But wow I can't believe what I was missing. The mixture of passion, incredible guitars, awesome percussion, inspirational vocals, meaningful lyrics is just about without peer. And their live show. If you haven't even seen them live, you better fly to Europe or figure out a way to attend one of their as of yet unannounced last shows on the east coast. I'm honored that we ever got to share a stage with them.

The songs, the songs! How does a band with only 3 full length releases have so many great tunes? Is there a better ballad rock fusion then My Life in the Knife Trade? Is there any song that gets a crowd as riled up as After the Eulogy (known to many as the "Rise!" song). In Hope, Timothy, Hometown Report Card, Last Year's Nest, Empire, Requiem. . . the list goes on. And has anyone ever written a song like So Long and thanks for the Crutches? I know 100s of bands that would kill to have one song of that calibre in their library, and they have enough to fill a couple sets.

What probably makes me most upset (other then not getting to hear another boysetsfire album, man misery index was so good. .. ) is that now it's pretty obvious that this phenomenal band won't get the commercial success they so richly deserve. Don't get me wrong, I don't have anything against Fall Out Boy or Panic at the Disco or any of those bands that somehow managed to crib BSF's sound and sell 100s of thousands of records. . . but wow doesn't this music deserve to heard and adored by scores more then, say, Dance Dance. Oh well. Stupid world, you miss out on so many great things. At least Germany got it right here, BSF would always play to thousands there.

So if I ever make a great movie and have the clout to decide on the soundtrack, rest assured I will pepper it with some outstanding BSF songs, introducing the world to the wonder of these songs that they should let themselves obsess over.

Good luck guys, and thanks for the music.

PS. Some reunion shows and the ocassional straight to iTunes release would be awesome. I know you have to move on, but a little revisit here and there would also be a good thing, right?

Posted by jason on July 31, 2006 09:05 PM


Well written Jase. It saddens me that a band that has had such a great personal impact on me never got anything close to the recognition they deserved. They're definitely going to be missed.

Posted by: Jack on July 31, 2006 11:36 PM

I do respect their decision, it just makes me extremely sad...It doesn't seem real and they will be missed so much. Seriously, reading this tribute and all the comments left from heart broken fans leaves me in tears. I will definitely be at the fairwell show, but I don't see how it can feel like anything other than a funeral at which you are paying respects to a passionate, moving, and great friend...So sad.

Posted by: jessica on August 1, 2006 12:22 AM

When i first heard the news i thought it had to all be a horrible lie. But sadly it wasn't. I don't even know what to say. All i know is that i'm so sad that they are breaking up and wish they weren't. BSF shows are one of the best shows i have ever gone to and i'm glad i will always have those memories. I hope there will be a final show but it's true it will basically be a funeral. I'm so sad that it had to end.

Posted by: Jenna on August 1, 2006 01:04 AM

great way to describe it man..........i agree with it all........everything.........it's not time to throw in the towel........keep the fire going

Posted by: jonah on August 1, 2006 01:54 PM

I literally had tears in my eyes with this news. They are one of my favorite bands ever. Rarely will you find a band with such passion, such meaningful and inspiring lyrics, and such amazing music all packaged together. They will be missed.

Posted by: Collin - band member on August 1, 2006 02:05 PM


Posted by: Anonymous on August 1, 2006 05:02 PM

after hearing very little of bsf, an amazing show at the east end opened my eyes. packed in like sardines, and with sweaty bodies and fanatic fans screaming every line, i found myself having the time of my life and screaming along. there's something so magnetic about their passion and convictions, not to mention their amazing music abilities. i cursed (vile curses) out loud least 4 times upon reading about their retirement.

Posted by: childish on August 1, 2006 06:31 PM

this is the worst thing i have ever heard.

Posted by: Shane on August 3, 2006 11:42 AM

good luck to the guys.
I couldnt name one other band that has as much influence as BSF or one that has helped so many people along the way, its kinda like a cult. I just hope for the fans that one day they may decide to have another go.They are all so talented.Atleast i get to see them one last time in leeds. A massive hole will be left in music.
The memory will never die.....

Paul, England

Posted by: paul on August 5, 2006 02:09 PM

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