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August 21, 2006

The Red Door Concert in West Orange, NJ

Well this show was pretty darn cool. GREAT bunch of people putting it on, and a really cool crowd, and an amazing building. It was a 175 year old Episcopal Catherdral on the top of a hill, higher then the rest of the town. Seriously this building was incredible (I say this as a person who is borderline obsessed with amazing old buildings.) We got to ring the church bell in the bell tower, and take a peek at the casket of the founding pastor who is buried in the catacombs. (Yes, that's right, catacombs).

These people were so accomodating, they made us feel like high octane, high maintenance rock stars. Seriously this is a great group of arty cool hip people. If I lived in West Orange, I would hang out with them all the time.

Darby did an excellent job starting things off for the night. She honestly sounded the best I've ever heard her. When she sings with confidence her voice is otherwordly live. She needs to play more, and then you could hear what I mean.

Then we got to play a full set and we got some great feedback from the crowd, sold some CDs, and honestly got paid a very tidy sum. . . so all in all once we add in the shed show earlier in the day this was a banner day for the look machine (yeah that's right, I'm talking about us in the third person).

Thanks to Scott and Jeff and the rest for having us and we can't wait to play again. . .

PS. Poncho where were you? :-(

Posted by jason on August 21, 2006 12:41 AM


Im sorry! *sniff* Im in Kentucky as i type right now.... I got mad at myself when shane told me the dates and i realized i couldnt go but it sounds like it was awesome

BUT the one in November I can go to fo sho' :)
if you guys are still doing it i mean

I miss you guys though... this summer has been so hectic and i have no clue whats new with everyone.
btw Ian I cant believe you didnt visit during 2nd session... gosh!

Posted by: Poncho on August 22, 2006 12:43 PM

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