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October 26, 2006

Injury update

So, let me tell you about my knees. Here is what happened.

Sunday, a week and a half ago, I was playing a fine game of football. Well things were going well, I was busy scoring a touchdown when things went bad. I got tackled.

I can't tell you exactly how this happened, but both of my knees bent the wrong way. Not backwards, but sideways. I heard a loud pop in both knees and I just kind of crumpled down on the ground. Somehow, after laying around for a while, I walked back to the house and sat down in an easy chair, which became my base of operations for the next week and a half.

I couldn't really walk, so the next day I got a doctor's appointment. Collin took off work and drove me.

He took some x-rays. poked me, twisted me, yanked my leg around, and asked "Does that hurt?"

I said, "yeah."

So he gave me some knee braces, prescribed me a wheelchair, and scheduled an MRI.

I sat around in my control center (a.k.a. easy chair) for the next few days, rolled around in my wheelchair a little bit, then went to the MRI. I got there and she was like, "OK straighten out your legs."

I was like, "I'll try, but if I could do that I wouldn't be here."

I did my best. She was like, "Are you OK?"

I was like, "Yeah."

She said, "If you start have convulsions or muscle spasms because of the pain you will really mess up the images."

I said, "OK." Then I got curious and asked her, "How often do people sprain both knees at one time?"

"Well I've never heard of it before, but I'm sure that it must happen occasionally."

My strange bed slid inside some huge machine that started making these wild whumping noises. Alicia Keys was playing on WJBR, and I just slept right through the whole process. The next day I went camping with Laura, Collin, and Lindsay. They were pretty nice. I just sat around the fire in my wheelchair and they walked all around and collected wood and made hot chocolate. It was a sweet trip.

On monday I went back to the doc to get the MRI report. It was beautiful. The doctor took me picture by picture through ever millimeter of my knees. It was incredible, I felt like I was at Body Worlds, except it was my body, and I was alive.

So, the report is this. Both of my MCLs are partially torn and I have a bone bruise in my left knee. It's the best report that I could have hoped for! He said that both knees will heal entirely on their own in 6-8 weeks.

Meanwhile, I am learning a lot about people with disabilities. Although it's been painful and incredibly boring at times, I think it's worth it for the experience.

Posted by ian on October 26, 2006 10:42 PM


lots of strange injuries going around the church these days.. i'm glad to hear you're doing better

Posted by: jaysonjaz on October 27, 2006 10:48 AM

Glad to hear it won't be too long before you're all healed.

Posted by: Jack on October 27, 2006 12:49 PM

She said, "If you start have convulsions or muscle spasms because of the pain you will really mess up the images."

Hahaha! what a terribly funny, insensitive thing to say to your patient....

Posted by: beth(any) on October 28, 2006 12:29 PM

It really puts things in perspective when you have to be the one in the wheelchair- but I'm very glad you won't be that one for too long. You seem to have a great attitude.

Posted by: Susan on October 30, 2006 11:29 AM

guys in wheel chairs are HOTTTTTTTT

Posted by: mary on October 30, 2006 04:56 PM

you know, I don't think being in a wheelchair for like a month gives anyone any idea what being permanently in a wheelchair would be like though. if you know you're getting out of it, then it's completely different then knowing this is your lot for the rest of your life.

Posted by: jason on October 30, 2006 10:23 PM

Jase, I agree with you absolutely. I don't think at all that I comprehend it, or know what it would truly be like. However, I have a better idea than I did two weeks ago.

Posted by: ian on October 30, 2006 11:01 PM

im really joyful that you're gonna get better soon and on your own. When i heard you were hurt, i really couldnt believe it because i thought palks never get hurt but im just so glad you're ok

although.... do you think you will be.. or should i say would the look machine be able to be fit enough to come play at a concert in my school? Its nov 17th and its called Coffeehouse...so that means it would have to be acoustic but letme know
i really wanna finally see you guys play

Posted by: Poncho on October 31, 2006 05:40 PM

Thank you for sharing your story.
I recently suffered bone bruises to both knees. Nice to know I am not the only one it ever happened to - but in a sad sort of way. It is a pain I would wish on no man or beast.
What a go getter you are though.
WOOT to you camping so soon after injury!

Posted by: Anonymous on March 20, 2007 05:07 AM

Wow! how did you manage to do that? You and I must have special skills. Sorry to hear you are going through this.

Posted by: ian on March 20, 2007 11:03 AM

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