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December 25, 2006

Those MAC vs. PC Commercials

My friend Matt sent me this picture. I enjoyed it, so I thought I'd share it with you. PC is finally fed up with all the dissing.
p.s. It's only funny if you are familiar with the MAC add campaign.

Merry Christmas, Everybody. Enjoy the heck out of it!

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December 17, 2006

The New u2 Video

This is the most impressive music video I've seen in some time. U2's new song uses footage of musical legends and matches their performances up to this new song. You have to see it to fully appreciate it.

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Another Cool Video

I think this is cool. It's an animated short film from Germany about the passage of time from the perspective of rocks. It's entertaining.

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December 14, 2006

Welcome to a brighter, cleaner future!

I am proud to bring you the best news I have heard in a very long time!!! Someone has developed a 100% renewable and clean energy source. We've been drinking it forever, but this guy is saving the world with it.

As reported on Neatorama:

With all the hype over hydrogen fuel cells (still not very feasible), Denny Klein has been silently developing a unique way to generate a gas called HHO. It has the benefits of burning hotter than hydrogen while maintaining the stability of water. At first he was just looking for a better way to weld but soon realized he had developed an inexpensive and environmentally safe way to fuel just about everything.

He is designing duel fuel hummer for the U.S. military (water and gasoline) and is negotiating with members of congress and automobile manufacturers.

I am unspeakably happy about this! Fossil fuels are the source of so much evil! Political tension, wars, pollution, carcinogenic fumes, incredible environmental destruction, and, dare I say it, Global warming.

Laura and I were just talking the other day about things that we would really and truly die for. I told her that I would die to find a new energy source, but it looks like I might have a new lease on life.

I hope to God that this is real, practical, and made available very very soon!

Here is the website

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December 12, 2006

Recipe for (a funny) disaster

As most of you know, I have been going through a rather intensive series of surgeries on my gums, teeth, and jaws. I have been rather heavily medicated to numb the pain for quite a while now. All of my medications are prescription drugs that have been given to me by a doctor, but they are having quite a strange effect on my mind.

Keep in mind that I do not do drugs at all. Foreign substances affecting my consciousness is not something I am used to, and I am not a big fan. That being said, I am usually very confident in my mental abilities and I rarely question the reality of something. The result... when I am under the influence of mind altering substances, I don't stop to wonder if something is real. I just act like everything is normal.

For example, Last night I got a Text message from Drew replying to something I had sent him earlier. At the same time, I got a Text from Justin Williams (the bassist from Gracer). He was asking about a show that I am setting up. I recently gave him all of the details, so his message that said "any luck with that show?" seemed rather odd to me.

Without questioning it, I called him this morning to clear things up. He answered and was like "hey man, what's up?"

We chatted for a few minuets and then I said "hey... about that text you sent me last night, I think that I already sent you all of the details."

He was quiet for a few seconds and then said "Um... text? I don't remember sending you a text."

I said "Yeah last night when you asked me about the show in January."

He was quiet again and then said, "Yeah... I don't think I sent you a text message man. I have all of the details for that show." He then added, "Well, I was drinking a little bit last night, so I guess I could have sent you something without remembering it, but I don't think so."

I didn't really know what to say. I had a very vivid, word-for-word, memory of the message. I just said "yeah I am taking a pretty heavy dose of codine, so maybe I just imagined it" We both had a good laugh and then hung up.

I was thinking to myself "man, he must have been wasted." Just to reassure myself, I checked my text messages from last night. In my inbox... one message from Drew... Nothing else.

Here is another medicinally induced experience I had recently. The day of my surgery (when I spent 2 straight hours on Nitris) I had, of course, taken my maximum dosage of my pain killers. I woke up the next morning and sat straight up in bed. I had a golden revelation. The thought struck me with an astounding clarity and brilliance.

I thought to myself, "we really need to start selling The Look Machine's album in powdered form just like Gatorade!!!" It was such an incredible idea. I mean, if Gatorade can do it, why not us? I had this vision of myself at a show next to somebody drinking a refreshing glass of water. I coolly tore the top off of a single serving paper packet of instant TLM and poured the the powder into the glass of the guy standing next to me. Instantly his drink turned purple, fizzed up, and "As Much" started playing. It was amazing.

Thinking that I literally had the greatest breakthrough in the music industry, I excitedly hurried out to tell Linds. As i was thinking of how to explain it, the realization that I was simply insane and not brilliant seeped in with crushing disappointment.

You have to admit though, an Econo-Sized tub of instant TLM would be a great gift for the holidays.

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December 11, 2006

Stop Motion Goodness

This is perhaps one of the best pieces of stop motion work I have ever seen. I cannot even imagine the time that went into making this.

Tony vs paul
Uploaded by loranger

Ladies, there is a shot of a good looking guy in tighty whities. Consider yourself warned.

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December 07, 2006

Toby, Ian, and the Fat Kid (me)

Did your older brother or sister ever have awesome friends that just they wouldn't 'share' with you?

Ian and his friends (Especially Toby) would always run away from me. I'd be following them arund and they'd say, "Wow, look over there!" As I turned and looked, they would split. They ran down the hill, Toby in his cape and Ian in his super flannel, and I sitting dejectedly in the sand box.

I would always look when they told me. You would think that I would have caught on, but there was always the off-chance that something totally awesome really was behind me, and I didn't want to stubbbornly sit there without batting an eye as Toby and Ian watched a sasquatch or the Loch Ness Monster steal through the woods behind me. So, I always looked, and was always disappointed.

Toby and I worked at the same camp for two or three summers. By this time I was old enough that it was not imperative to run away from me. During breaks, we would play or record music together. It was awesome.

Toby is one of the best pianists I know, He always has been.

You can listen to some of his newer music at his myspace page.

Thanks, Toby for the music and memories.

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December 04, 2006

Hate to the Ears: An Amazing Review

An online music review site,Indie In-Tune, was kind enough to write a review of our album. I have to say, it's a really amazing review, and definately worth your time to read.

For those of you with no attention span I'll go ahead and bold some of the more interesting parts.

The Look Machine is a slow love song band, whose lyrics, acoustic and plugged in guitar riffs, miss when it comes to wooing the ladies, and their melancholy approach, does a fully fledged spring board, head first dive in to an empty pool.

The songs I heard didn’t come off great, they’re a band that should go in a different direction then the one there heading towards. There slow with out melody or harmony. The lead singers voice and the way the rest of the band come in behind him are off balance, there two different types of ingredients that shouldn’t be mixed.

During there song “As Much” they have an acoustic guitar playing beside a amplified guitar, it doesn’t make sense and its hate to the ears. If they stuck to one style, with out being to brilliant for themselves, they would be a deceit emo/rock band. But the crooning, with what the rest of the band is doing, doesn’t have a rhythmic feel and falls short of being what they want to be, which is good.

There song “falling behind” is a decent rock song with the guys on the instruments totally owning, they come together better as a band with this song. The lead singer sounds better with the type of music that’s going on behind him. They have a better fit with straight rock.

The band The Look Machine is spreading them selves too thin, they need to concentrate on what direction they want to go and stick with it, rock, emo or folk. They wouldn’t be that bad and the lead singer wouldn’t come off as sounding tone deaf or off pitch.

The band consists of three brothers and two best friends. Ian, Collin and Shane Palkovitz. They play guitar, drums and back up vocals. The other two best friends, Jason Latshaw is the lead vocalist with their other buddy, Drep Copeland, playing bass and lending his voice on the songs. They’re from the Philly area. They started the band in 2003 in the attic of one of the Palkovitz brothers. They’re from a small community and the band members have known each other since childhood.

Overall if they stuck to one genre, they would have more room to grow as artist and musicians. They sound scattered and unsure in certain aspects of where their true talent lies, rock. If they head in the direction of Pearl Jam, old Sound Garden or other centralized rock bands, they would push past mediocre and people would want to hear them play.

For more information on the bands tour date’s, CD purchases, and other miscellaneous information, you can go to their website, www.lookmachine.com. They have a MySpace account but there having trouble with the site. They should have it up and running shortly.

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December 02, 2006

Metafilter Compilation

Hey everyone, the Metafilter Compilation CD, which we appear on, is now for sale and ready to ship. It's got a lot of great music on it, so go check it out. Support independent music endeavors like this, all!

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