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December 07, 2006

Toby, Ian, and the Fat Kid (me)

Did your older brother or sister ever have awesome friends that just they wouldn't 'share' with you?

Ian and his friends (Especially Toby) would always run away from me. I'd be following them arund and they'd say, "Wow, look over there!" As I turned and looked, they would split. They ran down the hill, Toby in his cape and Ian in his super flannel, and I sitting dejectedly in the sand box.

I would always look when they told me. You would think that I would have caught on, but there was always the off-chance that something totally awesome really was behind me, and I didn't want to stubbbornly sit there without batting an eye as Toby and Ian watched a sasquatch or the Loch Ness Monster steal through the woods behind me. So, I always looked, and was always disappointed.

Toby and I worked at the same camp for two or three summers. By this time I was old enough that it was not imperative to run away from me. During breaks, we would play or record music together. It was awesome.

Toby is one of the best pianists I know, He always has been.

You can listen to some of his newer music at his myspace page.

Thanks, Toby for the music and memories.

Posted by shane on December 7, 2006 12:35 PM


... I miss Toby :( I haven't seen him in around a year how is he?

Posted by: Poncho on December 7, 2006 04:45 PM

What can I say? I had meanness in my heart.

Posted by: Ian on December 10, 2006 12:03 AM


Posted by: aom on December 10, 2006 04:12 AM

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