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March 29, 2007

Young Explorers Society

I want to bring everyone's attention to a cool new site that some of our readers have put together. It's always updated with new art, music, and stories, and I've found it very interesting to check out on a regular basis.



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March 26, 2007

Me, an advisor to the President

So today I get a very interesting call, from someone representing Senator Kohl. I was asked if I could join a Presidential Advisory Committee of Small Business Owners. I would be the representative from Maryland, attend a dinner in our honor with President Bush, and even receive a National Hero Award for my service.

Now technically I do own a business, but this would be kind of a joke because Darby and I are its only employees. But they told me that Nancy Pelosi is dead set on making people like me, the backbone of our countries economy, pay extravagant taxes and that this Advisory Committee would be our last line of defense.

I have to admit, my interest and curiousity is piqued. Though no fan of Bush, this would be a fun story at the least. But something doesn't sound quite right, so I ask the question. "Is there a required donation to join this Committee?"

Sure enough, yes. They are requesting that every Representative donates $300-500 to take out a full page ad in the Wall Street Journal to combat Pelosi's anti-small-business agenda.

Hmm, so that's all a National Hero Award costs these days, huh?

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My Photo as site inspiration

If you do a google image search for the words "Rising steam," one of my photos from a past blog post shows up on the first page results.

Apparently Andrew Regner did exactly that, because he found it, asked permission to use it, and now has set up his site about metaphysics using it as a design inspiration. Check it out.

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Our show tonight

So we had a show in New Jersey tonight. In Toms River. It was cool, in this old big building made of logs on an island (no lie). It was a good solid set. And the crowd loved us. Check out pictures of them after the link.


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March 23, 2007

Home From South America

Lindsay and I recently returned from a very awesome trip. We spent a little over 2 weeks in South America. We visited Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, and Chile. We spent most of our time hiking in the mountains of southern Patagonia (Argentina and Chile). It was absolutely gorgeous. Here are a few pictures from the trip. Click on them to enlarge them.

Mt. Fitz Roy

Cerro Torre

Romantic huh?

Glacier Grey

Torres Del Paine

Getting some drinking water

At the Top

Sunrise on my birthday

Boat worker

Church in Puerto Natales, Chile

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March 22, 2007

Seeing Pictures Everywhere

One of the tiles in my shower looks exactly like a woman's face in profile. When I'm putting Ollie to bed and lying beside him, I look up to see the underside of the mattress on the top bunk, and the stitching looks like a Suma Wrestler's face. A knot in a piece of wood furniture looks like a ship. A stain on a brick looks like a dog.

I realized today that I see these things very often. Like probably at least 5 times a day. I always assumed it was very common, you know. . . like seeing Mother Mary in a piece of toast. And of course everyone (I think) experiences the cloud that looks "just like something." But now I have to wonder and ask you, do you all see these things all the time?

Now I'm curious, is there a term for this? These unexpected, unbeckoned connections. Because I also experience them audibly, not just visually. Just about every song I ever hear makes me think of another song I've heard. sounds make me think of other sounds.

So, my questions. 1) Does this happen to you very often? 2) Is there an official phrase for it? 3) If there isn't, want to make one up?

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March 21, 2007

Do things ever bode badly?

The other day someone told me that something "didn't bode well." And it made me wonder. Does the word "bode" every get used when it isn't followed by the word "well." Do things bode badly? Can you ask, "How does it bode?"

Are there any other words that are only used in combination with other specific words? It's like "bode" is the "Q always needs a U" of the word world.

Word Nerds of the World Unite and help me out here.

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March 19, 2007


You have some explaining to do.

(Yes, I know she's my sister, but you live with her.)

What's going on here?

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March 14, 2007

March 25th in New Jersey


Should be a great show. Hope you all can come.

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March 12, 2007

You actually CAN make money. . .

Some of you might remember that Collin had gotten a lot of people's hopes up by telling us that you could get paid for donating blood. Unfortunately, those hopes were dashed as the Blood Bank told us that no one gets paid for anything.

Well, good news! You can make some money donating your plasma. Yes, the rumors are true. Only it's Biomat, USA, not the Blood Bank that will line your pockets with green.

Alas, more research reveals this letter from the FDA to Biomat. I don't know exactly what this letter is saying, but let's just say them mentioning HIV and needles and unsanitary conditions is enough to keep me at home and giving up my potential $200 a month.

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InterContinental Music

We just sold a CD to someone who lives in France. That brings our list of "countries with people who own our CD" up to 4.

US, UK, France, Thailand.

Like the Axis of Evil. Only there are 4 of them. And they are Awesome.

Update: Ian adds Canada, Gurnsey, Australia and Ghana to the list.

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March 05, 2007

Funny Video

Please do try this at home!

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March 03, 2007

Another Screenplay Finished

I'm proud to announce that I just finished the first draft of my fourth full length screenplay. Yippee for me. This one was hard, one of the most stressful times I've had writing. It was a dark story, the most serious I've written so far.

Now it needs a major rewrite.

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March 01, 2007

Wicked the Musical is Amazing

I had heard good reports of the musical Wicked. But I hadn't really been dying to see it, to be honest. I thought it would be good, and I did want to see it. But my level of interest wasn't as high as it was in seeing Lion King, or Les Mis, or Chicago.

I have to say, it belongs in that same group. It's an incredible show. If you're going to be in NYC, stop by the theatre on 51st Street, because 2.5 hours before every show you can register for a lottery. The prize is front row tickets for $25. I didn't do that, mine were presents, and man were they great presents.

The show features incredible music, such a clever story, and fantastic performances. The show is touring and coming to Philadelphia in July. But honestly the performances of the people in NYC were so excellent, if you can see it there, you should. Especially Elphaba (the "wicked" witch), and Glinda the Good Witch. They were amazing performers.

I can't emphasis just how clever the story is, if you're at all familiar with the Wizard of Oz, you'll find the twists and turns of this "retelling" of the main characters' histories fascinating and fun.

wall-Elphaba-1024x768.jpgThis part was incredible.

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