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April 19, 2007

Last Boy Sets Fire Show

Get your tickets here. This will be a sell out.

Posted by jason on April 19, 2007 01:42 PM


Is the look machine playing this show?

Posted by: Anonymous on April 19, 2007 03:31 PM

if it were up to us we would... but we don't know.

Posted by: jason on April 19, 2007 04:10 PM

Well I must say that if any band should be opening it should be you guys. I mean while I would love to hear BSF just play the whole time...I would I really really would...I don't think Nathan would ever be able to speak, let alone sing, again and since I like what I've been hearing from the casting out, I really would hope that doesn't happen. So anyway back to my main point you all should def be in the opening act. Maybe we should all write a letter or something :-D

Posted by: Jagang on April 22, 2007 07:41 PM

I know BSF doesn't have any say in this matter, but why do facilities persist on setting up Ticketmaster as their ticket vendor.

14.00 for the ticket is a fair price, but

1.00 Facility Charge
4.90 Convinence Charge
2.50 For me to print my own frickin tickets on my own printer!?!!??

That comes out to $8.40 worth of charges on a $14 ticket... what a rip off.

Posted by: jaysonjaz on April 24, 2007 02:04 PM

Oh, Jayson! I love you, but you are such a curmudgeon!

Posted by: Susan on April 24, 2007 02:08 PM

Ticket Master
should really be called
Ticket Bastard

Posted by: Anonymous on April 24, 2007 02:32 PM

I just bought my tickets. I can't wait.

Posted by: ian on April 26, 2007 12:03 AM

sweet i'll go :)
just bought a ticket!

Posted by: Poncho on April 27, 2007 06:08 AM

I just grudgingly bought mine... but man i can't stand ticketmaster..

I'm excited about the show.. it should be fun.. i wonder if zoe needs a ticket too

Posted by: jaysonjaz on April 30, 2007 12:46 PM

wow, the look machine blog is going crazy. too much excitement, i can't take it. i thought you guys were taking a break, not dead. think of all the fan you're leaving in the cold with this blog as one of the internet dailies. how am i going to replace it hmm?

Posted by: Anonymous on April 30, 2007 01:58 PM

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