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May 30, 2007


So, we've been practicing for the boy sets fire show on Friday, June 8. We'd love it if you'd come support us, as normally the support band doesn't get a whole lot of attention. But we're totally excited about playing the Troc, it's one of those dreams fulfilled.

So please, buy tickets and make it even better.

PS. We're toying with the idea of playing a boy sets fire cover as a tribute to an awesome band. It can't be one that they'll be playing that night, so that kind of precludes a lot of their best ones, but any ideas?

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May 23, 2007

Fun little story from tour

So while we were touring and filming Boysetsfire, i had a funny little moment.

I'm filming a concert while Chad experiences some technical difficulties, so there is some non-musical downtime. Nathan and Josh both kind of try to chat with the crowd, and Josh keeps asking this one dude if he has any requests, if he'd like anything. The guy keeps answering, but no one can really understand him, so the conversation moves on.

Then this dude grabs my shoulder and says, "What I was saying was that I wanted to hear the Look Machine. I know you are in this band, yes?"


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May 21, 2007

The Conclusion to an Earlier Story

If you ever have a problem with a business, you really should have a weblog. Remember the story earlier about the photographer who wasn't treating my sister Jessica with respect? His lawyer called her and told her "she made her point," and asked us to take the story down because it was hurting his business.

She said she wanted an apology first.

Today she got this.


At first, I was not in favor of writing you an email. However, after a
few days of thinking about what happened between you and me, I decided
that was foolish. We are two adults both needing each other at certain
points in our life. If you were not 100% happy with your experience at
my studio, then I should have immediately addressed your concerns.

So I want to apologize to you. Not for the service I provided. I
believe after reading your email that you are extremely pleased with my
results. However, what I failed to do is listen to you once I learned
we had a miscommunication in regards to pricing. It was my fault. Not

Jessica, I never meant to cause you any grief in regards to our working
relationship. It was a pleasure shooting you at my studio. I hope we
can build off of that and start a new.

Congrats to Mr. Kim for being man enough to apologize. Of course, I wish she had held out for a refund. But this is great too. And because of this, I have taken the previous story away from the archives.

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May 19, 2007

BSF European Tour is Over

As of 30 minutes ago, the tour has ended. It was a wild awesome night in Hamburg, and this has been an absolute blast. There is much more to talk about, but we have a 7 hour drive then a 9 hour flight to get home by tomorrow.

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May 18, 2007


Johann Underwald was a Swiss mathematician. He was one of the brightest stars in his field, and was described by his peers as "the next Albert Einstein."
Underwald died in October of 1999. Cause of death: mathematical error - Underwald "made a 250-foot bungee jump with a 300-foot bungee cord, and died immediately on impact."

completely unrelated...

have you ever gotten a flat tire?
or caught a turtle?

i love doing both of those things...

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May 17, 2007

Filming BSF

We haven't had any updates because it's one of those situations where so many things are going on that you don't want to miss anything. But then we get nothing, so I'm just going to post something, anything, to give you an update.

This is going fantastically well, both for filming and personal enjoyment. We're getting excellent footage, really covering the concerts and the crowd and band so well. I can't wait to see the finished product when it's all edited and put together. I'm excited that we're doing this because the way the crowds here in Europe love boy sets fire is something you truly have to see to believe. Yes, I had been told they played to large crowds and everything, but some of these concerts have the most fanatical fans I've ever seen.

We're using a 2 camera setup on stage, and then we have our X Camera which is just for crazy extra footage where we don't mind so much taking a risk with it because it's a cheaper one. Want to carry a camera while you stage dive to see what it'll look like? Use the X Camera. Collin, Brett and I have all done this so far. Ian uses that camera when he's out in the audience alot and get some great shots. I was using it while people were landing on me. Seriously, the footage is just cool to watch.

Our days are so long because we sleep so little. In the last 72 hours, we had slept 6 hours. That included naps and nodding off in the car. Because of that, I think we feel like we've been gone for a month already.

Just some interesting things we've done so far: Slept in caves and started a bonfire in the woods in Nuremburg. (We are quite literally homeless over here). Walked 2 hours in the rain at the 4 in the morning in Zurich to find our hostel. (After walking an hour to and from the bar where everyone went after the show). Checked out the amazing fortress on a hill in Salzburg (and managed to make our driver go completely insane with anger because we took too long there and met him an hour late).

OK, that's it.

One more thing. Watching the way the crowd reacts to the band here makes us Look Machiners glow just a little with regret. Goodness it would be fun to be them.

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May 11, 2007

And this is why you make sure to treat everyone with respect.

So in this day and age of the internet and all that, you really have to make sure you treat everyone well. In the olden days, you treat someone badly, and they tell maybe 10 friends. Now, they post it online, and the whole world gets to see what you wrote and what you did.

Hit # 7 of google.... and climbing...


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Guten tag

Hey everyone. Ian, Brett, and I are in Wiesbaden Germany right now. This is a beautiful town. We have been here for a few days and things are going well. Boysetsfire has been practicing diligently and hanging out with even more gusto.

This DVD is going to be awesome. We have been getting tons of great footage of reunions of band members, first practices, and evenings spent outside the club drinking beer and joking like the great friends they are. We are all setup to capture amazing live sound from the board so that should be great. The fans we have met here are insane BSF fans. I can't wait for the shows. This is just going to be an amazing DVD.

The club where the first show is going to be is awesome. It is called Schlachthof which means slaughter house (apparently it used to be a slaughter house and was converted into a club). It has a capacity of 2,500 people and it is already sold out. This is going to be a huge show. The excitement is definitely growing here.

Ian, Brett, and I are basically homeless over here, but that is kind of fun. The first night, there were extra bunks on the bus with BSF so we slept there. Yesterday the other band for the tour showed up, so our places on the bus are gone. Last night we slept on the floor in the back room of this rock club. It is a nice space but sleeping was a little difficult. Directly on the other side of the wall from us, there was a very loud dance party that went on until it started to get light after 5 in the morning. Once we start traveling for all of the shows (starting tonight) we don't have anywhere lined up to stay. Should be exciting.

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May 07, 2007

Ian, Jase, Brett, and I hit the road with BSF

As Boysetsfire recently announced, Elany Arts will be filming and producing a deluxe DVD documentary of the final European tour. Tomorrow, Ian, Brett, and I will be flying over to Germany with Boysetsfire. Brett and I will be capturing video footage of all shows, backstage antics, etc... Ian is coming along as the tour journalist. Jase will be meeting us in Amsterdam a few days into the tour to film with us.

This should be a very eventful couple of weeks and we will definitely have stories to share when we come back.

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May 03, 2007

The Robot

This is cool.

Maybe the world would be a better place if robots took over!

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