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December 12, 2007

what you can do help

Writers-- Please pass this on far and wide!

There are a couple of important things (besides picketing) you can do
to support the WGA striking writers. And we really need your help!

One way to help is to send an email to the studios producing your
favorite television shows. It's easy, just go to here.

Write an email supporting your favorite show (or use the text
provided) and the email will be sent automatically to the correct
studio when you click "Submit".

Another way is to make a short statement telling advertisers who
support the studios you won't buy their products until this strike is
settled fairly. Just go to here.

Have a party and ask someone to bring a laptop that has a webcam and
make a bunch of individual statements at one time. Upload to YouTube
and be sure to put the advertiser's name(s) as a tag on the video.
Advertisers do searches of their names and this will be of great
concern. Economic pressure is the only way to end this strike quickly.

Please take one or both of these actions today. Christmas is coming
and either action would be a HUGE gift to the WGA writers who are on
the forefront of the battle for fair pay. If we lose, every writer
everywhere will lose.

Thanks so much for your support. Please pass this on to as many
writers and fans as you can. Your participation can help bring the
strike to a fair resolution.

Posted by jason on December 12, 2007 04:22 AM


awesome, thanks. just sent my messages!

Posted by: chris on December 12, 2007 06:41 AM

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