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January 06, 2008

Going back to California

I leave in 5 hours to catch a plane. Tomorrow is going to be kind of crazy, because I have my first class when I get back, and it's at 6.30 until 11 PM western time so in eastern time standards my day tomorrow is going to be forever long. Like from 3 AM to 2 AM...

Definitely going to miss everyone here. But also definitely looking forward to the excitement that awaits me. It's hard to describe just how exhiliarting California and UCLA are for me right now. Sometime I'll try to capture it.

Ian got married yesterday, it was a very beautiful service. He had put together a slideshow and the last song in it was Simpler than it Seems. It was pretty bittersweet listening to that song, it sounded so good... We'll definitely have to play some shows in the summer. Congrats Ian "the Small Wonder" and Laura Palkovitz!

I've been kind of itching to make some more music lately. I have been inspired by Kimya Dawson's music on the soundtrack for the (incredible) move Juno. It's so lo-fi, so "I just pushed record and started playing" and I really like it. I think I'm going to start giving that a shot. I even have a perfect name I will record that music under.... To Be Announced. I kind of want Darby to play it with me too.

Today the announcement went out of the people who made it into Michael Colleary's class. The people in my program are so nice and supportive, I've been getting congratulatory emails all day long.

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