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February 25, 2008

The Godfather

Yes, I finally crossed another film that caused people to look at me askew and ask, "Wait, you mean you haven't even seen _______??!!!" I don't know how I missed seeing the Godfather for all these years, but I did.

Now the strange thing is, Godfather is one of those films that even if you haven't seen it, it's so culturally influential that you feel like so many lines and scenes are familiar. "He made him an offer he couldn't refuse." "He sleeps with the fishes." "Where is it written that you can't kill a cop?" "Someday, and the day may never come, I'm going to call on your to do me a favor." And that music, that brilliant music. So while watching it, just about the whole time I felt that I had already seen it.

Now add to this that actually I did play Godfather the videogame. And surprisingly enough, that videogame was very true to the story. I knew the whole plot, only now the graphics were much better.

With all that out of the way, I have to say this film is a masterpiece. It makes me proud to be an Italian! (OK, one quarter, but I'll take it.) Such a fantastic study of these principled men who do very evil things, yet have their values which justify it. And, it is really something a tragedy, where this innocent war hero gets pulled back into the family, and becomes worse than his father, worse than the life he was trying to escape.

4 out of 4 - You should love this film.

Posted by jason on February 25, 2008 02:06 AM


as a writer in LA, could you please summariz the writer's strike?

What was it over? How long was it? What are the results? Who won?

Posted by: Mark Twain on February 25, 2008 06:38 PM

You can get a whole lot of answers about the strike and what it was and what it accomplished here

Posted by: jason on February 25, 2008 06:47 PM

jason, i did think it was funny how when it was going on you wrote all about it and about picketing, but once it ended, we didn't hear a peep.

Posted by: paul on February 25, 2008 11:34 PM

I like to maintain an air of mystique.

Posted by: jason on February 26, 2008 03:44 AM

That is not a summary.

Can you at least tell me who won?

Posted by: Mark Twain on February 26, 2008 01:32 PM

Anyone who was expecting a winner wasn't paying attention. Nobody won.

Which, honestly, is almost like the writers won, because no one expected them to get anything. So, that's maybe why you've gotten an idea that the writers won.

The writers got two things really with this strike. (1) Credibility - They showed that they are willing to strike and show solidarity for something they believe they deserve. Just this fact should make negotiations in the future easier. and (2) A couple of footholds. They didn't get the greatest deal about new media, but they did at least get a deal. And just having new media (ie internet, etc) recognized as something that will produce revenue is a pretty major accomplishment, even if in the end the actual terms of that recognition aren't fantastic.

Both of these gains will be very helpful for the writers when the contract is up in three years, and will hopefully serve to get the writers an even better deal without another strike.

If you want to read the actual summary of the new deal you can do it here. In short, yes it's an improvement over the former contract, and an improvement over what the directors got. But it's not as good as many writers were hoping for.

As in any good negotiation, nobody was really happy when it ended.

Posted by: jason on February 27, 2008 01:21 AM

Thank you.

Posted by: Mark Twain on February 28, 2008 06:10 AM

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