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February 12, 2008

When the Magic Shows Up

I'm always amazed at how creativity shows up when you need it. Or rather, when you decide to use it. No matter how much you plan, or outline a story, when you actually start to write it, put it down on paper, it's incredible because these new scenarios, new scenes, new characters, new conversations, and new actions just all of a sudden walk into the room. It's not just limited to screenwriting either, it happens when you write music, or poetry, draw, paint a picture, sculpt.

It's fun, and breathtaking. For instance, in this latest historical epic I'm writing, I spent 3 solid weeks on developing an outline and structuring the story. I thought I had nailed everything down. Then I finally start writing the story (which I much prefer, I'll be honest. Outline work is not fun for me.) and a new breath runs through my outline, showing me these new directions I could take, brand new sequences that are just awesome to create.

I love it. But there's something interesting here. It's not that inspiration hits and then all this fun stuff happens. It's the opposite. I sit down to plow through my outline and then because I'm focused on bringing it to life inspiration hits and things become vivid and new things come to being.

And it always amazes and excites me.

Posted by jason on February 12, 2008 03:17 PM


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