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March 03, 2008

Finished the Historic Epic

I just typed "FADE OUT" on the first draft of my historical epic. This one was a doozy, and I just know that I have a ton more work to do. Already, I know of things I need to add, take out, and reo-incorporate. But still, it feels good to have the first draft finished, especially considering the fright I got about a week and a half ago.

125 pages. Is it in my tier 1 (will get made into a movie some day) or tier 2 (i'd be suprised if it gets made into a movie some day, but maybe with a lot of work it could get there) or tier 3 (deny I ever wrote the sucker)?

Tier 1, by the third draft, when I get everything just right.

(For the record, by my own reckoning... 4 of my screenplays are Tier 1, 2 are Tier 2, and 1 is Tier 3)

My Tier 3 was my first screenplay. All of you who want to write, hurry up and get that first one out of the way! (Unless you're Diablo Cody, then just hurry up and write it so you can win that Oscar.) By the way, good for her. That's awesome. Unlike A LOT of my class mates, I'm not jealous of her at all. I think it was an excellent script and she deserves the success she gets. And I saw 'BOO" to the Diablo Cody backlash. Juno is a great film that works on a number of levels. All the haters need to cool off.

Posted by jason on March 3, 2008 01:29 AM


awesome jase! So happy for you!! Can't wait to read it. How many hours do you have left of rewriting and when does your Prof read it again?

Posted by: Anonymous on March 3, 2008 10:15 AM

I don't know exactly how many hours are needed for the rewrite. It's hard to figure that out. I will spend all of today on a quick edit, and then print it out (which takes a longer time than you'd think), because it's due to Colleary tonight.

Posted by: jason on March 3, 2008 11:32 AM

can't wait to hear what the professor has to say!

Posted by: jessica on March 3, 2008 12:16 PM

I just finish a little bit of a rewrite, been working on it since 9 this morning (it's 3 PM here.)

I added 10 pages! I should call "rewrite" a "more write." Up to 135 pages now, which is probably too many. But I think I like it. It still needs more polish, but it's getting there and I think it at least approaches doing such a remarkable historical figure justice.

Posted by: jason on March 3, 2008 06:05 PM

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