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June 23, 2008

Sullivan's Travels


While I didn't care for his more famous classic, The Lady Eve, I greatly enjoyed this Preston Sturges film. It's about a director who decides he wants to make "more important films" so he sets out to discover what it's like to be poor and downtrodden. Of course, calamity and hilarity ensues, and I'm pleased to report that actually the intended humor was funny (for me) and I laughed quite a lot.

The female lead, Veronica Lake, was completely charming, and the overall story hit a sweet spot for me. And there's a scene late in the film where convicts watch a Mickey Mouse short film at a black church... and it just spoke to me so much because I believe that stories really do fulfill such a deep human spiritual need... You have to see this scene to understand what I'm saying, but it really is quite beautiful.

3 out of 4

PS. If you remember, when I saw Some Like It Hot, I commented on how this old movie so easily mixed a lot of bloodshed and slaughter into a comedy, and that it seemed strange to me. This film does the same thing, with a hobo being run over by a train and blood spattering on his cloths... It was nasty.

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