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July 01, 2008

The Ferocious Water Bug

Jessica and I went to Leo Carillo State Beach today, thinking we were going to swim. However, the ocean breeze (ok, it was more like a gale force wind) made that thinking instantly foolish, once we actually got there. Instead, we went to the Solstice Canyon trail.

We climbed that same waterfall, and swam in a really awesomely deep, clear pool. (It was over my head.) While in the water, we noticed that there was a ton of life swimming through the water. Lots of newts, and tadpoles, and we even caught a very small, very pale frog. But the most amazing moment was when The Ferocious Water Bug entered the scene.

I'm not making up that name. I looked it up online, because it was such a crazy bug. We thought it was actually a crab. It was BIG, like 2 inches long, and it swam excitedly from under a rock. It was brown and kind of flat, and really fast. And on it's back... a ton of eggs.

It looked like this:


Turns out the bugs with eggs are actually the males. The females cement the eggs to the males' backs. Interested, huh?

It takes it's name from the fact that it's actually quite vicious. It eats minnows, and tadpoles, and is even sometimes called a "Toe biter" because, well... it bites toes. (Only if threatened.) That sounds like a great insult for an aggressive short person, by the way, a toe biter. I will be sure to remember that for a script, and maybe even real life.

Posted by elanyarts on July 1, 2008 03:36 AM


Seriously, it felt like we were discovering a new creature. And I think it is aptly named--it sure looked ferocious!

Posted by: jessica on July 1, 2008 04:07 AM

Lyric, Ollie, & I have had our own adventures this week--finding creatures not nearly so scary--we read a book about "coquis", tiny frogs about the size of a dime, then found our own 2 coquis in the 7000 acres! So sweet and cute. We brought them home to our garden, but only 1 actually made it. We found out that you can't hug them very much!

Posted by: Anonymous on July 2, 2008 09:59 AM

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