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August 02, 2008

So Lucky

There are times when I feel so lucky for a ton of things, but right now I'm going to focus in on my kids. I wouldn't want any other kids. I've always been a someone who likes kids, I was as camp counselor, I think kids say the funniest things, I like their energy and their viewpoints... But I was not prepared for having these two kids of my own, Lyric and Ollie, and the joy and love I have for them. It's pretty baffling to me, actually, just how much I feel for them.

Tonight they were both in a play. Now I know I'm biased, but there was a ton to be proud of. Ollie's young, so he had one line. And the boy just delivered it with such gusto that he earned a huge laugh. It's the old saying, there are no small parts, just small actors. Ollie proved he was going to be a big actor.

And Lyric, honestly... what can be said about her? I wrote her part 10 years ago, before she was even a consideration in this world, and yet she honestly delivered her lines exactly as I would have wanted them said, and even better. Her comic timing was just so fun to see, and her confidence and clear enjoyment of doing this part were just wonderful to watch. She's been through a very difficult time this last year, but I can tell that all the trials and struggles she's come through have made her stronger. She has a strength and a confidence now that were not there before.

So yeah, this post is just basically me bragging about my kids. Sorry, but I just really dig them a lot. Erwin McMahanus from Mosiac Church was talking about spending time with his teenage and adult kids, and how they were his favorite people in the world still, and that made me so happy because I hate the thought of growing distant from these two amazing people ever. So I'm going to believe that this mutual admiration club we all have going on right now will not be broken up ever.

Posted by jason on August 2, 2008 01:45 AM


No need to apologize, Jase, you have every right to brag on your kids (and not just for tonight, I'm sure), they were amazing! I laughed so hard when Ollie delivered his line that I think I missed the very end of it! And Lyric, what a wonderfully talented actor you have in her! She has been terrific in everything I have ever seen her do. I loved the whole "sentence structure" bit...hilarious! Her timing is spot on. (All the kids were so cute, and your nieces were no slouches either. Selah was awesome as David!) They had some decent material to work with, too, I must say! Bravo!

Posted by: kathiek on August 2, 2008 02:11 AM

Jase--I can't imagine your kids growing distant from you--especially when you so clearly love and support them!

Sounds like the evening was a tremendous success--I wish I could have seen it, but I know I will get to see them in other productions!

I am proud of them, too! And you, for writing it:-)

Posted by: jessica on August 2, 2008 04:04 AM

It's so cool to see your kids step out in their talent but see both you and Darbs in their personalities as well. They are really special and fun!

Posted by: Anonymous on August 2, 2008 09:29 PM

What a great night this was! Lyric was amazing as Goliath. I laughed so much. You are right, Lyric has grown a lot this past year. She has matured and grown in strength and courage. What a pleasure to watch her! And Ollie, the line is perfect for him. All the ladies, especially this one, really does love Ollie!

Posted by: Anonymous on August 3, 2008 08:43 PM

They both were hilarious. Thanks so much for writing this and inviting us. Tell them we all thought they were wonderful too. Nora recognized Ollie on stage right away and was psyched. His line was perfect for him and cracked me up. Lyric was so funny as the grumpy Goliath. Kate and Nora loved it too and have been talking about the whole thing, and all about Lyric. They had to rush over and tell her good job right after!

Posted by: Chris on August 4, 2008 06:43 AM

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