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August 14, 2008


This day was more difficult than I would have imagined. Part of me deserved it I guess, setting myself up like a bad sitcom, with the day before the shoot madness PLUS a combined birthday party for Lyric and Ollie both hitting at the same time.

But who would have guessed just how difficult it would get. First of all, I hired an AC today who seemed like a lifesaver. He knows the Red Camera, he has a lot of his own gear, and he was willing to go to Philly and pick up the rentals.

We had a great location walk through with our DP, Anders, and things were really looking like they would go smoothly today.

Then the boom dropped. The production insurance we had purchased earlier in the week, which is needed to be able to rent anything, was deemed unacceptable by the supplier that was renting us the camera and lenses. So we had to quickly scramble and find other insurance, while putting together a contingency plan in case we couldn't get that other insurance.

Anders was able to finagle some insurance for us, and I had to call a contact in LA to make it happen. I was working on all that when our AC showed up in NYC, and unfortunately I hadn't really communicated to him that he wouldn't just be picking up the equipment but he was supposed to "prep" the equipment, a process that apparently takes hours and which I am still dicey on the exact specifics. But our AC seemed a little shocked that he had to do it, and the rental house seemed shocked that he wouldn't already be expecting to do that.

And the rental house still needed a certificate sent to them from the insurance company before they'd release the gear. I finally got it to them 10 minutes before they were to close.

But then another problem. The AC hadn't taken a large enough truck to carry all the gear. He called to tell me this while I was trying to run a game for the kids at the party. Joe took the call, and arranged for the AC to rent a truck large enough to transport the gear back. So again... unexpected costs, people... truck rental plus parking for our AC's car for the weekend!

And now...

It's raining.

Posted by jason on August 14, 2008 09:23 PM


Oh my gracious, Jase!! Do you have a black cloud following you around?! Praying that tomorrow is better. God bless.

Posted by: kathiek on August 15, 2008 01:14 AM

it's the darkest hour before the dawn, right?

I know its gonna work out and be awesome, Jase--but so sorry to hear about how stressful its been so far...

Posted by: jessica on August 15, 2008 04:12 AM

I have a vision.

It is of you doing a movie five years hence, and something goes wrong, like somebody is late to the shoot. And someone says, "This is terrible!" and you say, "You think this is bad, you know that amazing film I made five years back? Let me tell you all the trouble I had getting that made."

I pray that your AC has grace for you over the prepping issue.

Posted by: peaj on August 15, 2008 09:37 AM

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