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August 05, 2008

You're looking at...

...the lead for The Electric Chainsaw Massacre.


Todd Ryan Jones
. He's awesome.

Posted by jason on August 5, 2008 11:13 PM


i like how his special skills include martial artist and cartoonist.

Posted by: snakeman on August 6, 2008 03:52 AM

completely unrelated: i've been listening to "the beginning is the end is the beginning" by the pumpkins over and over since i saw the trailer for the watchmen.

Posted by: snakeman on August 6, 2008 03:55 AM

loves him!

Posted by: Jenna on August 6, 2008 06:06 PM

looks awesome, wouldn't want to meet him in a dark alley, with a chainsaw, that's for sure!

well, maybe if I was the one with the chainsaw...

Posted by: jessica on August 6, 2008 08:50 PM

He looks pretty intense!

Posted by: kathiek on August 6, 2008 11:55 PM

Is it typical to have an age range instead of just an age? I wish I could give myself an age range instead of being stuck with my actual number??!!

Posted by: Curious.... on August 7, 2008 12:21 PM

Yep--it's normal to give an age-range so that the casting director has an idea of what you can play. You never give an actual age in this business! the only thing that matters is how you look--its all smoke and mirrors:-)

Posted by: jessica on August 7, 2008 04:24 PM

He's HAWT!

Posted by: Janice Guazzo on August 8, 2008 10:10 AM

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