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November 17, 2008

A perfectly long day

Today was one of those perfectly long days that somehow had enough time for much more than any one day deserves. Church at 9 am (trying the earlier Westside Vineyard service this time. Most likely not going to make a habit of it. VERY nice people, but just not right for us. But seriously, so kind and caring about the community. We'll be trying the 9 am Mosaic Meeting in Pasadena now.)

So church at 9 am, then lunch at a famous restaurant here in LA called the "pacific dining car," that opened in the 1920's. It felt a ton like a place my dad's dad would have taken us, The Brown Derby (in Oxford, PA, not Hollywood, but the Oxford PA one was inspired by the Hollywood one) where we'd try to pretend we had table manners and generally be nervous the whole time we'd be found out. It was plush reds and dark woods and posh and old fashioned. If we had known all this, we probably wouldn't have taken the kids, but we survived with only an overly expensive bill.

Then we shopped for wetsuits for Lyric and Ollie. Let me tell you, they look adorable on them. Ollie's is red in blue, and he looks like spiderman.

Then, yes, on November 16th, we went bodyboarding on the beach. We got there at 2 PM and stayed until sunset. Though the water was a chilled 60 degrees, our wetsuits did the trick and we just had a great time. One of those stolen "wow this is much more fun than it really should be" moments that we'll all probably remember and yet hadn't been planned further than a couple of hours in advance. Darby was pulling Ollie around the surf on his bodyboard, his board turning quickly and often knocking him off in fits of laughter. "This is OUT OF CONTROL!," he exclaimed with the kind of pure unbridled glee that parents pray to hear come out of their children.

There were seals and dolphins and pelicans and sandpipers and anemones and crabs. Seals! Just lazily swimming not 20 feet from us. (Yes seals could mean sharks I know that, but not today!)

Then I went to Mosaic's evening service with my good friend Matt and we were inspired by Erwin's message on the risk inherent in being a creative person, and in being actively creative. We had quite a conversation ourselves about it on the ride back from downtown LA.

Then I was able to get home, finished my pilot treatment, have an intense, long conversation with Darby. Load a new version of our iPhone software and test it (it froze again, Ugh!), and now this.

Now tell me that isn't a week's worth of awesome crammed into one day?

Posted by jason on November 17, 2008 04:28 AM


Oh, the day at the beach with all the animals nearby seemed like a place in heaven! I'd love a pic of Lyric & Ollie in the wetsuits.

It's 32 degrees here this morning! So cold! They are saying it will be a white Christmas this year here.

Posted by: Mom on November 17, 2008 07:01 AM

mom, really--a white christmas?!?!

and jase, hahaha I remember the Brown Derby well, with Grandaddy flirting with all the waitresses:-) and that's so cool that Matt went with you to church--I love Mosaic!

Posted by: Jessica on November 17, 2008 07:34 AM

Sounds like a great day all around...I would have loved to see the seals and dolphins!

Posted by: kathiek on November 17, 2008 08:10 AM

Wait a second. Was that the restaurant that I wanted to go to when I was out visiting but you said it only served hot dogs so we never went. And the reason you knew that was because Brian Gibson told you?!?!

Posted by: Jenna on November 17, 2008 08:18 PM

jase...is that last statement TRUE?!?!?!

you've got some explaining to do, I think.

Posted by: Jessica on November 18, 2008 04:02 PM

It wasn't that restaurant, Jenna! And Brian Gibson's statements about hot dog eateries in LA are gospel, as far as I'm concerned.

Posted by: jason on November 18, 2008 04:47 PM

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