January 23, 2009

Neatorama gets LETHAL

I am sure you all know about LETHAL by now. Well here is some awesome news about it.

Today Neatorama published a feature article about it!!!!

This is just so cool. For one thing, Neatorama is a HUGE site. Their readership is astoundingly large and the site is constantly winning awards. On a personal level, it is just a cool feeling to have something published there. I read that site every single day. I have been a (borderline obsessive) loyalist for years. Being a guest author there feels like I was asked to play guitar with one of my favorite bands at a big show.

This week has been such a roller-coaster ride as we track the sales of the app. Some days, we think that we are going to make millions of dollars. Other days it seems that we will be lost amongst the THOUSANDS of apps for sale. The day that TUAW reviewed the app, our sales increased 2000% and we rocketed to the top 1% of apps sold by apple! Things have leveled off since then, but we are hoping that today will be a big day for us.

Check out the Neatorama article and try to win a free copy of LETHAL by answering one of our questions at the end!

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March 06, 2008


I volunteered to help one of the heads of the program here at UCLA, Hal Ackerman, put together the posters and postcards for his upcoming play. It was kind of a risky to do this, as you never know how your style will jibe with other people. But I thought, oh take a chance, if you help him out and make his vision come to life than that can only be a good thing.

Life tip: Make it so that people always think "oh yes, he's here, he's going to make things better!" and people will always want you around.

Fortunately he loves it. So yes!


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May 10, 2006

Look Machine Wallpapers

Hey everybody. We are happy to tell you all that we have created Look Machine wallpapers and posted them in our downloads section. They are free and they are cool. Enjoy.

Here are some pictures of them so that you can see what they look like. Click them to see a bigger version of them.


Cover Art


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March 06, 2006

Sexiest Band in Philadelphia

So after the show at the North Star Bar last night, we received the biggest honor a band can ever dream of. We have been officially named the sexiest band in philadelphia. Click below to see a poster of us in all our glory as well as some individual glam shots (click the images to see a bigger version of each one).


We also got our pimp names from an online pimp name generator. Here we are at our very best

Jase (aka: Macktastic latshaw Large)



Drew (aka: Pimp Daddy D. Dogg)



Shane (aka: Ghetto Fabulous palkovitz Sweetness)




Ian (aka: Bishop Don I. Flava)



Collin (aka: Dopetastic palkovitz Rock)





Chad, our guitar tech (aka: pimptastic chad dazzle)



Josh, our waterboy (aka: Mr. White Chocolate J. Dawg)


and finally... josh the holy mountain


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December 16, 2005

The Look Machine PWNs the internet

We have been having trouble recently with something called bandwidth leaching. Basically, that is when people do an image search, steal pictures from our site, and put them on their site. The problem with this is that people leave the pictures on our server so all of their traffic and all of the bandwidth they use counts against us! The worst part is that when you view one of these leach sites, you would never the difference. It just looks like a normal picture on a web site, so all of that traffic was doing NOTHING good for us. We have been getting thousands and thousands of these kinds of hits per day and that was beginning to adversely affect our site. It was time to put the smack down. The smack came in the form of the pretty little picture below.


With the help of our friend Joe (the code master) from Elany Arts, and the kind people at Ask Meta Filter we wrote a little piece of HTML code called an image redirect for our site. Basically, what this does is redirect every one of those leaching links to the "official fanclub member" picture above. The result was that we instantaneously had thousands of sites hosting our banner and claiming to be a part of our fanclub. It is hilarious. It is so seamlessly incorporated into these sites, it looks intentional.

Here are a few examples of the beauty in action:

1. Remember the "Happy Birthday" post I wrote back in the summer for Poncho? Well people have been linking to that birthday cake by the thousands. it seems that every time somebody wants to wish their cyber-pal a happy b-day on their myspace site or on their blog, they just take advantage of our server space and use that picture. Well, thanks to our fancy redirect, there are now thousands of people giving out "Official Look Machine Fanclub Member" birthday cards. I especially love the one below. It looks like the author just loves us so much that they thought they would wish their mom a happy birthday with a picture of... yours truly.

2. Remember when Shane posted that picture of the squirrel with the machine gun? Well people keep finding that in the search engines and then linking to it and leaching our bandwidth. This guy below posted it as his "pic of the week" but now it just looks like he is a HUGE Look Machine fan and he is so proud of it that he posts it as his picture of the week.

3. I have no idea what this guy was saying, but now we are his new favorite American band!

There are thousands of these online now and it has been bringing us tremendous joy. I think it is only a matter of time, however, until some hapless person who doesn't know what they did gets extremely mad and writes us a nasty letter accusing us of hacking their site. If that happens, I will take great joy in reminding them that they brought it on their own head. That's what you get for being a thief. You really can turn any situation into something good... like free advertising.

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October 19, 2005

Boysetsfire Wallpaper

I made a bunch of Boysetsfire wallpapers. I think they are pretty cool. If you are interested, go here to look at them and download them.

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October 18, 2005

Elany Arts Strikes Again

I am proud and excited to announce the launch of the new Elany Arts web site. I know that I am a little bit biased, but I think the site rocks. It has been a tremendous amount of work over the past few weeks, but I think it paid off. We really dug in deep and experimented with things that you don't see every day on the web like video backgrounds and motion overlays. It was challenging, but we learned a lot (and we have a cool site to show for our troubles).

The new site is really different than what we do for Boysetsfire, The Look Machine , or what we do for corporate clients. That is part of what I love about doing graphic design. I feel lucky to be a part of such a creative team.

Check out the new Elany Arts site.

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