January 23, 2009

Neatorama gets LETHAL

I am sure you all know about LETHAL by now. Well here is some awesome news about it.

Today Neatorama published a feature article about it!!!!

This is just so cool. For one thing, Neatorama is a HUGE site. Their readership is astoundingly large and the site is constantly winning awards. On a personal level, it is just a cool feeling to have something published there. I read that site every single day. I have been a (borderline obsessive) loyalist for years. Being a guest author there feels like I was asked to play guitar with one of my favorite bands at a big show.

This week has been such a roller-coaster ride as we track the sales of the app. Some days, we think that we are going to make millions of dollars. Other days it seems that we will be lost amongst the THOUSANDS of apps for sale. The day that TUAW reviewed the app, our sales increased 2000% and we rocketed to the top 1% of apps sold by apple! Things have leveled off since then, but we are hoping that today will be a big day for us.

Check out the Neatorama article and try to win a free copy of LETHAL by answering one of our questions at the end!

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September 26, 2007

Great first day

I have to say, this day went really well and I think things are just going to be great. It started by being addressed by the husband and wife team responsible for Little Miss Sunshine, both UCLA alumnis... So cool being here in the midst of where all this stuff gets made. I made a lot of friends already too. Even someone who will play basketball with me.

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September 25, 2007

First Day of School

After all the drama of the last month, school finally starts today. And yeah, I'm nervous. But here goes. I have orientation today and tomorrow. I've signed up for one class so far, "Strategic Thinking in the Film Industry." It meets Monday from 7-11 PM. I've already had to turn in an assignment for it.

After spending much of last week getting our kids used to a new school, praying they have friends, hoping they're having a good time, now I go through the same thing for myself.

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September 22, 2007

I am officially holier than you (environmentally speaking)

Yes, you must defer to me. In terms of a carbon footprint and environmental sensitivity... I am better than you. Because today I bought a Toyota Prius.

If you thought Al Gore was smug, you have no idea just how self-satisfied I feel right now. I mean, to be able to remove myself from this unwashed masses of gas-only vehicle driving commoners such as you, and know that I am no longer driving the world towards extinction with each mile I rack up... it's a breath of (now cleaner) air.

Now when I see images of cute seals covered with crude oil, I no longer have to feel responsible, but can instead point my morally righteous finger at you, asking what you're planning to do about it. Because I have already done my part.

I bought a Prius.

Huzzah for me.

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September 20, 2007

At the DMV

They make you take a test in CA to get a license. Even if you already had a license in another state!

Something to understand about me is that I am probably at my worst when testing for a driver's license. When first getting a PA driver's license as a teenager, I failed the permit test 3 times, the driving test 2 times... my CAR failed the driving test once... It was a nightmare, the most miserable debacle-laden failure of my life so far.

So when I found out that I would have to take a test, a TEST, to get a CA license, I honestly broke out into a sweat.

I tried to cram, but it's a 60 page manual full of little inane facts and figures and rules and suggestions. And, I had to try to get a license a year before 2008's fall semester starts so I can get in-state CA residency and pay about 15K less. So I had to hurry.

I got 30 pages through and figured the wait would be long at the DMV and I could read the last 30 then.

I was wrong. Somehow, I broke decades of tradition at the DMV, because it almost seemed like they fast tracked me through the long waits and here I was, with my test.

I am told I can get 6 of the 36 wrong and still pass. Gulp.

First two, about drunk driving. What is the legal blood alcohol percentage, and what is the maximum penalty. Can I just tell you, I have taken about 5 sips of alcohol in my entire life. These rules just don't apply to me, so I am completely unaware of them. I take my best guess.

What do you do when a blind pedestrian is at the crosswalk? What do 2 solid lines more than 2 feet apart signify? Which way should you turn your wheels when parking on a downhill slope? And on and on. The sweat beading and rolling down my back, I count up "the ones I basically just guessed on and really for all I know could get wrong."

There are 12 of them. So now I have to hope that my guessing skills are educated enough to get half right.

I read through my test again, and decided to change the answer to the last question. I don't remember what it was, but something nudged me. I hate doing this actually, because often i overthink things and then end up wrong.

I take the test to the lady at the front, she goes through and starts grading them by hand. The DUI questions, I get one of them wrong. I watch happily as she passes over a number of the "questionable" answers I had marked. My guessing was good.

By the time there are only 4 questions left for her to check, I have 3 wrong. Which means that ... unless I get ALL of the rest of them wrong, I'm in.

She marks the fourth to last question. Wrong. 3rd to last question.... Wrong. 2nd to last question... Wrong.

And now I start to feel this very familiar feeling, this feeling that you would no doubt know well if you were a fan of Philadelphia sports teams. This fated tragedy, this destiny of sadness where a million little things have to line up to bring about the worst possible end, one small break in that chain would avert everything! But one by one... you start to just know where this is headed.

She looks at the last question, and then looks at me.

"Congratulations. You passed."

The question I switched!!! I averted the disaster!

Take that, destiny.

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About time for some updates from me

As most of you have heard already, I did not end up in Grad school in AZ. You may wonder how somebody goes from accepting a fully funded position into a grad program and having a contract on a house, to canceling all of that and staying at home. Confusing I know.

It is a ridiculously long story but essentially things changed. The department gave away our scholarships and it was going to be way too much money to be worth it. Debt is not something I am fond of.

If you care to read a synopsis of the story, you can read below.

When linds and I were offered entry into the program, we were told that we got the best possible financial package. It would cover all of our tuition and most of the fees. There would be a few nominal fees that we would cover. All of this was offered without us having to work assistantships. We just had to maintain a 3.0 GPA or above. Awesome right? We thought so, and we accepted.

When we went out to AZ to visit the school. We learned that the professor who had been assigned to recruiting us had given us a lot of misinformation. Our scholarships would cover about HALF of our tuition and none of the fees. Ouch.

We still figured we would try to roll with it. We scrambled to find assistantships that would cover the remainder of the fees. Linds found one and took it. I found one that would cover about half.

I was hesitant to take the position because I was planing on keeping my current job (at half time) to pay for housing, food, electricity, insurance, etc... The office manager in the department told me "just try it out. you have nothing to lose. If you can't keep up the hours, just stop working the assistantship. You could really use the extra financial assistance this would provide."

I figured she was right. I really could use the money, and what did I have to lose?

My Scholarship. That is what I had to lose.

Unbeknownst to me, when I accepted this part time, short term position, they gave away my scholarship because I was getting financial aid from my assistantship. At this point, I was working (this was not requited of me before) and I was getting LESS money.

Obviously I did not appreciate this situation and I called the office to discuss it. As it turns out, once a scholarship is given away, it cannot be gotten back. Lindsay and I had both been relieved of our "free rides" and were now required to work if we wanted any assistance (which was less than we were previously getting for free).

Faculty members were very apologetic about the miscommunications, the bad information we had been given, and our new predicament, but said that there was nothing that could be done to change it. The absolute best case scenario was that we would have to try to find FULL TIME assistantships to cover our tuition.

Working full time in exchange for something we had originally been offered for free didn't sound like a great deal to us. This wouldn't even leave time to work jobs to pay for living expenses. So we would be working full time, going to school full time, and having NO income at all. Housing, food etc... that would all have to be covered by loans.

Going into debt to become a lawyer or a pharmacist is one thing, but an applied anthropologist? No way. We would be in debt the rest of our lives.

The financial aid aspect is just one glimpse into the confusion and chaos that was the grad program at NAU. Enough is enough. We pulled out.

So, now what? Who knows. We are trying to regroup and figure out what is next for us. In the meantime we got a puppy, bought a townhouse, and started a band. All of these things are incredibly awesome and warrant their own post in the near future.

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September 18, 2007

More updates

Since I've last written I've actually been home and flown back to CA, which is kind of surreal that you can do that in the course of 3 days. It was very strange to see my house and it not really be my house. I was staying at my parents house and they were having some church ladies meeting there at around 6 and I realized I didn't really have anywhere to go that was "mine." It's strange, very strange.

We took the kids for a tour of their school today. I could feel their nervousness as they were the "new kids who just moved from out of town." Thank God, one of the girls said to Lyric, "Will you be my friend?" For Lyric, who had been telling people that the only friends she's made here in California so far are a lizard and a hummingbird, this really made a huge difference.

Ollie has a fever now, poor guy.

About the lizards and the hummingbirds, it's very cool to live in a place where they always greet you outside your door.

My orientation is in a week. Things have been crazily busy.

Darby was right, the bathroom has "significant levels of black mold behind the wall" according to our inspector.

Should I keep writing here, or start a new blog? Part of me thinks this blog dies if I do that because well... Ian's gotten engaged and the other guys have started a new band and none of that warrants even a single post. but at the same time I feel strange making this the "jason and his family go to Ca" outlet.


Finally got my camera, so pictures are coming.

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September 09, 2007

Random Updates

We got a refrigerator. Finally the days of eating out for every meal are coming to a close.

We saw Jessica Simpson and her Mom driving on Fairfax Avenue.

We swam in the ocean today.

We attended the Westside service of Mosaic Church, they meet at Beverly Hills High School. It was cool.

I missed the Eagles game (except for the first 15 minutes) because of the church service. So I got to see a muffed punt and an interception thrown. So far the West Coast Eagles watching experience is shaping up to be much like the East Coast one.

Darby thinks the place might have mold. Actually, she's sure of it. We're having experts in tomorrow to verify.

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September 07, 2007

We're in the house

It all actually worked out. We're here. And as if to prove to us that we're very fortunate to even be here at all, in the first hour we were here 2 different people showed up heartbroken that it was already leased and telling us what an incredible deal it was. Pictures to come.

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September 05, 2007


We got approved for the place. Still holding my breath though, we've been here before. Today I spent all day trying to scrape together a certified check. Didn't make it happen until it was too late to sign the lease. Ugh. Tomorrow at 11. And at least we got the check. It's about impossible to get a certified check when you don't have a local bank.

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September 03, 2007

Darby and the friendly homeless woman

Here in LA, homeless people are much more prevelant than at home. Like on just about every street corner, in some areas. So when you're leaving a restaurant with leftovers and don't even have a fridge to store such things in, of course the normal decent thing to do is find someone who might want to eat an untouched half of your chicken sandwich, right?

This has worked out well for us in the past, good modelling for our children, kindness to someone less fortunate, and a full stomach that was going to be empty. Win Win Win.

Darby, Lyric and Ollie at her side, finds an older homeless woman, looking through a dumpster for some food. She offers her sandwich. The lady turns to her and replies. 'No I don't want your sandwich. I want you to eat your sandwich. And get sick. And die. Bitch."

Darby throws the sandwich in the dumpster and scurries away, moving the kids along.

Lyric, perplexed, only has one question. "Why was that lady so mean to us, Mommy? Doesn't she understand.... We're homeless too?"

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September 02, 2007

In California

Well, we're here. Things are going fairly well so far. I mean, as well as they can go when you're homeless, your kids are freaking out, and you're without just about any worldly possession.

The good news first. We MIGHT have found a place to live. That is to say, we want it and really like it, but we called asked for an application and he hasn't sent one to us yet... So that's a little worrisome. It's actually right next to the house that fell through, this time closer to the beach and with an OCEAN VIEW. Same school district, much nicer place... and $200 cheaper a month.

I really hope it comes through. I really really hope it does. Because right now we have like a TON of stuff in our car (we shipped stuff in the car when it was transported, then added all our luggage) and it's kind of miserable driving around in it.

So adding to the "wow this move is so difficult" I was in the plane before I realized that we were supposed to have $900 cash, cashier check, or money order to pay the guy and get our car. And I didn't have anywhere near that much cash!

ATM stinks because they have a $500 a day limit. I got that. Then I tried to cash advance on credit cards, which nothing except get Chase to stop letting me use them, at all. Fortunately, the guy decided to trust me and let me write a normal check for $400. And the car was fine, too. That had me worried (letting some stranger just pick up your car and drive away is surreal).

So we were at a park today and I saw some people playing basketball and I thought to myself, "I shiould get a game together" and then I realized I HAVE NO FRIENDS HERE. NONE.

That's ridiculously pitiful, and probably won't last long. But if I wanted to play basketball, or music, or just meet someone for lunch... other than Darby and the kids, it just wouldn't happen. Amazing.

And on that depressing thought, I'll sign off.

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August 21, 2007

Counting down the days

Yes, we're still technically homeless. We don't feel comfortable getting a place based on pictures alone because you never know what you're really in for (check out, for instance, Collin's myspace versus what he looks like in real life).

So we're staying at the UCLA Guest House for 5 nights when we get there and hopefully in that time will find another place to live.

Weili Lin, the owner of the house in the Pacific Palisades, really did flake out on me. She told me I was approved for the house. Then when I just asked one clarifying question about the lease, she wouldn't answer me. The I wrote and said regardless, I'd be signing the lease, and she wrote and said, "Oh great!"

So I spent $20 on getting a certified check and sent it and the signed lease back to her. Then I said nothing more and THEN she comes back and says no rental (because I dared to ask a question about the lease!).

But, when she sent the lease to us it wasn't signed. I'm really perturbed though, but it's probably a blessing. When I wrote her back and tried to call her to tell her that we lived on the East Coast and she was really putting us in a horribly difficult situation, she wouldn't answer the phone or reply to my emails.

Then when I finally threw in the towel and told her yes, we agree, renting from her wouldn't be the best idea, she writes back IMMEDIATELY to say she got the lease and is mailing it and the check back. Weili Lin plays strange mind games!

Weili Lin would not make a good landlord, and it would have been miserable living in a house owned by her anyway.

So yes, she has left us homeless for the time being.

Things are so surreal, saying goodbye to people, and watching Darby and the kids having to do the same thing. It's really difficult, packing up a house we love, leaving people we love, putting a band I love on hold... spending a ton of money, changing life dramatically for Darby and the kids. Sometimes you have to wonder, is it worth it? But you have to take the chances that come your way, and if you fail, you fail. But at least you tried.

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August 15, 2007

Homeless in LA

Wow. Just wow.

As I shared, we found a home in the Pacific Palisades. We applied for it, got approved. She sent the lease.

When I read it, it had some terms I hadn't seen before. For instance, it said that we had to pay for any repair under $150. That seemed odd to me, because it wasn't our house and if we didn't break it, it didn't seem like we should have to fix it. I politely emailed the owner just asking for clarification. (It was written in legalese, and I thought it might have gotten me confused).

She never wrote back. Finally, as a day went back I thought knowing where we were going to live and having that settled is more important, so we just signed the lease, sent a check for the deposit and last month's rent, and thought it was done. I emailed the owner to let her know we had signed it. She responded that was good, she thought we were going to back out over the $150 clause.

Then, 2 days later she said actually she didn't want to rent the house to us. She would return the signed lease and check. It was because I had questioned the lease.

Argh! Now we're flying out on 8/29... and we have no where to live.

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July 30, 2007


After 20 hours in the car driving (over the course of 3 days, that's almost 1/3rd of the amount of time spent physically in the car), 700 miles, countless phone calls, numerous house viewings...

We found a place. It's not perfect, but it's great. It's in the Pacific Palisades, literally 5 minutes from the beach and only 15 minutes from my classes (when you know how bad traffic is out here, you realize how important this location is). it's got a really private backyard, 3 bedrooms, a nice living room, a large family room.

Man, this had me stressed, and honestly the Palisades were beyond what I thought we could do, but this one house worked out. Again, it's not perfect, but the location at the price make it a good deal for us.

coming home tomorrow.

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July 29, 2007

Update from California

I'm here, looking for a place to live. It's not been easy, actually. In fact, it's quite frustrating. Because we haven't found place we love, and today is our last day to look at things. And we've gone through most of the leads I spent the last couple of months putting together. We found some more for today, but... ah.

The hardest part is we thought we had found the perfect place. Up on top of a mountain, amazing view. It's own pool and hot tub. 5 bedrooms, just amazing.

But it turned out that the current owner would live in a guest house that was basically part of the house, so no privacy. And, the 5 bedrooms was pushing it... more like 3 bedrooms and 2 additionally open rooms that couldn't be closed. Oh well. And we look on.

We're driving a Prius out here. Pretty nice car, but the rear view is terrible. Like, you can barely see anything behind you. Well, have to go. Pray for us.

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July 16, 2007

Vote for One Win Choice Every Day

Jack from One Win Choice won't be my friend anymore if I don't remind you to vote for them every day at punkradiocast.com.

Tell your friends so I get to keep one.

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May 30, 2007


So, we've been practicing for the boy sets fire show on Friday, June 8. We'd love it if you'd come support us, as normally the support band doesn't get a whole lot of attention. But we're totally excited about playing the Troc, it's one of those dreams fulfilled.

So please, buy tickets and make it even better.

PS. We're toying with the idea of playing a boy sets fire cover as a tribute to an awesome band. It can't be one that they'll be playing that night, so that kind of precludes a lot of their best ones, but any ideas?

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May 23, 2007

Fun little story from tour

So while we were touring and filming Boysetsfire, i had a funny little moment.

I'm filming a concert while Chad experiences some technical difficulties, so there is some non-musical downtime. Nathan and Josh both kind of try to chat with the crowd, and Josh keeps asking this one dude if he has any requests, if he'd like anything. The guy keeps answering, but no one can really understand him, so the conversation moves on.

Then this dude grabs my shoulder and says, "What I was saying was that I wanted to hear the Look Machine. I know you are in this band, yes?"


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May 21, 2007

The Conclusion to an Earlier Story

If you ever have a problem with a business, you really should have a weblog. Remember the story earlier about the photographer who wasn't treating my sister Jessica with respect? His lawyer called her and told her "she made her point," and asked us to take the story down because it was hurting his business.

She said she wanted an apology first.

Today she got this.


At first, I was not in favor of writing you an email. However, after a
few days of thinking about what happened between you and me, I decided
that was foolish. We are two adults both needing each other at certain
points in our life. If you were not 100% happy with your experience at
my studio, then I should have immediately addressed your concerns.

So I want to apologize to you. Not for the service I provided. I
believe after reading your email that you are extremely pleased with my
results. However, what I failed to do is listen to you once I learned
we had a miscommunication in regards to pricing. It was my fault. Not

Jessica, I never meant to cause you any grief in regards to our working
relationship. It was a pleasure shooting you at my studio. I hope we
can build off of that and start a new.

Congrats to Mr. Kim for being man enough to apologize. Of course, I wish she had held out for a refund. But this is great too. And because of this, I have taken the previous story away from the archives.

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May 19, 2007

BSF European Tour is Over

As of 30 minutes ago, the tour has ended. It was a wild awesome night in Hamburg, and this has been an absolute blast. There is much more to talk about, but we have a 7 hour drive then a 9 hour flight to get home by tomorrow.

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May 11, 2007

Guten tag

Hey everyone. Ian, Brett, and I are in Wiesbaden Germany right now. This is a beautiful town. We have been here for a few days and things are going well. Boysetsfire has been practicing diligently and hanging out with even more gusto.

This DVD is going to be awesome. We have been getting tons of great footage of reunions of band members, first practices, and evenings spent outside the club drinking beer and joking like the great friends they are. We are all setup to capture amazing live sound from the board so that should be great. The fans we have met here are insane BSF fans. I can't wait for the shows. This is just going to be an amazing DVD.

The club where the first show is going to be is awesome. It is called Schlachthof which means slaughter house (apparently it used to be a slaughter house and was converted into a club). It has a capacity of 2,500 people and it is already sold out. This is going to be a huge show. The excitement is definitely growing here.

Ian, Brett, and I are basically homeless over here, but that is kind of fun. The first night, there were extra bunks on the bus with BSF so we slept there. Yesterday the other band for the tour showed up, so our places on the bus are gone. Last night we slept on the floor in the back room of this rock club. It is a nice space but sleeping was a little difficult. Directly on the other side of the wall from us, there was a very loud dance party that went on until it started to get light after 5 in the morning. Once we start traveling for all of the shows (starting tonight) we don't have anywhere lined up to stay. Should be exciting.

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May 07, 2007

Ian, Jase, Brett, and I hit the road with BSF

As Boysetsfire recently announced, Elany Arts will be filming and producing a deluxe DVD documentary of the final European tour. Tomorrow, Ian, Brett, and I will be flying over to Germany with Boysetsfire. Brett and I will be capturing video footage of all shows, backstage antics, etc... Ian is coming along as the tour journalist. Jase will be meeting us in Amsterdam a few days into the tour to film with us.

This should be a very eventful couple of weeks and we will definitely have stories to share when we come back.

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April 30, 2007

We are going to open for Boysetsfire at the Troc

Due to the overwhelming response to the announcement of the show at the Troc, Boysetsfire has added another date. The extra date is Friday, June 8. We are very honored to announce that they have asked us to play with them.

The night should be amazing. Please come out and join us. If you didn't get your act together in time to buy tickets for the other show, then now is your chance. If you already bought tickets to saturday night, then buy some for friday as well :) Make it a BSF weekend.

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April 13, 2007

Good News in a Time of Tragedy

Hey. May 19th the Look Machine will be playing at the Troc in Philly. It's going to be grand.

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April 12, 2007


I have some very bittersweet news to deliver. Unbelievably, I have been accepted to UCLA's Masters Degree Program for Screenwriting. My classes start in September. In Los Angeles. Also, Collin and Linds have both been accepted into a prestigious Anthropology program in Arizona.

So what does this mean about the Look Machine, you ask? Obviously, we won't be playing regularly. We'll be going on hiatus. This isn't a breakup, because our plan is to still record occasionally, play shows when we can. But we'll all be free to join new bands, and clearly we'll be entering a long term hibernation.

This is very sad news, no doubt. The Look Machine has been an amazing experience, one that I've been honored to be a part of.

I personally think we've written some amazing music, and I'm proud of what we've accomplished. Recording a full length album was always a dream of mine, and I got to fulfill it with these guys. We've been played on the radio, made fans all over the world, made great friends, played amazingly great shows and not so great shows, and all along it's been worth it every second. So this isn't really an end, because we plan on doing reunion shows, and both of our programs are only 2 years long.

So get ready for our final basement show. It's going to be huge.

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February 19, 2007

Our Music on Upbeat Radio

If you'd like to hear our music on a radio podcast, we're scheduled to be played on http://www.upbeatradio.com/ 64th (UR64) podcast, which will be produced sometime in the near future. Check them out and download our show when it's available.

Upbeat Radio Podcast is dedicated to providing a weekly format for new and independent artists to showcase their music.

Produced by Al Mann and Downtown Coffee Company, LLC in the heart of Georgetown, KY, Upbeat Radio is a spin-off from Upbeat Cafe’ & Music Venue. Upbeat Cafe’ also provides a stage for these same artists, as well as a host of others, to engage a new audience.

Upbeat Radio, as with Upbeat Cafe’, features all genres of music from Blues, Bluegrass, Americana, Celtic, Christian, Hip Hop, Urban, Jazz, Punk and everything in between.

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January 26, 2007

Our Best Review Yet - 4 Stars

From PunkNews.org, a review from someone who seems to "get us."

Few bands have ever given me such a hard time in the way of pinning down a genre as the Look Machine. And I suppose, that in itself, in this day and age, is a victory. In an era where seemingly anything can be tagged with 'core,' the Look Machine have offered a debut that's just as grounded in punk and hardcore as earthly folk.

There's so much going into this musical puzzle that I may as well be trying to put the pieces together with a blindfold on. One minute a rock band with epic vocal delivery, the next a folk band using nothing but the grassroots of voice and acoustic guitar, and the next a hardcore band buzzing with energy and dissonance, the Look Machine have truly covered all bases. They've reached to the farthest corners of rock music and taken something special from each. And rather than a muddled result with no true sense of itself, they've succeeded in being a jack of all trades.

Go ahead and read the whole review, it even has good grammar and spelling too, unlike some other. . .ahem. . .less talented writers out there. Thanks PunkNews.org, and thanks "Anchors," the reviewer, whoever you are.

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January 10, 2007


hey, everybody.

thank you all so much for coming out to the concert tonight. it was a blast. it was so nice to see your smiling faces.

tomorrow, ian is headed off the Nepal for a few weeks.

we have some tentative shows for the spring and later winter. hope to see you there.

oh, and to hold you over until next time, here is the video of "stop the bleeding" from our previous Palk Basement show.

goodnight, friands of the machine,


p.s. ian's jetta got run into while it was parked... again. it has now been hit 8 times, and shot by a bb-gun once!

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December 02, 2006

Metafilter Compilation

Hey everyone, the Metafilter Compilation CD, which we appear on, is now for sale and ready to ship. It's got a lot of great music on it, so go check it out. Support independent music endeavors like this, all!

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November 22, 2006

Show in New Brusnwick Dec. 1


We are all so excited about this show. As always we will love to play with our good friends in One Win Choice. Also, Gracer is an absolutely fantastic band. We are very honored to be playing with them. It is going to be a fun night at the Abdab.

Anyone from our part of the world is welcome to come up to the show with us. We will be leaving on Friday afternoon (Dec. 1'st) from Look Machine Headquarters (the Palkovitz home). Let us know if you would like a ride up. We could try to work it out so that we caravan or take a big van up to the show.

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November 13, 2006

Featured Artists

Hi All --

We're the featured artists on The Polyphonic Revolution. Go check us out and support their site.

Just reminding you guys that you are now part of The Polyphonic Revolution's! (Mondays 6-8p.m. at kentbsr.com) featured artist section and that we should be pshowing off you work tonight on our featured bands section of the show TONIGHT. So if you could listen in, that'd be swell the AIM is kentbsrradio if u would like to talk to us or request something. Also, u are on our top friends list and if theres a spot up there on urs for us, it would be greatly appreciated :). Rock on guys.

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There are 7 Jason Latshaws

In case you were wondering. How many people share your name?

LogoThere are:
people with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

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November 09, 2006

Saturday Show at The Barn.

Thanks to everyone who came out. It was fun.

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This is probably one of the best pictures ever

Thanks AOM Rock Magical.


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October 16, 2006

Thursday Helping Josh

Hey, guys.

Thursday is helping Josh Latshaw out financially with the recovery process from his accident.

Here is what they said:

"Hey Everyone,

"As many of you already know our good friend Josh Latshaw from the band Boy Sets Fire recently injured himself severely. He broke his hip, back and neck, but luckily his recovery is going very well and he is finally back at home. He still has a long road ahead of him and we're trying to help him and his family out. Hopefully we can do this with your help. As we all know the price of healthcare in the US isn't exactly cheap, so we are setting up a charity auction on eBay.

"We dug deep into the Thursday vaults and found some really rare items that haven't seen the light of day in years. We autographed all of them and put them up in an exclusive eBay store. The auction just started so head over there and start bidding on a great cause. All donations will go to help pay Josh's growing healthcare recovery costs.

"Boy Sets Fire took us on one of our first tours and it was an incredible experience for us. They're all a really great bunch of people and have been family to us ever since. For those of you that weren't familiar with their music, "The Day The Sun Went Out" was a big inspiration to us. They were a very important band that weren't afraid to speak their minds and they constantly used their band to work with various charities.

"You can check on Josh's progress at www.boy sets fire.org. Thanks for your help.

- Thursday"

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September 29, 2006

Newark, DE record stores now carry our CD

I am happy to announce that, as of today, Bert's CDs and Wonderland are both stocking our CD. If you live in or around Newark, and you have not had a chance to pick up a copy of our CD, Above This Clouded Mind, you should go grab one.

Both of stores are awesome places that have been supporting local music for many years. They are run by very nice people and they have a great variety of local and mainstream music. When I went in to drop off a load of CDs at Bert's this afternoon, they were just as nice as could be. They opened up one of the CDs and put it on. It was a cool feeling to walk onto Main Street and hear our music playing over the sidewalk. Thanks guys!!!

So if you want to pick up a copy, both stores have it and we would be very thankful to anyone who buys it.

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September 12, 2006

Our MySpace site has been shut down

As of right now we don't know why. Right now when you go to our page it just says "Invalid Friend ID. This user has either cancelled their membership, or their account has been deleted." We have written to MySpace and we are trying to figure it out. If any of you have any suggestions for us, please feel free to let us know.

We hope to be able to fix this error without starting from scratch. We had been diligently building our MySpace community for some time now and we were very happy about things that had happened there. Through MySpace we have been contacted by radio stations who now play our music, we have been discovered by numerous fans who have bought our CD, and we have been reached by old friends we haven't seen in years. We have also accumulated about 2200 friends and gotten about 10,000 plays.

If all of this is gone, it will be sad, but we will rebuild. Thanks for your patience while we figure this out. Again, if you can help, we would love it.

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September 04, 2006

The Crocodile Hunter Dies

This makes me so sad, honestly it does. Steve Irwin, the australian crocodile hunter, died. A stingray killed him! What bad luck because stingrays don't kill anyone really. But he got too close and the barb went under his ribs and pierced his heart directly.

I think it's because my daughter Lyric had a children's video made by the Wiggles and Steve Irwin (they are both from Australia) and he had a daughter in that video that looked to me like Lyric, but this is seriously sad to me, like a friend or a family member died. He had such a nice temperment to him, so full of life, so excited, so enthusiastic.

Ah, this world just sucks sometimes.

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September 02, 2006

Our Live Show at WSTW

If any of you would like to hear our Hometown Heroes broadcast without . .. you know . .. the ads or any of the non-look-machine music. . . your wish is granted. Cut down to just us making music or us talking. Wonderful. As it should be.

Thanks to myspace friend "TrafficKing" for putting this together.

Oh also, if you could please send mrogers@wstw.com another request for us. We were #1 last week and we'd like to keep that streak going.

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August 28, 2006

#1 on hometown heroes again

Hey everyone thanks so much because we had the #1 most requested song on WSTW's Hometown Heroes show, and of course that is just because you all of you.

They played Simpler then it Seems. (they called it simpler then it sounds on their website).

Request us again, we really really really appreciate it!!!

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August 22, 2006

Donation Fund for Josh

Hey all, many of you know that my brother Josh is in a pretty serious situation right now. Things haven't really gotten better for him yet either, in fact they've gotten worse. Today he started vomiting and nearly drowned in it because the nurses didn't come when he called. If he didn't have visitors at the time who physically propped him up, he really could have died. I honestly can't imagine throwing up with a broken neck, back, and hips. It hurts just to lie still for Josh. How much more so if convulsing and vomiting?

OK, the truth is that josh and his family could use some money. Things are tight and it takes a long time to get the worker's comp and it's up in air how much his health care will and won't cover. You know co-pays and all can be very high.

So – while he hasn't asked for it – I'm sure he would be very thankful if people did want to donate something to help them out. We're probably going to try to put together a benefit for him sometime in the near future too. I've first put this donation fund on the boysetsfire website and their myspace and so far the generosity of the bsf fans has been amazing and comforting to me. Thought I'd give some look machine fans a chance to join in the warmth.

This payment will be made to my email address, jasonlatshaw@yahoo.com, and I'll give him all the money you donate (minus the fees that paypal charges, like around 2% I think).

If you'd rather send a check (cash, euros, diamonds) or something like that. You can send it to me at

Josh Latshaw Donation Fund
c/o Artichoke Artisans
406 Suburban Dr #177
Newark Delaware 19711

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Jonah Latshaw, the MySpace Guru

Today my nephew was hanging out at my house while Collin and I worked and we gave him our login to the Look Machine myspace site. At the time we had like. . 1650 friends. Which we were honestly quite proud of. We had worked hard for those friends.

As of right now, we have over 2000 friends and counting. Wow Jonah, you rock the internet. 350 friends and counting in a single day.

Don't ask me how he did it, Jonah is a wizard who's Black Arts must not be revealed to us mere mortals. I know that he isn't using any bots though, and he's not spamming people either. (I don't want our account deleted).

What can we say, Jonah is just good. Many of these people have been added by asking us (and there are many from the Hometown Heroes appearance last night too).

Thanks Jonah, you really should go into business like this. What a great job!

Also, check out who's song is being played at the Hometown Heroes myspace site. .. leave a comment and give Mark the thumbs up for his exquisite musical taste.

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August 21, 2006

Hometown Heroes on WSTW

Hey all, we just finished our in studio live show at WSTW with Mark Rogers. It was a blast, and you can listen to it sometime tomorrow here.

Mark was great to talk to, and we played two songs live (fanatic and simpler) and 2 from the album (stop the bleeding and falling behind.) I think we were funny and engaging. . . at least we thought we were. All around it was a great experience. Listen and tell us what you think. Apparently the mix was pretty bad on fanatic but it was fixed in time for simpler. After the show we got to hang out with Mark a little longer and he's a really great guy.

Hopefully it'll result in some more fans.

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August 19, 2006

On the way to the shed show

Mostly I'm just posting this because it's cool that I'm IN DREW'S CAR right now using his phone's data service plan and a bluetooth wireless connection. I know that's nerdy, but it's also very very cool. Yes, you can get on the internet in the car.

The sad news is that we got stuck in bad beach traffic and we're running very late for the shed show. There may even be a chance that we won't be able to do it. . .

I'll be sad if we can't do the shed show because I spent a lot of time this week working on a visual component to our show. . . we have a digital projecter and a computer and had some awesome stuff to project. . .sigh.

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Pray for my brother Josh

Hi all, please pray for my older brother Josh. He fell 25 feel off a roof at work right onto his back. He had a collasped lung and broke bones in his back and his neck. It's honestly a miracle he's alive, and especially that he isn't paralyzed. But he's in immense pain and he has some surgery to get him on the right track. Prayers are greatly appreciated.

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August 02, 2006

Vacation in Washington State

Lindsay and I just got back from a fantastic vacation. We spent 3 weeks backpacking, hiking, and climbing in Washington State. We went to Olympic National Park and North Cascades National Park. They must be 2 of the most beautiful places on earth. It was one of our best trips ever. Here are some pictures (click each image for a larger version).

Climbing Mt. Carrie in the Bailey Range.

A mountain goat in the Bailey Range.

A baby mountain goat.

Washington State coastline.

We saw a forest fire while climbing Mt. Sahalee.

Hidden Lake.

Lindsay climbing a pass. (She's so cool)

A marmot relaxing in the sun.

Wildflowers (Mt. Jack in the background)

Mt Olympus in the early morning.

Our packs / climbing gear.

Linds hiking on the High Divide.

Mt. Shuksan & a glacier.

Portable home.

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July 31, 2006


Some terrible news came out today. BoySetsFire is calling it quits. I honestly feel like someone I know and love has died. It's just so sad. I think their latest album was their best, and it makes me so upset that there won't be another.

Driving today, I didn't even want to listen to the bands so have so obviously been influenced by them, like Thrice and AFI. Anyway, since the band has given us both After and Before the Eulogy, I guess know is the time for the actual Eulogy.

What a band. I know all the guys personally of course, so you might think that makes me biased. But if anything, that would make me biased against them, not for them. In fact, for that reason I didn't really listen to them at all until they had been around for like 5 years.

But wow I can't believe what I was missing. The mixture of passion, incredible guitars, awesome percussion, inspirational vocals, meaningful lyrics is just about without peer. And their live show. If you haven't even seen them live, you better fly to Europe or figure out a way to attend one of their as of yet unannounced last shows on the east coast. I'm honored that we ever got to share a stage with them.

The songs, the songs! How does a band with only 3 full length releases have so many great tunes? Is there a better ballad rock fusion then My Life in the Knife Trade? Is there any song that gets a crowd as riled up as After the Eulogy (known to many as the "Rise!" song). In Hope, Timothy, Hometown Report Card, Last Year's Nest, Empire, Requiem. . . the list goes on. And has anyone ever written a song like So Long and thanks for the Crutches? I know 100s of bands that would kill to have one song of that calibre in their library, and they have enough to fill a couple sets.

What probably makes me most upset (other then not getting to hear another boysetsfire album, man misery index was so good. .. ) is that now it's pretty obvious that this phenomenal band won't get the commercial success they so richly deserve. Don't get me wrong, I don't have anything against Fall Out Boy or Panic at the Disco or any of those bands that somehow managed to crib BSF's sound and sell 100s of thousands of records. . . but wow doesn't this music deserve to heard and adored by scores more then, say, Dance Dance. Oh well. Stupid world, you miss out on so many great things. At least Germany got it right here, BSF would always play to thousands there.

So if I ever make a great movie and have the clout to decide on the soundtrack, rest assured I will pepper it with some outstanding BSF songs, introducing the world to the wonder of these songs that they should let themselves obsess over.

Good luck guys, and thanks for the music.

PS. Some reunion shows and the ocassional straight to iTunes release would be awesome. I know you have to move on, but a little revisit here and there would also be a good thing, right?

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July 12, 2006

We're on iTunes

This is an exciting time, we're on iTunes.

So you know, give us a good review, buy some stuff so we have more of the "people who bought this also listened to. . ." and make some imixes with us in it.

Thank you, thank you. It's cool that we're up there.

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July 01, 2006

We're going to be playing on Hometown Heroes

We're fortunate enough to be in studio and playing some songs and answering questions for the August 20th installment of WSTW's great show Hometown Heroes. Thanks fans because part of the reason is that you are so overwhelmingly supportive. Keep it up, and make sure to listen. If not to the broadcast, at least to the podcast they post the next day.

And they didn't play us last week, so you know you have to let the good people there know that you'd rather they did.

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June 20, 2006

On Hometown Heroes Again

Thanks to WSTW and Mark Rogers at Hometown Heroes, we were played again on Sunday night. Great show too, you should all download the podcast and listen to it. We at the end of this segment.

But one sad part is the ending of the song that I love was cut off (on the podcast, not the actual broadcast). Oh well. These things happen.

And of couse thanks to all of you for sending those requests in. Please do it again! (But no fake email addresses, please).

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June 19, 2006

More from Ian in Ghana

Hey all, I'm giving you another taste of what Ian is going through in Ghana, in his own words. . .

Once in a while, for me, and probably for everybody, there is a moment
where you think, "I can't believe this is happening to me." The first one
I can think of was when I was crashing Collin's car, but I had another one
the other day.

We had the weekend off and were chilling in a place called Cape Coast.
It's a fishing town, but it's a really wild place to be. It was colonized
about 600 years ago by the portaguise, or maybe the dutch. It doesn't
really matter because they both were there for a while and they both did
the same horrible stuff.

But whoever they were, they built these amazing castles along the coast
line. I'm talking about the real deal here. Castles with moats,
drawbridges, loopholes for arrows, dungeons... they are really just
stunning. Think about an amazing old european castle surrounded by palm
trees, on cliffs like the coast of maine that have brilliant green waves
smashing into them. Now put that in a bustling African town filled with
hundreds of wooden fishing boats that look like gondolas from Venice
rigged up with the square sales of a Chinese junk.

Yeah, it's an amazing place. So we walked into this castle and I was
wandering around by myself and I met the king. Not the king of the
castle, the real king. Elvis.

He had a craft shop inside the castle, selling ebony animals, djembes,
masks and the like. He was 23, the youngest in a family of 10. His Dad
wanted a son. His first two children were daughters. The third was a
son. He decided that he wanted two and two, but by the end it was 6 and

I shook his hand, and he smiled warmly.

"What is your name?"

"I am elvis."

"You're still alive!" I shouted excitedly.

"Yes, I am still alive," he said politely. I don't think he got it.

Anyway, I hung out with him for a while, talking about everything, and
stuff like that. We talked about Bush, then about the Ghanian government,
then he started comparing the government of Ghana to the government of
Timbuktu, and their strengths and weaknesses.

I suddenly realized, "Wow, I'm in west Africa in an ancient european
castle, talking about politics in Timbuktu with elvis..."

I'm keeping my eyes out for Tupac.

So let me tell you about the Shark.

I'm working in the kitchen. It's a crazy place to work. It is (very
honestly and litterely) as hot and steamy as a sauna and as slippery as a
frozen pond. I spend the whole day staggering around between giant vats
of boiling oil hoping that I don't fall (or melt) into the pot and deep
fry myself. The ceilings are shorter than my head in a lot of places so
I'm usually ducking bolts and pipes, or banging my head.

So, as you can probably guess, it's an intense place to work.

Well my boss is named Mel. He was born in Jamaca, raised in Brittain, and
served 35 years in the British military. He retired about 10 years ago,
but I don't think he's realized it yet.

He's funny, and just about the strangest mix of personality stuck into one
person that you can find. He's about 5 foot 6, black and has a deep voice
with a perfectly revined british accent. He's got a potbelly, thick strong
arms, and is used to being large and in charge.

One of the first days I dropped a drip of something or other on the stove
top and he yelled at me.

"I am a shark," he said, "and now you are in my Domain. When you fall
into the water with a shark, who do you suppose has the upper hand?"#

I didn't say anything. I thought that if I opened my mouth I might drown
in my own sweat.

"I do! That's right, I do, and you are in my watter."

He's the kind of guy that will yell at you from across the galley to come
and pick something up that's right in front of him, then run across it to
grab something right in front of you.

"This is a high stress environment" he said. "It's a place where you will
hear voices raised. If you're easily offended this is not a good place
for you."

That's true. Every minute is a crisis, every second the is one second too
late. He's constantly running, shouting. "I need a bag of rice,
Urgently, urgently, urgently. I need it now, I need it 5 minutes ago, now
get it!"

He insists that it is his job to tell everybody whaeverything at least
twice, even if you're already doing it.

He's always trying to teach something, like how to drop pork into boiling
oil. "Bent at the knees, square your shoulders. You are a boxer now, a
boxer. Move with it. Now place it in there, come on, don't drop it,
place it, no keep your finger out. You are a boxer."

He'll slam a pan on the counter and shout at me, then say, "I'm not
shouting at you." He'll be incredibly rude then say, "I'm not being

Sometimes I want to slap him and say "I'm not hitting you" but actually, I
really like him. For as intense as he is, he's also very nice and
encouraging. He's always saying thins like "Great job son, great job, I
appreciate your work so much, now keep going."

He also really wants to teach people how to cook things, and how to do
well in the kitchen. He's always saying "Now i want to teach people to
believe in themselves."

Whatever he may be, he's always good for a laugh, and I've never
appreciated Tom so much in my life.

Anyway, that's the news for now. And I hope this didn't sound negative.
I really am having a blast, and I haven't been having any headaches. So
peace out.

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June 15, 2006

An Update from Ian

Hi everyone, we have a cool update from Ian, who is floating around Africa doing good deeds.

Hey everybody, we made it. It was a long trip (28 hrs all told) but we're here.

Hm... I think Laura is writing an email rignt now, so some of the might be double.

Well we flew to Milan from Newark with Alitalia. That flight had to set new world records for nastiest airline food and meanest flight attendants (my apologies to any italians reading this email).

Our next flight (also with Alitalia) probably set records for best sleep ever, friendliest flight attendants, and second best airline food. (It was delish, but sorry, nobody will ever beat Qatar air) (PS. good job Italians).

That flight was a little strange though, because we made a surprise stop in Lagos Nigeria. We sat on the runway playing phase 10 for about an hour and a half then continued on. Lagos was awesome by the way, We watched Traffic jams, thousands of camp fires, and a power outage from the air. Very cool, it looked so different from anything in the states, no grid, just a glump of burning orange light.

Well we got to the airport with no Visas, but after a few forms, Letters, and Laura putting the officials in their places, we got our passports stamped.

Customs was funny. They looked at us and said "are you Italian?" "No, American." "Ok, Next week we will score you!" (You see, Ghana plays America in Soccer soon, and that is an issue of utmost importance)

We got out of the airport, into the burning African night and were surrounded by Taxi drivers. "You are my friend, good rates for you, I will help you, I know the city, let me carry your bag, let me help you, I will take care of you, you can trust me." And we were like "Thanks, but we have friends picking us up, we don't need help." So, they picked up our bags anyway. "In case your friends don't come, I am your friend, I will help you..."

Our "Friends" weren't there.

So we waited

And they weren't there

and they still weren't there.

We had no phones, our only currency was 20 dollar bills, and it's rolling on towards midnight. We're surrounded by new friends carrying our bags around, asking us for tips (And of course, eating mom's cookies).

Laura was like "Wait here, I'm going back in."

I was like "OK."

And she was gone. I was chillin on the curb with all my new friends, and
she was gone... And still gone...

I was like "Great, there goes my girl friend, lost in Accra at midnight." So I ate another cookie with Isaac, my new friend.

10 minutes, it was fine

20 minutes, it was long

30 minutes, I was pasing

35 minutes, I was a little worried

45 minutes, I'm going in... wonder what will happen to our bags... wonder what happened to Laura

Then she reappeared.

The first customs person she asked for a pay phone just so happened to be a DTS graduate who had worked for mercy ships. She had a cell phone, she had the numbers for YWAM Ghana, She helped us for 2 hours, untill finally we got a ride. She was probably like the coolest person I've met in a
long long time.

We're in Tema, on a boat, starting work tomorrow.

Peace out Dogs,


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Vote for us on the Indie Rock Show

Hi all, please put your amazing internet skills to good use and register and vote for us at the Indie Rock Show. This could potentially be a big deal, so give us some loving.

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June 05, 2006

Way to go with the Emails!

So, it turns out you guys are some pretty great fans! Mark Rogers, the DJ for Hometown Heroes, recieved more email requests for the Look Machine than he's had for any band! So, thank you so much.

It's pretty funny, he read off a list of the people who emailed him requests, so if you want to hear your name on the radio, give the podcast a listen. It's right at the beginning of this segment.

Also, a big thanks to Mark for the kind words and for playing us!

Ps. if you want to send in any more requests you could send them to mrogers@wstw.com.

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June 02, 2006

More Radio Play

Hey everyone, exciting stuff going on these days.

In addition to WSTW 93.7, we've been added to the playlist for a number of radio stations around the country. Mostly internet radio, but some FM stations as well.

If you'd like to email any of them a request, feel free. WSTW wrote Ian and said he was very impressed by our fans, and that so many requested our song that he had to set up an autoreply to any email that mentioned us, because he couldn't keep up with it.

For some of these, we have just been selected for airplay by their staff, but we haven't actually been played yet. (We had to send in a CD and paperwork, for instance).

They are:

An independent blend of Americana, Alt. Rock, Bluegrass, Alt. Country, & Blues.

Inside Connection Radio Show, 104.5 FM in New York
The Indie Connection (formerly Radio Xposed)broadcasts every Friday night from 8-10 pm on Radio X FM in New York. Radio X is located on Long Island, NY and reaches approximately 1.2 million households. Additionally, people outside the broadcast area can listen to a streaming version of the show and station through Radio X’s website, which gets about 360,000 hits per week.

The North Dakota Independent Music Podcast
This podcast is also available through iTunes, so for the first time the Look Machine was in iTunes.

Indie Rock Show Xtreme
The Indie Rock Show is an internationally syndicated radio show airing the hottest independent rock artists on the planet! Our show airs worldwide on various stations and times, on both live FM and internet streaming radio stations.

The Indie Limelight Radio Show
The Indie Limelight Radio Show is a weekly syndicated program with over 5-million listeners each week.

OutBound Music

OutboundMusic.com broadcasts top-quality independent music on its multiple streaming Internet radio stations. We are currently streaming 7 radio stations 24/7 with audiences from around the world.

Independent Nation radio show

The Independent Nation radio show, with a potential audience of over 4 million world wide.

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May 24, 2006

Radio Play on WSTW

As you may have heard, Lindsay and I were in Kenya for the past week and a half. We got back on Sunday. As we were driving home, I got a phone call from Ian. He very excitedly said, "TURN YOUR RADIO ON!!! WSTW!!!" I switched on the radio and hit preset #3. Low and behold, "Falling Behind" was rocking up the tri-state area. I simply could not believe it. I almost crashed the car in my shock. Man, things sure have changed in the past week and a half.

If you are not from around here, let me fill you in. 93.7 WSTW is "Delaware's Choice for Hit Music." It is definitely the biggest station in DE and it is very popular throughout the Wilmington / Philadelphia area. Having airtime on that station could be very good for us.

Hearing myself on the radio has been a dream of mine for many years. It truly was an amazing feeling to be driving home in my car, just back from overseas, and hear my band playing over the airwaves. Linds and I were so excited. It actually brought a little tear of joy to Lindsay's eye.

So here's the scoop. The way that WSTW does it is as follows: They play a new song kind of as a "feeler" to see how people like it. If they get good responses from people and requests for more, they will work the band into their normal rotation. TLM needs your help!

Please, please, please write in, call in, or fax in requests to hear more of TLM. You can specifically request to hear "falling behind" again, or you could request to hear "Simpler than it Seems." That song would probably be a very good fit for this particular station. So please email them, call them: (800)544-9370, or fax them a request: (302)478-WSTW.

We would all be very thankful to you if you take a few seconds to request more Look Machine music.

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May 23, 2006

Rockin' Song


We just put up one of our more rockin' songs on our myspace site.

It's called "My Name."

Go check it out!

If you're not our friend on myspace, would you please invite us? If you have any friends, would you please tell them about our myspace page so we can be friend steelers? ( http://myspace.com/thelookmachine ) Well, I guess that we could be 'friend sharers.' Kind of like share cropping, except not similar at all excluding the word share...



p.s. We're almost to 1,000 plays on this version of As Much. If you could helpu us reach that by listening and such, it would be great!

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May 17, 2006

For Sale on CDBaby.com

Our album is now available on CDBaby.com.

If you have the time and you've heard the album, go there and review it. They just reviews of the album, not reviews of us as people or a live performance.

They've also submitted it to iTunes, so in 3-5 months it'll be there too.

By the way - if you're not terrified of paypal, it would still be better if you bought it directly from us on this website.

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Our first album review

We got a very positive album review from music weblog callmemickey. Go ahead and read what he has to say. Some of the highlights:

. . .these guys have been recording with the guys in boy sets fire (perhaps the most spectacular post-hardcore band playing thesedays). The Look Machine's music stands on its own and is equally powerful in a slighly different direction drawing upon elements of finger-picked rock. A fan of bsf will notice a little bit of a imprint of bsf upon the look machine's music and this is definitely a very good thing.


"Simpler Than it Seems" is the standout track of the album. Opening with a soft finger-picked intro that gently escalates into a catchy and heart-felt chorus and finishes nice and strong.

Thanks alot Mickey, we appreciate it. . .

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May 15, 2006

A crushing blow.

In our promotion plans for our new album, we've been trying to get radio play.

At night I search for different stations, and I submitted our song "Falling Behind" to undertruth.com radio without looking at their site. I found them on a big list of stations.

And I get this message today.

While we appreciate your interest and your talent, your sound and our format are not a match at this time.

Best to you,

Under Truth Radio

I promise you undertruth radio, you will regret this decision! Now I actually looked at their site and they are kind of lame anyway. So oh well.

Just for fun though, anyone who wants to email them and ask if they are playing our song yet is welcomed to do such a thing.

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May 14, 2006

I got an email today. A really cool email.

Because we're friends, you and me, I'll let you read it.

Hey Ian,

I saw on your site that the new album is finished and available. Congratulations, that must be a great feeling.

Would you be able to send me a copy @ the station? I'd love to hear and play it.



WSTW Hometown Heroes

Wahoo!!! It'll be in the mail tomorrow.

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May 09, 2006

The CD release Show

Wow, what a night. Sorry no one had written about it yet, but I think we were all a little blown away by it and needed time for it to sink in. I feel like we say this alot, but it probably was our best show ever.

The venue turned out to be awesome. Hurray for the Palk Basement, man we need to do more concerts there. It was so cool how many people turned out, just a great vibe all night long as the crowd supported and listened to all of the bands, not just us. I personally am a big fan of One Win Choice, so seeing other people react to the was awesome. And Harsh Reaction did a great job too.

David Watts was a magician with the sound. I could tell during One Win Choice's set that I was going to have a fun night because you could hear the vocals. From the very beginning of the show I had a blast, things were just working out, you could tell the crowd knew and appreciated the music, and we represented all of the songs well. Thanks thanks thanks!

From the admissions, it looks like we had over 100 people in that little basement, which is pretty cool for a Sunday night. We sold 30 CDs which exceeded our expectations (especially since many already bought it beforehand).

If anyone has any pictures or video of the night, please please send them to me!

I'll end this with an email I got about the show:

I had to run at the end of the last song (almost missed my favorite song!) so I didn't really get a chance to tell you guys anything. I've never seen an entire concert of yours so far, but I can say with utmost confidence that this is the best show I've ever seen you play :)

Seriously - it was really great. You guys are very talented. And I really do love your music. I told Drew that in the middle of the two songs you strung together - I think it was As Much into Falling Behind (another of my favorites) that I momentarily lost my ability to be cool at a concert. I love your build ups and they deserve dancing I must say. So I was just trying to be cool and bob my head like the good ex-80's heavy metal man I am . . . but at one point in the transition I lost control. I actually started jumping and punching my fist in the air . . . then out of a desperate attempt to regain some composure I settled into three really hard claps (off beat by the way) until I finally got some control again. Needless to say, I really liked it and wished we could have all danced like with such abandon :)

So I wanted to let you guys know that you did a really good job and it was really fun. Also I must say one more thing. Ambrose and Stop the Bleeding: Great. Jas, you had me fighting tears on the first song! I never knew who that song was about - very moving. All in all, a great concert. Glad I could make it!

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May 05, 2006

The CD's Have Arrived

Hello, everybody.

The title says it, the CD's are here, finally!

[another picture]

If you buy a CD at the concert tonight, you will get into the official CD release concert on Sunday for free. If you buy ten CD's, I will give you a hug.

[You can still listen to some songs here.]

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May 04, 2006

We're on the Metafilter Compilation Album

One of the sites I visit everyday is Metafilter, a community weblog with over 36K members and countless more daily visitors. I particularly like reading the Ask Metafilter of the site, where people post questions about anything and get really valuable advice / answers from those 36K members.

Someone there decided it would be a good idea to make a compilation CD since there were so many excellent musicians in the Metafilter Community.

Being a member, I submitted some of our songs.

And even though there was enough quality material for 5 albums, they could only choose songs for one CD - and we're in! They chose "Falling Behind." I'm very excited about this, because Metafilter is just cool in a very smart (slightly geeky) way, and I'm honored that they liked us enough.

If you want to be updated on the status of this project, do it here.

Also, it will be filled with excellent music and will also benefit charity, so go ahead and pre-order some CDs ok. (While you're at it, buy our just released debut too.)

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April 30, 2006

Above This Clouded Mind

We are very happy to announce the release of our debut album "Above This Clouded Mind" and you can buy it today. See details below.


You can buy the album and download it right now by visiting the "goods" section of our site.

We are offering 2 ways you can buy it.

For $10, you can download all of the songs and the artwork today.

For $13, you can download all of the songs and the artwork today AND we will send you a hard copy of the CD and the artwork in the mail.

We will have all of the CDs back from the duplication company in about 2 weeks, and we will send them out then, but if you buy it now, you can download it and have it now.

Whichever option you choose, once you have paid for the CD, you will be automatically taken to a page where you can download the album. This is our special pre-sale for you.

We worked for untold hours over the past few years and spent many thousands of dollars so that we could see this moment. We poured so much of ourselves and our creative energy into this project. We are so excited that it is finally done.

We are all very proud of this album. Having all of these songs recorded, mastered and produced in such a professional way brings an indescribable feeling of accomplishment. Thanks for sharing in our happiness.

We will have an official CD release show in about 2 weeks (more details coming soon). We have set up a way for all of you, our loyal friends, fans, and readers, to get the album before that show. It is ready for you to buy and download TODAY!!!

When you click on one of the options for buying the CD, you will go to a paypal page that is already filled out with our information. If you do not have a paypal account, don't worry.

It is INCREDIBLY easy to buy things through them. You just need a credit card, debit card, or checking account. If you have any trouble at all with the order or the download, just write to us at info@thelookmachine.com and we will help you out.

Thanks to the guys from Boy Sets Fire who worked so hard with us to produce and engineer this album. Without you guys, this album would not exist.

Finally, thanks to all of you who have waited patiently for this day and supported us every step of the way. You guys are awesome.

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April 20, 2006

New Song


We put up our new song, "Falling Behind," on our myspace page.

Give it a listen and tell us what you think.

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April 17, 2006

Look what we got today


We'll be sending the master and the artwork off today. In 2-3 weeks they will be finished duplicating. Hurray.

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April 14, 2006

The new album release is imminent

Just got word from West West Side today that the album mastering is finished and they are overnighting the CD to us today. We heard 2 of the songs mastered and the differencec is very impressive. Ian "just can't wait. [He's] about to pee [him]self or pull[ing] [his] hair out." (That's a quote).

Collin is furiously working to finish up the artwork, so that will be done by Monday.

We'll be sending everything out for replication early next week, so yes this will happen soon. . .

Cool right?

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April 07, 2006

We're #4! We're #4!

All in all, a good night. We played last, and 90% of the votes had already been cast before we took the stage, but we still had a large crowd who were into our music, and we also had a nice group of supporters too (thanks all).

Out of 8 good bands, we placed 4th, and we had no illusions that we would win, because some of the bands above us had a lot of fans and friends who showed up to vote. Bands and musicians that placed beneath us were quite excellent , so we were happy in the end.

Plus, we must have done well with the judges to rate so highly, because we didn't have that many people there to vote for us, and the judges opinion counted 30%. One of the 3 judges told Ian after the show that we were his favorite band of the night. Another told me that she thought we sounded excellent, that the vocals were amazing (cough cough), that the composition and originality of our songs were great. But. . .

I asked for a critique and she gave us two. 1) She said we shouldn't wear our wedding rings, and 2) She said that we put on a great performance but it's kind of inward and not outwardly engaging to the crowd. I think the engaging part is fair enough, and we'll try to figure out a way around that.

As for the wedding ring part, I'm still mulling that one. . .

But in the end, a successful night, and very well run too, with an outstanding turnout.

We played Falling Behind and Stop the Bleeding, by the way.

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April 06, 2006

More "Press"

Tom Campbell recently interviewed us (over e-mail) and wrote a lovely article about us for the "Towle Bridge" (school paper). So, Here it is for you to read.
(Click photos to enlarge them.)

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April 05, 2006

Reminder. Battle of the Bands.

Hey everybody. Just a quick reminder. We are playing scpab's battle of the bands this Thursday night. The show starts at 8:30. We're playing last at 10:15. If you could show up and vote for us that would be totally awesome!!!


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April 04, 2006

Generic Insight Radio

We've recently been played on an online underground radio station, Generic Insight Radio. They are an Internet radio show that plays hardcore, punk, indie rock and general types of underground rock music.

Wednesday evenings 10pm-midnight Eastern Standard Time

Cool right? Thanks to them for playing us. If you'd like to hear more of us there, send your requests to paperxwalls@gmail.com

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April 03, 2006

Ending Women's Suffrage

Make you proud to be a Delawarean.

In Padue's defense, my wife used to coordinate blood drives for high school's across the state and she said that the students at Padue were the smartest, nicest, most confident students she encountered by far.

So really, suffrage is kind of an old-fashioned word..

But really, Padua needs to work a little harder on their women's history maybe?

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March 24, 2006

Concerts on Both Horizons

The benefit concert tonight for the Invisible Children went well.

We played "Live our Lives," "Eve of destruction (Written by Barry McGuire, but covered with a lot of our own stuff in it)" and "Stop the Bleeding."

We have started preparing for the battle of the bands on April 6th.

Jason The Look Machine Training for Battle.jpg
Jason lifts weights here hoping to have a strength advantage over the other bands in the hand-to-hand combat portion of the battle.

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March 21, 2006

The Review Article, in print

Hey all, today Collin and I went to the local Acme to see our feature article in print. And guess what, it's even cooler there than online. See it after the click.

On the front page of the whole paper, we get a mention at the top right.
And on the front of the Mosaic section, we get an incredible spread with the title "Mechanical Perfect: The Look Machine explodes past the local music scene." Wow, thanks Review.
And here is the article that is also online, but with a different picture.

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The Modern Music Weblog

It's a good day for mentions of the Look Machine. A turkish music blogger called bulut bulut wrote up a post about us here.

Look at the other bands he's profiled lately and we're in good company.

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March 20, 2006

A Feature Article

Hey. UD's newspaper, The Review, was kind enough to do a feature article on us (you know, the Look Machine).

Anyway, here it is!

A big thanks to Wesley Case for taking the time to write this article. We appreciate it.

Ps. If you're new here feel free to hang out, read what we write, and offer your own opinion.

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March 17, 2006

This has to be great for the Fishies

So, did you know that Chicago literally dyes the water green around Saint Patrick's Day? I guess that it's a peace of Lake Michigan, maybe, it's been a while since geography, I don't know.

Somebody just was showing me that, and I thought that it was pretty cool/weird.

Saint Patricks Day 6.jpg

Saint Patricks Day 4.jpg

Saint Patricks Day 3.jpg
(All these pictures are simply "borrowed" from Google Images.)

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March 07, 2006

the new album...

finis est

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February 24, 2006

The New Album (Title To Be Decided)

Here's an update for all of you. Mixing has been going on fast and furiuosly for the last 2 weeks. Titles have been suggested, voted upon, decided upon, complained about, revoked, argued over, and ultimately we are still undecided. Artwork as been worked on, liked, not liked, revised, liked, not liked, and we're getting pretty close on that one.

It will be mastered by West West Side Music in early April (earliest date we could get, and duplicated by someone else (not remembereing right not exactly who), I think in an initial run of 500. Josh suggested that we do something really special and handcrafted for the first 100, and we're trying to figure out how to do that.

Overall, we're really really happy with it. And we hope you will be too.

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February 13, 2006

An Important Day

Well, I am personally very excited because as of tonight at 12.30, primary tracking for our full length debut is completed. We spent 10 hours finishing up lead vocals and doing backing vocals today, and they really sounded outstanding. Hats off to Drew, Collin and Ian because the stuff they did tonight was excellent.

A big huge thanks to Chad Istvan, Josh Latshaw, and Nathan Gray for all the help, guidance, and encouragement they've given us through this whole project. It quite literally would not exist without their contribution, and if it did. . . well it wouldn't be nearly as good as it is.

Bands of the world -- hire these dudes to produce and engineer your album. It is worth the money, they are true pros and experts at music making. If you've listened to boysetsfire's music, of course you know this already.

The album will have 11 main songs, some Ian-tastic instrumental interludes, plus another acoustically delicious special suprise thrown in (one take, one mike, 4 dudes and a guitar).

We're still playing around with track listing. . . but here are the main songs in no particular order:

As Much
All Our Hands
My Name
Whipping Boy
Falling Behind
Live Our Lives
Simpler than it Seems
Stop the Bleeding

We're hoping to have it mixed and ready for a mastering appointment by 2/25, and at the printers and duplication house by early March. An April release is looking much more possible. Maybe even mid to late March. We've just started coming close to maybe perhaps having the thing named too. Let's see.

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February 12, 2006

Another Studio Update

Well, here we are in the studio... still. Things are going well. Drew is doing some background vocals.

Anyway, we've recorded nine songs here in BSF's studio, and they are sounding really nice. The plan is to use those nine, then add two songs from our Target sessions.

Good plan right? Well, it would have been if we had the files from Target. Let me just say this, we haven't always had the easiest time working with them. Long hours in the studio working with broken equipment... well, it wasn't always pleasant. We left there, not totally satisfied, and asked for the files we recorded so that we could mix them somewhere else.

Two months and fifty-five bucks later we finally got them. Does it seem strange to anybody else that we payed to record there, then they charged us extra to give us what we had done? Yeah, weird, but the important thing was that we had them... for a while.

We're here in the studio, getting ready to mix those files, and they're gone... M.I.A. Jason spent five hours searching through his office last night as he re-arranged it. We were pretty frustrated.

The prospect of months of waiting was not good. Collin started begging Josh to call the dude from Target for us, like a thug. You see, Josh is a little more respected in the "industry" as well as a little more forceful.

Well, it was going to be awkward, and take way too much time. Thankfully, Collin went out and dug around his truck. There they were. All five CDs full of our raw files.

Disaster averted.

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February 08, 2006

Studio update

We are a few weeeks into recording the last remaining songs of our full length album. We have been spending VERY long hours working in the boysetsfire basement studio. We are all trying to maintain our normal full-time jobs / school careers and record at the same time. Coffee has been substituted for sleep, pizza for real food, and an exhausted haze for lucidity. We are working hard and discovering new creativity beyond what we knew we had. Sometimes sleep deprivation and long hours can spawn interesting stuff. The result will be an amazing album that we are all intensely proud of.

Ian is perfecting the art of bow playing his guitar. This technique is being employed on our very emotional and atmospheric song, "Stop the Bleeding."


Giving the room a nice vibe really helps the feel.

Here's another picture of Ian rocking out.

The vast majority of the hours spent here involve one person working hard, and the rest of us sitting around giving input (or totally ignoring them while we joke around with each other). Lucky for us, there is a comfy couch and wireless internet. Chad, Josh, Nathan, and Jason all have mac laptops.

Shane and I are doing a lot of really important work here.

Josh is slaving away here too. Mythbusters... bizarre picture searching, and other random stuff.

Here's a view we are getting very used to. The back of Chad's beautiful head.

A better picture of Chad. He really does work so hard. He's incredible at this stuff.

We should be done the recording pretty soon. We are all getting really excited. Mastering, artwork, and duplication should not take too long, so we are hopeful that this album will be out soon. We'll keep you posted.

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February 01, 2006

All is Well

Hello, adoring fans worldwide.

We have been spending a lot of time in the studio. With a nice MAC G5, everything is up and running.

Today, we recorded all the drum tracks. It went remarkably well.

So, here is Eli, Josh's son, and a wonderful drummer.
Eli The Look Machine.jpg

Google Video is absolitely wonderful. This here is a lovely video off of there. It is of these Russian guys that are way more super than your averge super hero. the beginning of this film may be a little ghetto, but later on, it is very worth it.

Okay, that's all for now. It occurs to me that I have used a lot of happy adjectives in this post.

Have a lovely day.

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January 23, 2006

The Calm Before a Storm

Hey everybody. What's up? I know that things have been really slow around here for The Look Machine, so I wanted to let you all know what is going on. It would be easy to assume from the lack of shows and the slow weblog that TLM is hibernating for the winter. This couldn't be further from the truth.

You see, we thought that Ian was going to be in Ghana for the winter, but as it turns out, he is not. Having already scheduled a time with no shows so that Ian could go away, we found ourselves with a couple of free winter months. We decided to make the most of our time as a band and finish a full-length album.

That's right, we are recording and we will actually be releasing our first full-length album very soon. We are all very excited because we have been together writing music, playing shows, and entertaining ourselves with this weblog for a couple of years now. Producing a real CD will feel like such a tremendous accomplishment.

We have written 24 (I think) songs together, so it was tough to decide what to put on the album, but we have pared it down to our favorite 11. Over this past month we have been practicing, practicing, practicing. With plenty of (constructive) criticism of each other's parts, and with the generous help of our manager, Josh as well as Nathan from BSF, we have taken our songs and deconstructed them. We then put them back together piece by piece keeping the parts we love already, throwing out those we do not love, and writing new parts that tie everything together. After weeks of work, we are all very proud of what we have built together. Every part is planned and special in some unique way. We are ready to go into the studio and start recording tomorrow. With lots of hard work, and good fortune, our debut album should be available this spring.

Thank you all for your patience. Remember, good things come to those who wait.

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January 11, 2006

I am very hungry right now.

And I have a headache.

Just thought you would all like to know.

Oh an by the way, I did finally see the Chronicles of Narnia movie and it was incredible. I couldn't believe just how much I adored this movie. I actually watched it through tears for the entire second half. (Something strange happens to me when something that was special to me in my childhood is realized well on the big screen. I cried watching Spiderman too.)

I know this sounds almost. . .well. . . blasphomous or something, but I enjoyed this film more than any of the Lord of the Rings movies. I'm not saying it's a better movie, just that I enjoyed it more.

I'm so glad that they played it straight and kind of old-fashioned. I'm glad the Pevensie kids weren't hip and cool and making clever modern self-aware comments (like. . . Shrek movies). I was impressed that this film didn't try to be Lord of the Rings. The colors were saturated and bright, creating a real fantasy world. And I've heard that the kids weren't such good actors -- I thought they were fantastic.

While watching this movie, I was thinking, "How does this film not make a billion dollars?" It's extremely entertaining, appealing to fantasy geeks, yet still appropriate to families and ever manages to pull in "The Passion of the Christ" crowd. And I was right, because it's box office run has been very impressive. I don't think anyone predicted it would beat Kong or be nipping at the heels of such a mammoth franchise like Harry Potter.

Well, actually I have heard rumblings of one particular group who won't watch it. Those who complain it's "The Passion of the Lion" or "a thinly veiled Christian allegory" that people should avoid.

To those people, I would like to give a hearty "Screw you." Do you know that in this movie there is a battle where a Rhino fights? A Rhino!

And a phoenix, and a griffin, and white tigers, and a minotaur, and fauns, and cheetahs. And you're going to miss out on that visual awesomeness because you are somehow offended by someone innocent sacrificing so that someone guilty can be freed? Screw you. Do you know that this is a good story. Do you know if you wanted to avoid all stories with a hint of "Christian allegory" you would have to not watch Titanic (where Jack gave up his life for Rose), the Matrix (Neo=Jesus), Braveheart (Martydom), Star Wars (Kenobi willingly gives up his life to save Luke and "becomes stronger than you can ever imagine"). Many many films play upon this theme because it's an important theme in life. Since when is the idea of sacrifice and redemption one to be avoided? Screw that.

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December 03, 2005

Concert: Saturday December 10th, 7pm

Hey everybody! How are you doing? Thought you might like to know, we're having a concert on Saturday December 10th. It's going to be acoustic, and it's going to be awesome, so you should come. Here is the Lineup.

Ian (yeah, I'll be playing an acoustic song)

Tyler Somers. This is one person who's deffinately on the up and up! He's a great musician, and a great guy. For real, check out his music, then come listen to him.

Jenny Appel. Jenny is awesome too! Check out some of her stuff. Besides writing really good music, she has class with me 8 times a week. Deffinately cool!

Steph. She's a music major from the UD. She's a really talented musician, an especially great violinist.

The Stunning Shane Palkovitz

David Watts, Uriah Stock, and Jamie (sorry dude I don't know your last name). These guys are awesome, so come listen to them.

The Look Machine

Directions: The concert will be in Calvary Fellowship Newark. It's a church building located at the intersection of E. Delaware avenue and Haines street. It's right near the Starbucks on Main street, and about a 3 minute walk from the UD Campus.

Drive down E. Delaware Avenue in the right lane. Turn right onto Haines street (first street after Academy). Make an immediate left into the parking lot.

This concert will be benefitting Laura ane me. We are taking a trip with Mercy Ships and we need some money to get there. Any support would be greatly appreciated! There's no set price. $5 would be awesome, but if you don't have that kind of money, that's fine. Come out anyway and have fun!

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November 26, 2005

The Vine Magazine Online

Someone heard our music and wanted to create a video to post on her online magazine for young christian girls. It's ready for viewing.

Hi Jason, Your video is up and running on the website! I'm still working out the kinks of the site and haven't even given the URL out yet (not officially anyway). I hope that you like how your contribution to the site came out. I will send you guys your videos a.s.a.p. I hope that you will pray for THE VINE as I have prayed for your band. We have to just keep plugging along no matter how hard it gets. http://thevine-videomag.com/ Yours truly, Mary Wheeler Editor THE VINE

Overall, I think it looks nice, thanks Mary!

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November 13, 2005

Another Show Played!


We played this Saturday.

I think that we did well, although I don't really know. I could not hear a darn thing! I was behind the drum cage and heard only the one song when Ian played the keyboard which came through my monitor. Other than that, nothing...

I couldn't bring my own drums. It was horrible, I hate the drumset that I played. This is a thing that only maked sense to drummers.

I think that the other guys did really well though.

we will have more shows soon...

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November 11, 2005

Bird Flu. Confused?

I was really confused by this whole thing, and actually didn't care. Here is an article that you can read if you're interested in learning more about it.

Apparently, it is lethal to humans, it just doesn't pass between them. A little strange, but now I see why people are worried about it.

Honestly though, I don't think that it's going to turn into an epidemic.

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November 05, 2005

The ISA Show

We performed tonight at Mitchell Hall at the University of Delaware, as part of the Indian Student Association's Fall Show.

It featured amazing Indian dancing, Caribbean dancing, African dancing. And us.

And it was excellent, the best crowd we've ever played for really, cheering so loud and actually groaning in disappointment when we said we were done. Wow. What fun. Plus, the hall was awesome, the place was packed, and the sound was good.

What fun. Thanks ISA for letting us play and take part in such a high energy event. What a night.

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October 17, 2005

Idiot Box Music likes us

Another positive word thrown our way, this one should result in some more PA shows too. From the good people at Idiot Box Music in West Chester / Philly.

Hey Ian thanks for mailing me,

I took a listen to the band, i have to tell you they
have such a nice refreshing sound, with a singer who
can actually sing. Well done. I'd love to help out in
any way i can.

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October 15, 2005

Shows on the Way!

As a band we are realizing that Delaware has a very crappy music scene. So we're doing two things about that. First we are going to start playing in PA and New Jersey a lot. Second, we are going to find a building we can rent sometimes and have our own shows. It's going to rock.

I sent our info out to some booking companies, veunues, and promoters today. Hopefully they will like us and book us! I'm really excited about it.

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October 10, 2005

Online Press Kit

We're making a real effort to get shows, get recognition, etc. Essential in this goal is a nice press kit. So we've put together our first pass at one. According to our research, good press kits have a cover letter, a fact sheet, a bio, and some pictures. (And of course a demo).

Eventually we're going to add a music video to this offering, but we have to make it first.

Anyway, we're posting it online so you can all take a look at it .

We're going to buy some fancy folders, slap our stickers on it and start sending these around. We'll likely get 99% rejections, but it's the 1% that we're interested in.

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My new job.

So I was a music major in college. I then worked construction for a year. Then I was a secretary for a year and a half.

Now, I watch people sleep. And I get paid for it.

On Thursday and Friday nights, I'm a polysomnographic technologist.

This is what I do at night. During the day, on Monday and Tuesday, I am a electroneurodiagnostic technologist.

So, when I'm not a rock star this is what I do. Just thought you all should know something about me.

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October 07, 2005

A Vote of Confidence

In trying to get us shows, our manager Josh is contacting people around. He sent our information and music to Ceasura Productions in New Jersey.

This is their response:

I happen to think they're freakin amazing.

Score. Hopefully we'll be playing there soon. I love the sound of the bands they have playing at their shows.

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October 06, 2005

The new Look Machine song

Drew took the time to notate our newest song. As you can see, it's pretty complex because we're musical geniuses.

Take a look at it after the link.

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October 05, 2005

Cancel that Date

Yeah, the bitter taste of rejection strikes again. We got turned down for the battle of the bands at UD. I really don't understand what's going on. It seems like we're hitting dead ends everywhere.

I really want to be playing shows right now! We've been practicing and writing new music, and I think we're better than we've ever been before. Does anybody have suggestions of places to play or shows to set up?

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October 03, 2005

Best Practice Ever

We just had our best practice ever. No lie. It was incredible. Things are really fun these days because we've pulled together 3 new songs to add to our reportoire that are, in my opinion, very deep meaningful songs. And then, getting ready for the show next week, we just rocked through another bunch of songs like we meant it.

Fun being part of something bigger then yourself, you know?

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September 29, 2005

A Possible Show, Please Come!

Hey everybody. How's it going? This is a premature heads up.

Thursday October 13th at 8:30 pm there is a battle of the bands at the University of Delaware. It is being hosted by Scpab, the student organization that puts on a lot of the shows at school.

We are applying for the battle. We will be notified on October 4th if we get in.

The concert will be in Perkin's Student Center in the Scrounge. We really would appreciate any support you could come out and give us. First place wins a slot opening for Omnisoul in Mitchel Hall on Friday, October 14th.

Your votes count!

Like I said, we don't know if we're accepted for this concert yet, but save the date.

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September 16, 2005

Sad Update

Turns out our recording dates have been pushed back to Nov 15-23rd. Drat.

But on the bright side it gives us a chance to really polish all of our songs, since we are still writing some new ones for this album.

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September 15, 2005

Finishing the Full Length

We go back into the studio in the second week of October to finish recording another 5-6 songs. I can't wait. Our last 2 practices have been spent refining 2 new songs. Our sound really continues to develop, something we are all increasingly excited about.

It's hard to know how long things will take, but really we don't have the budget to spend too much time on everything, so I'm guessing that there will be a nice new Look Machine album just in time to stuff it into a loved one's stocking.

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September 12, 2005

Brand New Website

We're happy to introduce you to our new website. Check it out, this has really been a labor of love, and a great collaborative effort between the band, myself, Collin and Joe Kempista from Elany Arts. Thanks Joe, when we sell a million records we'll send you an autographed pick.

Look at all the new things available

We've integrated the weblog into the very heart of this new website so we'll be serving up fresh content to you all often. Look around, there will be nice little surprises added here and there too.

We also have posted lyrics to alot of our songs, with more to come, and there are 3 new demos available in the download section.

And if you want to know how you can help us in our struggle to dominate the world, check out our fans page.

All of our weblog posts can now be archived by category too, which is helpful.

Hope you enjoy! Let us know if there are any little bugs you discover.

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