August 18, 2008

More photography from the set

I was fortunate to have a number of very talented photographers on set capturing the production.

Just because the shots are so fantastic and they continue to be added, I wanted to bring your attention to Rob McFadden's flickr photostream again.

Brett Weber also took a number of great images.

And if you're on Facebook, friend Joe Kempista so you can see his shots as well.

fog_light.jpg by Brett

reb_waiting.jpg by Rob

reb_post.jpg by Joe

And I just noticed that Joe liked Rob's portrait of him enough to make it his profile picture. Congrats Rob!

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August 10, 2008

Young Indy


I think you can see why I'm a very proud father here.

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February 17, 2008

And this is why you should wear hightops

...when you play basketball. Ouch, this is painful.


I've been limping around since Wednesday.

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July 09, 2007

Photos from the Troc

I realize that these pictures are long overdue, but better late than never. We would like to thank Boris, our friend from Belgium, who is an incredible photographer. Click the link below to check out a few of the pictures from this show.











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March 26, 2007

My Photo as site inspiration

If you do a google image search for the words "Rising steam," one of my photos from a past blog post shows up on the first page results.

Apparently Andrew Regner did exactly that, because he found it, asked permission to use it, and now has set up his site about metaphysics using it as a design inspiration. Check it out.

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March 23, 2007

Home From South America

Lindsay and I recently returned from a very awesome trip. We spent a little over 2 weeks in South America. We visited Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, and Chile. We spent most of our time hiking in the mountains of southern Patagonia (Argentina and Chile). It was absolutely gorgeous. Here are a few pictures from the trip. Click on them to enlarge them.

Mt. Fitz Roy

Cerro Torre

Romantic huh?

Glacier Grey

Torres Del Paine

Getting some drinking water

At the Top

Sunrise on my birthday

Boat worker

Church in Puerto Natales, Chile

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November 16, 2006

More Brett Webber Pictures (Insomnia Film Night)

Here are a few more pictures that Brett took on the night of the Insomnia film fest.






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November 14, 2006

A Trip to the Pier

Aaron, Brett, Paul, and I went down to the fishing pier at Henlopen state park last week. We fished (and played scrabble) almost all night long. It was fun. These are some photographs that Brett Weber took.



The Moon and sky were awesome



Paul caught a fish

It was a really fun trip. Usually that pier is pretty crowded. Even in the dead of winter there are people out there all night long. This trip, aside from a sea monster that kept shaking the entire structure and making aweful growling sounds, we were the only ones for most of the time.

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November 10, 2006

Insomniacs in action

Photo 594.jpg

Photo 586.jpg

Photo 590.jpg
Our New friend Justin (a.k.a. Jagang)

Photo 591.jpg

Photo 592.jpg
B.S. Webber

Photo 593.jpg

Photo 588.jpg
Jonah Rocking Out

Photo 589.jpg
The Real Creative Brains (and incredibly good looks)

Photo 596.jpg
The Dictator

Ps. This is ian posting this. That's why I'm in so many pictures.

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October 06, 2006




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September 27, 2006

Tomas Munita, the best photographer I know of


Tomas Munita is a photographer from Chile who travels the world shooting pictures from the middle east to Bolivia to the Himalayas. For real, check our his website. It is worth your time. I am blown away by these images.

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September 11, 2006

Mercy Ships: A Look at the Anastasis

The Anastasis is a giant floating hospital ship which provides medical care for those who can't afford it.

Here it is in port in Tema, Ghana.

This a view of the front of the ship

Here is the back

Deck hands keeping the ship clean and beautiful

One of the many passages in a neverending maze deep inside the bellyy of a floating city.

Mercy Ships fleet of kick butt old Landrovers

Life Boats

There is a ping pong table in a lounge. This is a fierce match between my friends Chris and Jacinto.

This is my dear friend Theophelus

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September 01, 2006

Kakum National Park

So, I said I would post some pictures from Ghana up here. Then my computer died. More accurately, it was electrocuted on a dark and stormy night at the stroke of midnight. Well now, after a month it has arisen from the ashes. And here are some pictures.
This is something called the Canopy Walk. It is a series of swinging bridges suspended 135 feet in the air between giant trees in an old growth rainforest.

What a view!
This is how the bridge was built. It was made from suspended aluminum ladders with planks laid out over the rungs.

I love this picture. This is how the walkway is tied to the cables that it hangs from.
Jungle2.jpgGhana at its finest!

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August 02, 2006

Vacation in Washington State

Lindsay and I just got back from a fantastic vacation. We spent 3 weeks backpacking, hiking, and climbing in Washington State. We went to Olympic National Park and North Cascades National Park. They must be 2 of the most beautiful places on earth. It was one of our best trips ever. Here are some pictures (click each image for a larger version).

Climbing Mt. Carrie in the Bailey Range.

A mountain goat in the Bailey Range.

A baby mountain goat.

Washington State coastline.

We saw a forest fire while climbing Mt. Sahalee.

Hidden Lake.

Lindsay climbing a pass. (She's so cool)

A marmot relaxing in the sun.

Wildflowers (Mt. Jack in the background)

Mt Olympus in the early morning.

Our packs / climbing gear.

Linds hiking on the High Divide.

Mt. Shuksan & a glacier.

Portable home.

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May 16, 2006

Rock in the Basement







Thanks Beth for the Pictures.

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May 13, 2006

Battle of the Bands: A report

So, today we played in a battle of the bands at the Wingfield Festival in Jennersville PA. It was a pretty cool battle really. All the bands played on a flatbed trailer as a stage and during the whole thing the sky was just churning with angry, black clouds.


It sprinkled rain the whole time we played, but we didn't get too wet. I think the water just couldn't take out rock music.

Unfortionately, we were missing Collin, who Jason has dubbed our "rock engine." (he had some lame excuse like "Oh, I can't come to the show, I'm in Kenya working on a Bible translation project... whatever. Where's the dedication?)


We really don't rock in the same way without him. We know this, so we didn't even try. We went all acoustic and got in touch with our sensitive sides.


So, there were five bands. Five really goood bands. But you know us, we're not intimidated by anything. Not by thunder storms, absentee members, moms eating free barbecue chicken with their todlers, or fierce competition. We battled to the death.

We came in dead last.


But as anyone who came in last place will tell you, Battles of the Bands don't mean anything. Right?

What really matters is getting out there and playing music, meeting new people, and hanging out with really cool bands. Who would even want to win?


(In all fairness to us, we told the judges not to vote for us. We also told some of our fans to vote for other people. The prize was to meet another band that was playing there that night, and we all had to leave after the battle.)

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May 05, 2006

The CD's Have Arrived

Hello, everybody.

The title says it, the CD's are here, finally!

[another picture]

If you buy a CD at the concert tonight, you will get into the official CD release concert on Sunday for free. If you buy ten CD's, I will give you a hug.

[You can still listen to some songs here.]

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April 05, 2006

The Weather Outside

This morning, when I woke up, the sun was streaming in my windows and I thought that we were in for another beautiful spring day. I dozed off for about another half an hour and when I awoke, it looked like a different day entirely. The sky was almost black and the wind was blowing the trees about like long grass. Within about 5 minutes, rain was pouring from the sky and pounding on my roof. The rain stopped in about 2 minutes and there was a moment of calm. Then, before I knew it, I saw a wall of snow rushing through the woods on a strong gust of wind. For about 5 minutes, I could barely see out of my window through all of the snow swirling about. Then, almost as quickly as it had come, it was gone. I grabbed my camera and ran outside to capture a few images of winter's last throes toying with springtime. Enjoy the pictures (click on them for a larger version).


My front yard as the storm is ending.

Pine needles.

My backyard fence.

I live in a log cabin. I have always liked the way the corner of a cabin looks in the snow.

Rhododendron leaves and bud.

Forsythia flowers.

I don't know what these flowers are, but they are pretty.

The stone wall in my front yard.

More daffodils.

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April 02, 2006

Spring Break in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

So I'm back from spring break. I went down to the beach with my dear friends Laura, Paul, Beth, and Brett. We had a great time. Here are a few pictures from the trip.

beth's 115.jpg
The Ghost Driver

SpringBreak2006 016.jpg
The Amazing Dancers

SpringBreak2006 030.jpg

SpringBreak2006 057.jpg
Gull of Peace

beth's 010[2].jpg
Let's not title this one...

beth's 014[2].jpg
Paul and Brett. Champions of poker, masters of deception.

SpringBreak2006 018.jpg
Kung Fu Laura

beth's 060.jpg
It was fun to be in such a tourist spot in the off season. It was like a ghost town. The roads were empty, the hotels were empty, the beach was often empty.

beth's 070.jpg

Ps. Laura and Beth and I all took these pictures. Maybe I'll put some of Brett and Paul's pictures up here later... then again, maybe not.

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March 28, 2006

These Girls are Tough

Female Soldiers in the Israeli Army.

Some great images here.

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March 17, 2006

This has to be great for the Fishies

So, did you know that Chicago literally dyes the water green around Saint Patrick's Day? I guess that it's a peace of Lake Michigan, maybe, it's been a while since geography, I don't know.

Somebody just was showing me that, and I thought that it was pretty cool/weird.

Saint Patricks Day 6.jpg

Saint Patricks Day 4.jpg

Saint Patricks Day 3.jpg
(All these pictures are simply "borrowed" from Google Images.)

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March 16, 2006

Josh Darnit's Photography


Our good friend J.D. spent his spring break in Peru doing some awesome stuff. You should take a look at his Brand new website to see hundreds of amazing pictures.


Keep checking back too, he's still building this site.

macchu piccu is on the way

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March 14, 2006

Because it Looks Nice


You gotta admit, this site looks way better with pictures.

I went outside the other day, and the wind was just throwing the trees around! It was really cool to see. This picture doesn't capture the motion, but i like it anyway.

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March 06, 2006

Sexiest Band in Philadelphia

So after the show at the North Star Bar last night, we received the biggest honor a band can ever dream of. We have been officially named the sexiest band in philadelphia. Click below to see a poster of us in all our glory as well as some individual glam shots (click the images to see a bigger version of each one).


We also got our pimp names from an online pimp name generator. Here we are at our very best

Jase (aka: Macktastic latshaw Large)



Drew (aka: Pimp Daddy D. Dogg)



Shane (aka: Ghetto Fabulous palkovitz Sweetness)




Ian (aka: Bishop Don I. Flava)



Collin (aka: Dopetastic palkovitz Rock)





Chad, our guitar tech (aka: pimptastic chad dazzle)



Josh, our waterboy (aka: Mr. White Chocolate J. Dawg)


and finally... josh the holy mountain


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March 02, 2006

Waterfall in Washington

Twin Falls State Park in the Foothills of the Cascades.


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January 17, 2006

Happy Birthday


Two of these fine fellows just had birthdays.

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December 30, 2005

Mountains and Mole-hills


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November 27, 2005


Everyone, an important update. Ian and Collin are out fishing in the bay ALL NIGHT on the pier! They just sent me this picture from collin's cell phone.
(They probably just borrowed someone else's fish for a quick picture. haha. I can say that because they're far away, and they will be too tired to beat me up tomorrow.)

This is way more fun than writing that essay...

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November 11, 2005

A Brett Weber Photograph

Brett took this picture. I like it a lot.


There is just something about a cold fall night. It's windy, leaves are falling, and you just know that things are changing.

Fall is so fluid, so changing. Summer and Winter, they arrive, and they are real, genuine seasons. Fall just passes through. It's different out every day. It's a time of transition.

Honestly, that's how I feel about my life these days. Not in a depressing way, like everything is falling apart and getting cold. I just feel like I'm changing, becoming who I'll be. I'm in a transition between just living for the present and doing what school I have to do every day to taking hold of my life and directing it. I'm thinking about carreers, and plans. I'm picturing myself working, and I'm doing what I need to do to get there.

I'm pretty much a happy-go-lucky person. I take life as it comes, and I have a great time of it. I've always thought "I've got plenty of time," and so I've put off thinking about what I'll end up doing with my life once I'm done with school.

But now I'm thinking about it, and It's pretty exciting.

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November 01, 2005


The Look Machine Sollin has Sexy Hair.jpg
Here is Collin's new hair-dew for practice nights.
The Look Machine Drew At Practice Sleeping.jpg
Here is Drew practicing away...


The Look Machine Ian and his pumpkin.jpg
Ian and his new guitar.
The Look Machine Jason Practicing 05.jpg
Jason. I don't really have an explanation.
The  Loook Machine Pope Practice.jpg
Me drumming away.
The Look Machine Josh Latshaw Boy Sets Fire.jpg
Here is Josh. (He's definitely not at our practice. This would be the "+" part of the title.)
The Look MAchine Lawn Mower.jpg
Our new lawn mower. ("+" no.2)

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October 29, 2005

Fall Break

Today was fall break for school, so we had no classes. Laura and I went on a hike at a place about an hour from here called Holtwood Recration Area. It's the best place to go hiking within 2 hours or so of here. Really just beautiful. Anyway, we had a really great time. Here are a few pictures if you're interested.



Really cool moss.



A really cool girl.


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October 26, 2005

A Fine Weekend


We went to Black Moshannon State Park lacated a few hours west in beautiful Pennsylvania. Man, was it ever a trip!

So, we used Mapquest to get there. Bad flippin' idea. Let me tell you our new van is a lemon. The gas pedal wwas stuck, and it idled at about 50 mph. bad. So freaking mapquest got us lost.


A desperate cry for help

I fell asleep on the floor. About 1:00 AM Ian woke me up and made me get in the seat and buckle up really fast. Dad had pulled this sweet u-turn move from the right shoulder of the road under a red light. The police caught us. I was in the seat in time. No tickets there. To make this long portion of a long story shorter, he was the nicest police man ever. He 'escorted' us through a convoluted detour and network of little roads that our good friend mapquest forgot to mention. So, ticket free, he let us into the park. Thanks, super nice police guy!

We had arranged to rent a cabin in this park. When we got there, the key was not in the door as agreed. In the pooring rain, for about three hours, we chased the hope of getting into this dry space to sleep. Waking up different random people at hours progressing on toward three in the morning, we came closer and closer to sleep. Eventaully we woke up the right guy from clues we gathered from other bewildered people that we aroused from their pleasant little dreams.

So, at about 3:00 AM we got into the cabin. yea! The coolest part is that MY FAMILY ROCKS! we loved every minute of this most misfortunate series of events. We laughed and had a great time.

Me with my awesome brother Ian

The park was beautiful! The leaves were in peak in some places and just past in others.


The woods as they should be.

The woods as they were this weekend.

Ian and I split wood for the people in the other cabins. They were a bunch of city-slickers. there were 12 small dwellings there. We, being from a wood-burning family actually enjoy splitting wood. We heat our house solely with wood.

We went on some hikes and rode around on the back of the van through the woods and stuff like that.


We hiked up the back of an ex-skii mountain. It was quite tall. The slope was still mowed, and really freaking steep. I, IN A STUPID IMPULSE, decided to run down the slope. I sprinted down. Soon, it was all I could do to remain on my feet. It sounds dumb, but it was one ot the scarriest things I have done. It reminded me of the time when I jumped out of the bus and fell over... So yeah, running down the skii slope, I only broke my big toe nails on the front of my shoes and didn't gat all cut as in the episode of the bus...

See, I got a tattoo too!

Ian and I fought over this gravel pile for a while. Have you heard of "king of the hill" (the game)? That's pretty much it. He gave me a mean old king wedgie ripping the elastic of my underwear almost off, and throwing me down the rocks. Don't think he's mean, it's just how brothers function.

I took up the new hobby of flipping over logs that lie on the ground over hiking trails. (don't try it at home.)

This is the longest post ever! goodnight...

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October 21, 2005

A Fall Tribute to Fair Hill

3/5ths of the Look Machine and Joe from Elany Arts went for a brisk hike through Fair Hill yesterday, working on our photography book of the area.

Here's a special selection of some of the shots we took. By the way, many of these pictures were taken on the side of 273 where the horse park would have gone. . . so it's nice to see these beautiful things and not a parking lot or a porta potty, huh?



Many more pictures after the link.











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October 01, 2005


I would like to point your attention to a most excellent worth 1000 photoshop gallery. It's called
"Payback Time 2."


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September 19, 2005

The Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire

If you live anywhere near Manheim, PA, you owe it to yourself to attend the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire. If I were just 2% nerdier, I myself would purchase medieval outfits for the entire family and we would attend in "period attire."

But for now we have to be content with merely snickering at those who do go all out.

Now there is far too much cleavage on display from the wenches in attendance, and it's the only place where it makes sense to see swords hanging outside of the port-a-potties while knights relieve themselves. We go at least once a year, 2 times if we're fortunate.

Check out the pictures after the link.

A Handsome Man.

If you are ever under attack, call me and provide axes as my weapon. I am unexpectedly excellent at throwing axes. I stuck all 5 of them to the wood wall, and 2 hit "the target." I impressed the full time axemen.

Josh however. . . he was not so good. In fact, he couldn't get one of his axes to stink in the wall. Oh well, he was actually fairly good at archery.

Drew and my sister Jessica were also there. Drew and this man made me feel. . . uncomfortable.

And he could not get the white ring while jousting either. (for the record, he was the only one who couldn't).

He also fell over when trying to climb Jacob's Ladder.

To be fair, ALL of us fell over trying to climb that accursed ladder. Even graceful dancer Jessica. (I have a bruise on my shin to commemerate my fall).

There were many attractive people there. Actually. . . this one had a boil that squirted water at you when you got too close. Got to give him points for creativity.

Another example of the beautiful peasants that gather here.

People were very tall in olden times.

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September 14, 2005

Brett Weber's photo shoot

Brett, a recent University of Delaware graduate who majored in Photography, took our pictures last week. Here are some shots from that good time.

Look at the size of that vein in Collin's neck. I think this picture was photoshopped or something.

Finally we got rid of Drew. (Just kidding, Jessica)

We're all such rock stars.
More pictures after the jump.

When we really start rocking, fire flies through the room. It's amazing.

Right now I'm thinking, "Keep your balance, there is certain death waiting 400 feet below." But yet I still manage to look so good. Impressive.

Rocking out in the Palkovitz's basement like we do every practice.

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