January 23, 2009

Neatorama gets LETHAL

I am sure you all know about LETHAL by now. Well here is some awesome news about it.

Today Neatorama published a feature article about it!!!!

This is just so cool. For one thing, Neatorama is a HUGE site. Their readership is astoundingly large and the site is constantly winning awards. On a personal level, it is just a cool feeling to have something published there. I read that site every single day. I have been a (borderline obsessive) loyalist for years. Being a guest author there feels like I was asked to play guitar with one of my favorite bands at a big show.

This week has been such a roller-coaster ride as we track the sales of the app. Some days, we think that we are going to make millions of dollars. Other days it seems that we will be lost amongst the THOUSANDS of apps for sale. The day that TUAW reviewed the app, our sales increased 2000% and we rocketed to the top 1% of apps sold by apple! Things have leveled off since then, but we are hoping that today will be a big day for us.

Check out the Neatorama article and try to win a free copy of LETHAL by answering one of our questions at the end!

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October 04, 2008

Netflix + Roku = amazing value

If you have a Netflix account, you absolutely owe it to yourself to check out (and buy) the Roku box. It's $99, and that's all the additional money you will spend. Then, once you have purchased it, you can watch any film available for instant viewing from Netflix on your TV.

The quality is DVD level. And the selection, which used to be mostly classics, indies, and documentaries (which honestly, was fine for me, I had the actual DVD delivery aspect of Netflix for the other films), has recently been dramatically boosted, and now has more recent films and a much larger back catalog.

I'm serious, you should check this out.

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September 22, 2005

Brett Manning's Singing System

I know the site looks a little corny, but I've read nothing but excellent reviews and we should all be improving ourselves at all times, so I'm giving Brett Manning's Singing System a try. He promises a full octave added to your range or you money back, so that would be pretty cool.

Plus he says that using his technique, you can sing and sing without hurting your voice, so that is worthwhile certainly. I often worry that if we really start touring my voice couldn't hold up to the night after night strain.

I figure the whole band can try it out. I'll keep you posted on how it works.

We also got a book on how to put together a proper press kit, and we're going to get together to whip that up tonight.

Finally. . . we're shooting a video sometime soon. We're going to use 16mm film stock. Unfortunately, we have only ordered 6 minutes worth of film stock so far, so we'll have to get some more - but that stuff is expensive.

Have to think of the perfect idea first, but that should be fun too.

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