August 10, 2008

Singing some songs

It was great playing some beloved songs with the guys last night, and it was a really fun crowd. Very cool night. Thanks for coming if you did. If you didn't, you would have liked it. I only forgot a couple lines here and there, and considering we had zero practice things really sounds good. I like singing. It's fun.

And Drew...

We missed you.

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July 10, 2007

Thanks for making the goodbye (for now) show so fun

Hey everyone. Thanks so much for making the basement show so fun. Thanks to all of you, we had a great time. Your friendship and support means the world to us. We are looking forward to a time when we are all back in town and we can throw another party / show.

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July 05, 2007

Come Say Goodbye... FRIDAY NIGHT SHOW!!!!

Hey everyone. Don't forget about tomorrow night. Come out to the goodbye (for a while) show! It is going to be a lot of fun. As we already announced, there are going to be 3 other great bands there. The Casting Out is just back from tour / meeting with record execs. I love this band. This might be one of your last chances to see them before they are huge. One Win Choice will be playing somme of our old favorites as well as songs from their forthcoming album. As well as putting on an awesome live show, their songs are so full of powerful conviction, you truly feel inspired with each beat. We just can't say enough about how awesome these guys are. Romance in Black and White is also playing. They were awesome the first time I saw them and I am so happy to have these guys playing with us.

There will be a small cover charge for the night. Your few dollars will hopefully help cover the gas of the traveling bands and pay us back for all of the Hamburgers, Hot-dogs, and Drinks we bought. That is right.... we are having a big cookout, so bring your appetite.

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June 22, 2007

Ian the daring stage jumper


While he was filming for the bsf show at the troc.

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June 18, 2007

Last Palk Basement Show for ... a long time

I wanted to give yiou all advance notice that we will be having an epic "goodbye for now" show at the Palkovitz house on July 6th. It will feature the casting out, one win choice, us, and jonah latshaw's band romance in black and white.

You have to come to this one. It's going to be really fun. We even are getting special shirts printed just for the occasion.

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June 10, 2007

Drew, the rock star who plays trombone


Drew played trombone with them last night during Goodbye and Thanks for the Crutches. Colors of Insomnia Photography captured a pretty cool picture of him doing so.

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June 09, 2007

Playing the Troc with BSF

What a night, it was a blast playing the Troc, a place I've seen lots of shows myself. And the sound was just great. Thanks for all of your who came out to support us, there were a surprisingly large amount of you and we appreciate it.

Tomorrow for the big party... you going to be there?

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March 26, 2007

Our show tonight

So we had a show in New Jersey tonight. In Toms River. It was cool, in this old big building made of logs on an island (no lie). It was a good solid set. And the crowd loved us. Check out pictures of them after the link.


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March 14, 2007

March 25th in New Jersey


Should be a great show. Hope you all can come.

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February 23, 2007

Shows coming up

I'm happy to announce that we'll be playing a show with mega-bands one win choice and the casting out on March 25th in the great state of New Jersey. Mark the date and we'll get you more details sometime soon.

By the way -- the casting out is playing tonight at Homegrown on Main Street. Should go on around 10.30. Ian and I will be there, and so should you.

Also, we'll be playing a great show at Rising Sun Highschool in Maryland with Failure to Excell and a number of other excellent bands. That'll be on March 31st. So save that date too.

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January 09, 2007

Super Large Palkovitz Basement Show

Hey everyone, for all of you who came to the last Palk Basement Show, you know what a good time it can be. So we're very excited to announce the following:

Tuesday Jan 9th. at the Palkovitz house.
We are starting promptly at 6:00 so that we will be done by 10 (because it is a "school night.")
Failure to Excel is opening. (If you've seen them you know how awesome they are, don't miss it).

Gracer and Speakerfire, two incredible bands in the middle of a major tour, will then be playing. Seriously, these are some incredible bands.

Finally, we are of course playing too. Should be a great show.

There is a $5 cover charge so that we can pay the bands we have booked (otherwise we have to pay them out of pocket. . . ah).

So yeah, this is an important show for us, playing with such great bands, so we'd love to see the same kind of support we had for the CD Release show. Plus we have some great new shirts and hoodies, so you don't want to miss out on a chance to get some of them.

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November 22, 2006

Show in New Brusnwick Dec. 1


We are all so excited about this show. As always we will love to play with our good friends in One Win Choice. Also, Gracer is an absolutely fantastic band. We are very honored to be playing with them. It is going to be a fun night at the Abdab.

Anyone from our part of the world is welcome to come up to the show with us. We will be leaving on Friday afternoon (Dec. 1'st) from Look Machine Headquarters (the Palkovitz home). Let us know if you would like a ride up. We could try to work it out so that we caravan or take a big van up to the show.

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November 12, 2006

The Barn Show Last Night

It was awesome. Kind of like this.

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November 01, 2006


Hey everyone. Don't forget that this saturday we are playing at the famed Frightland in Middletown,DE this saturday night at 10:00. Come on out and be frightened. We are playing a full hour set and we are really looking forward to it.

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October 04, 2006

Feedback Please

Hello everybody. People have been saying that they want to see more local shows. Where do you want to see us play around newark/southeast pa?

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September 30, 2006

The Show at Rancho Relaxo

We had a great night last night, and a very long night too. We played 5th out of 6 bands, playing immediately before the incomparable One Win Choice. All the bands were great to watch.

The show was in the basement of what was actually a very nice house. Not Tony Soprano since, but definitely nice. It had its own basketball court and swimming pool (neither of which we got to use, unfortunately). The music started at around 7.30, and 6 bands later it was 11.45. I'd say there were probably about 50 people there, and they were all in to the music.

5 hardcore bands. And us.

You know, the Look Machine is not a hardcore band, nor do we claim to be. Yet we do enjoy that scene, and we like to play these shows. And actually I think it kind of makes us memorable, because we are fairly different. Kind of like that midget who used to hang out with Kid Rock. But Shane reminds me that are basically the tallest rock band in the world, so maybe if Kid Rock had a giant in his posse, that would be us.

It would have been awesome if Kid Rock hung out with a midget and a giant.

And I think that people, even in the hardcore scene, like us. . . at least you got the sense they liked us last night. We even sold some CDs and shirts. So that's good.

We played a six song set, and Jack as a last second Drew replacement did very well, thanks mostly to a longer then it should have been Thursday practice and Jack's amazing skills.

Quick story about that. I was very grumpy on Thursday. So tired because I'm working full time in Wilmington these days (I know, it's what most people in the world do, but well I guess I'm not as strong as most) and I have to wake up at 6.30 to be there on time.

As the practice stretched on longer into the night, I kept wanted to cut out and say they could work stuff out without me. I was counting the dwindling hours of sleep I had in front of me. But I kept thinking, "Well, Jack still has a 2 hour drive in front of him, and he has to work all day tomorrow, and he has to get into work even earlier then me." I honestly considered this same sequence of thoughts about 15 times as the practice went from 10 (around when I thought it would be over) to 11 to 12. . . . so I stuck it out.

Come to find out. .. Jack spent the night at Collin's house, called out of work, and slept to noon. Thanks, trooper.

Anyway, after the show, we went to an Applebee's with One Win Choice and Fake Your Death, where their appetizers are half price after 10 PM (did you know this, what a deal!). It was fun, and we stayed too long I guess because we didn't get home till like 3.30 in the morning.

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September 21, 2006

Show on September 29'th


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September 10, 2006

Save the Date

October 14th.

We're going to have a show in Maryland beneffiting an orphanage in Africa. It will be awesome. More details coming.

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August 31, 2006

Just Curious

If we were to open for Yellowcard and Anberlin, how many of you would come to support us?

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August 21, 2006

The Red Door Concert in West Orange, NJ

Well this show was pretty darn cool. GREAT bunch of people putting it on, and a really cool crowd, and an amazing building. It was a 175 year old Episcopal Catherdral on the top of a hill, higher then the rest of the town. Seriously this building was incredible (I say this as a person who is borderline obsessed with amazing old buildings.) We got to ring the church bell in the bell tower, and take a peek at the casket of the founding pastor who is buried in the catacombs. (Yes, that's right, catacombs).

These people were so accomodating, they made us feel like high octane, high maintenance rock stars. Seriously this is a great group of arty cool hip people. If I lived in West Orange, I would hang out with them all the time.

Darby did an excellent job starting things off for the night. She honestly sounded the best I've ever heard her. When she sings with confidence her voice is otherwordly live. She needs to play more, and then you could hear what I mean.

Then we got to play a full set and we got some great feedback from the crowd, sold some CDs, and honestly got paid a very tidy sum. . . so all in all once we add in the shed show earlier in the day this was a banner day for the look machine (yeah that's right, I'm talking about us in the third person).

Thanks to Scott and Jeff and the rest for having us and we can't wait to play again. . .

PS. Poncho where were you? :-(

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August 19, 2006

On the way to the Red Door Concert

OK, so we got to the shed show late, but made it nonetheless, and got to play a rocking cool, SWEATY hot short show in an awesome shed. We rocked, people got hot. It was great.

Now we're unfortunately late for the Red Door. . . but will hopefully be there in the next 30 minutes.

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August 14, 2006

Red Door Concerts

If there was a venue like Red Door Concerts in every state, it would be a whole lot easier to tour, there would be a whole lot more good music being played, and there would be more live music lovers around. I talked to Jeffrey from Red Door Concerts earlier tonight, and let me just tell you, his attitude towards musicians is night and day compared to most venues we try to play in.

He was. . .actually nice. And acted like, we mattered. It was Amazing. I honestly can't wait to play this show because it'll be really really cool. He offered to let us crash there for the night, asked what we wanted to eat, said they would unload our gear, and wanted to know if we needed one of their people to run our merch table.


Actually, speaking of really cool venues, we're also fortunate enough to be playing a famed shed show in Tom's River NJ on Saturday too. Yes, this marks a first for us, 2 shows in one day. And then we're playing the Hometown Heroes Radio Show on Sunday Night.

That marks a first for us, 3 shows in 2 days.

2 PM at the Shed Show, and 7.30 PM in West Orange, NJ. And Darby is playing before us in West Orange. You really don't want to miss that.

All you New Yawkers come and see us. You won't regret it.

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May 13, 2006

Battle of the Bands: A report

So, today we played in a battle of the bands at the Wingfield Festival in Jennersville PA. It was a pretty cool battle really. All the bands played on a flatbed trailer as a stage and during the whole thing the sky was just churning with angry, black clouds.


It sprinkled rain the whole time we played, but we didn't get too wet. I think the water just couldn't take out rock music.

Unfortionately, we were missing Collin, who Jason has dubbed our "rock engine." (he had some lame excuse like "Oh, I can't come to the show, I'm in Kenya working on a Bible translation project... whatever. Where's the dedication?)


We really don't rock in the same way without him. We know this, so we didn't even try. We went all acoustic and got in touch with our sensitive sides.


So, there were five bands. Five really goood bands. But you know us, we're not intimidated by anything. Not by thunder storms, absentee members, moms eating free barbecue chicken with their todlers, or fierce competition. We battled to the death.

We came in dead last.


But as anyone who came in last place will tell you, Battles of the Bands don't mean anything. Right?

What really matters is getting out there and playing music, meeting new people, and hanging out with really cool bands. Who would even want to win?


(In all fairness to us, we told the judges not to vote for us. We also told some of our fans to vote for other people. The prize was to meet another band that was playing there that night, and we all had to leave after the battle.)

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May 12, 2006

Playing just outside of NYC

I'm excited to announce that we'll be playing a "small, intimate" venue in Jersey just outside of NYC on August 19th. We were contacted by Red Door Concerts.

I'm excited about it, here are some of the details.

I'm pretty active in trying to locate reasonably local artists to book. We get offered acts that are not local all the time, but the expense of getting to a venue(air fare ect) makes it absolutely necessary that any body from out of driving distance have other things booked in order to make it worth their while

I have been centering on networks of myspace - looking for acts that have promise, individuals or band that are within driving distance. We also want to find acts with whom we might have an ongoing relationship and give them an opportunity to return (hopefully helping them in a very concentrated population - 15 minutes from NYC)

We have a long term commitment to building a venue that has enough name recognition that people will trust us enough to come out and hear artists that they may not have heard of.

We are in the 8 month of our first year of booking. (Actually we used to do it on a smaller scale in a series of house concerts - Bill Mallonee, Pierce Pettis, Jan Krist, Miranda Stone, Sufjan Stevens, Brindley Brothers Band, and many others) Now we are in a bigger venue and working to expand and develop this venue.

The shows are the third saturday of every month. We have had a pretty sucessful year so far. Most of the shows have been near sell-outs.

I heard your music and thought this might be a good venue for you guys.

(Poncho you can come see us now -- bring all your friends).

He also liked Darby Di Natale, saying she was wonderful and a perfect fit for the venue, so she will be opening for us.

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May 11, 2006

CD Release Party Video -- Stop the Bleeding

Thanks to multi-talented Michael Cresenzo for shooting and editing this live footage. (nice photos too).

It was quite a nice night.

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May 05, 2006

The CD's Have Arrived

Hello, everybody.

The title says it, the CD's are here, finally!

[another picture]

If you buy a CD at the concert tonight, you will get into the official CD release concert on Sunday for free. If you buy ten CD's, I will give you a hug.

[You can still listen to some songs here.]

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April 08, 2006

Tonight at the Abdab, 233 Hamilton

Hey everyone, going to be a great show tonight. Come by if you have the chance. We're really looking forward to it.


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March 24, 2006

Battle of the Bands

Hey everybody! What's poppin? For real, what's been going on if all of your lives? I'm interested to know.

Anyway... we're very happy to announce that we've been selected to play at the University of Delaware's battle of the bands in the scrounge on April 8th. Coming out and voting for us would be really awesome!

25 bands applied and only 8 were accepted. I gotta say, we're in the company of some amazing bands! Here is a list if you are interested.

Stone City
Dead Loretta
3 Legged Fox
Amanda Kaletsky
The Look Machine
Stranded on Third


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March 12, 2006

The Song of the Sea

Pretty awesome show tonight actually. Brian Simpson did an amazing job of getting people there. And the music was excellent all around. This night honestly quite exceeded my expectations by about 200%.

By the way, if you ever hang out at myspace, this song is darned funny. (warning, it's not completely . . . clean.)

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March 06, 2006

Rundown of the last two nights

March 4th at the Garage.
On my birthday, I attended a nice wedding, which we had to leave early to head to Kennett for what was hopefully going to be a great show. Uh oh.

When we get there things are cool enough. Pretty nice crowd, seems to be interested in the music being played, good piano led music by corin joel.

We duck into the bathroom to change out of our wedding attire, and all of the machine are in there for a while. We talk about stuff, laught, nothing much. Come back out, eat a little pizza, get ready for our show, which should be starting in 30 minutes, since it is 8.30 and we start at 9.

At 6.45 a man in a red hoody approaches me with an unfriendly look on his face. "Can I talk to you for a minute?" I follow him as he makes his way to the bathroom. Drew tags along.

He waves his arm around the bathroom, ending with a vague point towards a bucket of cleaning supplies, "Was this bottle here when your band was in here?"

I look towards the bucket and see about 5-6 bottles of cleaning supplies. I have no idea if they were here before, what is this, Highlights magazine with its "what's different" picture puzzle? I say, unconvincingly. . . . "No. . . oooo.. . .oooo... . . I don't think so, maybe. I don't know."

Then I notice what has him so agitated. A broken bottle of Corona lays on the floor with beer scattered all around the room. I quickly try to amend what I now realize probably sounded like a pretty suspicious answer. "Oh, if you mean this broken bottle of beer, I can tell you that if it was in here when we were in here, it wasn't broken at that time." Now I realize that I probably sound like Bill Clinton parsing words so that I can lie without lying. And I can tell the dude thinks that we were responsible. The Garage is owned by a church and is meant to be used for Youth Groups, by the way.

Which is very strange, considering that I've had exactly one sip of beer in my entire life, from my dad one time, and I hated it and avoid alchohol like the plague.

"Can you get the rest of your band in here please?" We all herd into this small room with broken glass and puddles of beer so he can interrogate us. The others actually see the broken bottle and answer more negatively from the onset. He leaves us alone. Once he's safely out of earshot, Collin remarks that if we really were a rock band partying in the bathroom, we'd probably have more than one small bottle of Corona among the 5 of us, passing it around for sips to get ready for our show.

Speaking of the show, we're ready. We get up on the stage. The red hoody man approaches us again. "Hold on, please don't play now, I have to sort this out first." He's moving from small group to small group, asking them all similar questions of everyone. I wonder if he expects that someone will just say, "Yeah that was me, oh is that a problem?"

10 minutes goes by. 15. People are leaving now. Maybe freaked out by the Spanish Inquisition they are facing. Argh.

"Can we play now?" I ask.

"Just a minute." He replies.

He gathers all the adults and takes them into a back room. To talk about the crushed beer bottle.

Another 10 minutes passes. Finally he says we can start.

And we do, and we're playing well, and it's good. But it's late, and honestly, there aren't as many people there as there were before. And people are leaving. Of course, there are those staying and listening. But still, those people who leave. . . .

Then the technical difficulties set in. Ian's amp finks out and we play an intro to a song for about 4 minutes while trying to fix it. Then a keyboard we had been planning on using had been packed up by the band before us and they left. (thanks for the support fellas). Then Ian's delay affect mysteriously breaks and seriously wounds a song that relies on it. Then Collin's guitar just stops working. And the show is over.

Hurray. Nice birthday present. . . . on the bright side, we sounded good. But for me, we've been working on this album which sounds honestly quite good and I think that subconsciously my expectations for the shows had risen because of it. And this was just a very disappointing night, to see people walking away while we played.

March 5th, North Star Bar
This bitter night weighs on me as we prepare for opening the CD Release Show for Boy Sets Fire. Having a sucky show in a backwoods youth group center is one thing - opening a sold out show in Philadelphia is quite another. We try to make our set "affect-proof" by only picking songs that play straight guitars and distortion.

At 7.15, we start playing (which by the way did kind of stink because some of our fans from New Jersey had called the club and been told that we would start at 7.30, so they only saw one song.) And wonder of wonders, people are listening. And people are kind of in to it. And we sound good, and we work our way through a 30 minute 6 song set without many problems. (Our best song at this time was too slow for some reason, I missed a couple of high notes late in the set. On Simpler then it Seems a strange thing timing happened towards the end), but overall we gave a high energy set that sounded good and people enjoyed.

It was just what we needed to wash away that bitter bad show taste. After the show a number of people told me that we rocked, and we even got a small write-up online that said,

i thought it was fucking RIDICULOUS, every opening band was good (blackthroat wore on the nerves a bit after the first two songs), the look machine was great and piss and vinegar had a great soung

That's pretty cool because he wasn't just showering around the opening band praise. In fact, we got a great shout out if you ask me. Blackthroat wore on him after a while. PissnVinegar had a great sound, but he thought we were great all around. Very cool.

Again, we thank Boy Sets Fire for this opportunity, and they put on such an excellent show it was amazing. Buy their CD, it's awesome.

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March 03, 2006

North Star Bar Show -- Sold Out

Hey everyone, the North Star show on Sunday with Boysetsfire is now sold out. However, if you would like to go, please email us at because there are still a very small amount of tickets that you could still buy. But you have to contact us very soon.

Looking forward to it, hopefully we'll see you there. And hopefully we'll see you tomorrow night too at the Garage.

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Tomorrow. Be there.


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3/3 Basement Show

I know this is going to put a severe crimp in the plans of our many international and national fans who have already purchased airline tickets to fly to NJ, but the basement show has been postponed, probably until some time in April. We'll give you more definite details once everything is made concrete.

Sorry. We're still playing 3/4 and 3/5 though.

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February 15, 2006

March 5th at the North Star Bar in Philly

Hey all -- you know that we're playing an awesome basement show on March 3rd in New Brunswick, NJ. And the Garage in Kennett on March 4th.

But I wanted to point out our March 5th show since they have very limited tickets there and they are going fast. This is boysetsfire's CD release show, and it'll be your only chance to get their new incredible CD prior to March 21st (due to a printing mistake). Anyway, only 280 people will be allowed in, and we'd love some of those people to be our fans.

All of these shows are ALL AGES.

So please, buy some tickets now. We're not allowed to let anyone in for free.

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January 31, 2006

Upcoming Shows

So we have some exciting news. Some great shows coming up.

The first is with uberfan Jack who is also now an uberfriend.

3/3/06 - The Abdad 233 Hamilton St., New Brunswick, NJ - $5 with: The Fire Still Burns, Heartfelt Discord, and One Win Choice

The second is at the Garage in Kennet Square, where we've had a great show before.

March 4th -- The Garage. Kennet Square, PA. Other artists, Corin Joel and others TBA

And finally, we are just so honored to get to play at boysetsfire's cd release show on 3/5. Wow, can you believe it?

March 5 - North Star Bar, Philadelphia The venue is small -- a 300 person capacity. . . this is for safety so they cannot "play nice" if lots of friends and family show up. . . in other words, buy tickets now.

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December 12, 2005

Concert Update

Hey. Jessica Copeland will be playing at the barn this Saturday. She's got some really cool music, and I'm looking foreward to hearing it!

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December 11, 2005

Acoustic Concert: Saturday December 17th, 7pm

We have another concert going on this coming saturday. It's going to be all acoustic, and really great. Here is the Lineup.

The mind-blowing Shane Palkovitz. What can I say about this guy that you don't alread know? He's amazing.

Anna Altimus. She's Singer/songwriter who plays piano and is really cool.

Shannnon Lynch-Palkovitz. Shannon also plays piano and sings. She writes really cool songs that are down to earth, but they're fun and still make you think.

Darby Latshaw. I'd write a description of Darby's music, but if you've never heard her you wouldn't believe me. If you have heard her, then you'll probably be there and need no reminding. She's amazing, I'll just leave it at that.

The Look Machine. We're playing all acoustic and really chill. We'll probably be doing some of our more intricate and interesting songs.

The concert will be at the Barn. Here are the directions: It's 3224 Appleton Road, Landenburg, PA 19350.

If you are headed North from newark it will be on your right. Cross Strickersville road, and go about a quarter or a third of a mile then make a right. It's a long long gravel driveway, but there is a sign that says Vineyard Christian Fellowship.

From the north you will get onto Appleton Road from 896/New London Road, pass Walker road, pass three entrances to developments on your left, then turn left on the long long gravel driveway at the sign.

It's not a huge sign, but if you keep your eyes open you should see it.

This is another benefit for Laura and me. We'll be going on a trip with Mercy Ships next summer. We're trying to get together enough money for our plane tickets.

It's going to be a great concert! Hopefully I'll see you there.

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Concert tonight.

Hey everybody! We had a really good time playing tonight. I thought the whole concert was a lot of fun.

Thanks to everybody who came out, we really appreciate it. Thanks also to everybody who played. You guys sounded really good. For real, it was amazing to be there to listen to everybody. I just saw so much talent tonight.

David brought a sound system and ran sound tonight. He did an amazing job. A lot of people told me that our mix was the best they have ever heard it. Thanks man. You rock.

All told, Laura and me were able to raise about $200 for our trip with Mercy Ships. That's awesome.

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November 21, 2005

The show in Seaford

So we had a pretty good show on Saturday night.

The Highs:
The turnout was pretty good actually.
The other bands were good too.
We had alot of energy and played tightly.
We had backup vocals.
We had a number of people tell us they liked us after the show.
We got paid $40, one pizza and as much sodas as we could drink. (Drew made that work out actually, downing 8 by himself).
We sold some merchandise.

The Lows:
I think I should change my stage name to "Tree Falling in the Woods" because "when I sing, can anyone can hear it?"
No one could hear our backing vocals either.
As a total crowd, the response wasn't amazing.
I think since we're not hardcore, the interest wasn't as high as it should have been.
We had to drive 2.5 hours to Seaford.
On the way back, someone on the highway threw a can of Dannon Yogurt at the van and broke a headlight. The offending yogurt was coming from the oncoming lane, so it hit at the equivalent of 140 MPH probably.
I had a horrible hamburger from Royal Farms before the show. One of those microwave ones. I ordered it from "the grill" so I thought maybe they might use "a grill." But no.

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November 17, 2005

Saturday in Seaford, DE

Just wanted to remind everyone that we will be playing in Seaford, DE this Saturday. We'll be playing a 25 minute set and we should rock out and sound good if tonight's practice was any indication.

If anyone wants to go along with us down there and caravan a little, let us know.

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November 13, 2005

Another Show Played!


We played this Saturday.

I think that we did well, although I don't really know. I could not hear a darn thing! I was behind the drum cage and heard only the one song when Ian played the keyboard which came through my monitor. Other than that, nothing...

I couldn't bring my own drums. It was horrible, I hate the drumset that I played. This is a thing that only maked sense to drummers.

I think that the other guys did really well though.

we will have more shows soon...

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October 20, 2005

Another Show - University of Delaware Indian Student Association Saturday November 5th

Hey all, we're playing a short acoustic set as part of the Indian Student Associations Fall Show on Saturday, November 5th, sometime between 5:30 and 9 at Mitchell Hall in Newark.

Should be fun. And interesting. Considering it is us, and then:

Indian singing, dancing and a fashion show showcasing various fashions from throughout India.

Other campus organizations, including the Delaware Repotory Dance Company and the Delaware African-American Student Association will be performing, as well as other university’s dance troupes from NJIT, TCNJ, Temple and Villanova.

So, tickets are $7 in advance, $9 at the door if you are a student. They are $8 in advance for adult, non students and $10 at the door.

You should come, it's going to be a good time. We'll probably bust out at least one brand new song.

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October 16, 2005

Show Announcement in Southern Delaware

Well, we have another show to add to the growing list. Let us know if anyone wants to caravan on down there. Thanks to Josh for rustling this one up for us. Looks like November is definitely shaping up to be a busy month.

November 19, 2005
@ The Backstage
300 North Pine Street Seaford, DE 19973 (St. Johns Church)
Capsized And Drowning, Last Winters Girl, Ascend In Red, The Look Machine, and 1 or 2 more TBA.

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October 06, 2005

Playing at the Gathering in King of Prussia, PA

The Gathering
King of Prussia, PA

Hey all, we're happy to be playing at the Gathering on November 11th, late at night. We'll have a chance to rock through most of our songs, and it's always a very good time with people who appreciate good music.

See you there, if we're lucky.

From Northeast: Take the NJ turnpike South to Exit 6. Follow the exit to the PA turnpike West to Exit 326. After toll plaza, take the third right (Exit 328B), Route 202 North (King of Prussia). The Hilton is one mile on Rt. 202 on the right.

From South: Take 95 N to Rt. 476 N. Take Exit 162 (76 West/Valley Forge) off 476 North. Then take Exit 328 A (202 N). The Hilton is one mile on Rt. 202 on the right

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