We know you by name or at least face, and we love you all (except you. . . you know who you are. We hate you. Leave now! Please. Look, we won’t go on with this until you leave. Do we need to call security? OK? You’re going. Good.)

You want to help us out? Here are a number of ways.

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  3. Invite your friends to our shows.
  4. If you’re an awesome fan, you’ll buy a CD and give it away. If you’re a good fan, you’ll burn a copy and give it away. If you’re a horrible fan, you’ll show up at our shows and boo loudly.
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  10. Tattoo the lyrics of our songs on your skin.
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If you actually do all these things, then thank you. You are either the most obsessive Look Machine fan in the world, or you need to get yourself a little more of a life. . . We prefer to think it’s the first option.