Friday, December 03, 2004

Cecil County Automotive Safety Inspection

While some people have spent time in hick heaven lately, I had the extreme misfortune to spend a near eternity in HICK HELL.

I'm talking the waiting room for Morgan's Automotive Repair in Elkton Maryland.

Waiting room is far too high a compliment for what this actually was. It was a cinder block building. More like a storage shed. And it stored old lawnmowers, a beat up a truck cap, tires. And it had one table. With outdated magazines geared towards owners of repair shops. And I read every article, 3 times.

Because I was there for 2 hours plus!

I've already far too long to get our car registered in Maryland. Part of it is sheer laziness, part business, and part confusion. They don't have a centralized place you go like Delaware, you have to find a repair shop to do the inspection. And NONE that I had called in the whole county did it anymore (a man that I waited with in the shed told me there were now only 2 in the county that did inspections because the state had cracked down and fined a lot of them for passing anything with 4 wheels.)

Finally I found Morgan's. And saw they were on Rt 40. They told me it would take less than an hour. I think "Rt. 40" and I think "you can probably walk to a place where you can get a bite to eat and read a paper."

It took much more than an hour, and it was in walking distance of nowhere. And I hadn't eaten breakfast. I was starving, bored, tired. I was actually playing those games that come with the cheap model cell phones.

Tip: If you are getting your car inspected at Morgan's . . . get dropped off.


Collin - Band Member said...

I went to pick Jason up after a frantic call begging for help. When I got there, he virtually came running out of the shack where he had been trapped. I was cracking up because he looked like his life was in danger. I have to admit that when I looked in the "waiting room" it did look like a prison in a 3'rd world country.

12/03/2004 11:00 AM  
Aaron R. said...

Well, at least after you get the initial inspection you are SET! I am so envious of the laws in DE and MD (living in PA). Every year we have to go through inspection... state mandated and privately done. It's possibly the best recipe for extortion. It's expensive to keep driving here. I look longingly toward the Maryland border... well, at least once a year.

12/03/2004 12:55 PM  
Jason - Band Member said...

Is that really true that I don't ever have to do this again in Maryland? I didn't know that! Are you sure?

12/03/2004 1:51 PM  
Susanjaz said...

That's the only reason anyone lives in Maryland; the initial inspection, while tedious, is the only one you need...
Welcome to Hick Heaven :)

12/03/2004 2:28 PM  
Aaron R. said...

I've been told by numerous people that live in MD (and I think I looked it up at some point) that, yes, it is true. No inspections after the first one. I believe Susanjaz was confirming this.

The 'catch' is that you can be pulled over at any time for a roadside inspection if an officer thinks your car isn't roadworthy. I doubt this would ever happen unless there were actually pieces of it falling off. So, you are (most likely) in the clear!

12/03/2004 5:29 PM  
Shane - Not Band Member said...

I've been listening to Name Taken recently. they are freeking amazing! I've listened to their CD about twenty-fivetimes.

12/03/2004 5:31 PM  
Anonymous said...

You guys live like two minutes away from "hicktown" Elkton, MD. Stepping a little high, wide, and handsome aren't we? Or is Newark really that uptown?

12/04/2004 2:08 AM  
Anonymous said...

Newark is definitely NOT uptown...

12/04/2004 2:35 PM  
Ian - band member said...

I like Hicks.

12/04/2004 4:13 PM  
David - Ex Band Member said...

Me too....I mean we have Isaiah in our band don't we?

12/04/2004 5:30 PM  
Jason - Band Member said...

Anonymous -- I live in Elkton, that's the point of my post. . . no one is high stepping here.

But yes, since you ask, Newark is vastly different than Elkton. It has a University in it, which generally changes the whole complexion of a town.

Plus, you don't get stars and bars in Newark, because it's New Castle Cty, DE, which is a very Northern area. Many in Elkton still have the whole Johnny Reb thing going on. . . So yeah even though they are only minutes apart, they are different.

12/04/2004 8:57 PM  
Anonymous said...

So now that we know we are all hick friendly, when is The Look Machine going to record its first country song?

12/05/2004 2:34 AM  
David - Ex Band Member said...

Stay at my House is pretty close.....course we never really play that anymore.

12/05/2004 10:22 PM  
Jason - Band Member said...

Apparently Ian has a country song that we need to learn. I'd be all for it.

12/06/2004 12:00 AM  
Jayson J said...

of course this is why I am moving to Elkton when I am done with grad school..
its only 10 min away from Newark, but it reminds me of living back downstate DE again..

12/06/2004 1:41 PM  

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