Thursday, March 31, 2005

An interview in Rolling Stone

So today I get an email from a person purporting to be a writer for Rolling Stone magazine. Yep, he wants to interview me. Unfortunately, it's not for the Look machine's music. It's about the U2 fan club pre-sale. He was doing some research online, and yes, he found my missive. And he's writing an article about it, and wants to get my take. Interesting, huh?

Hello -- I'm a writer for Rolling Stone magazine who came across your blog
post about buying U2 tickets. I'm doing a story on online ticket sales and
wondered if I might ask you some questions (by phone preferably, or email)
about your experience. Let me know, thanks!


Okay, this is really scary.
My friend Esther sent this to me over e-mail just now. It's the llama song.
It has a flippin' scary video (very fast slideshow actually) and an even scarier song. You should go check it out.


Saturday, March 26, 2005

Let's Talk

So. What do people think about the Terry Shibo situation?

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Guadalupe Alvaro

Okay, you want to hear something funny? (or gross or something.)
In 9th grade i was in spanish 1. I had a writing assignment in which i had to answer questions with made up answers about this person who came to America for an exchange program. I wrote the short article. When i went to print it the night before it was due, my computer ate it. (freaking microsoft.) I panicked. Quickly I foundd a free translater and typed a few short sentances. These I Printed out and turned in. They reaad as follows:

"Guadalupe es quince anos de viejo. Ella ha venido a Towle para un intercambio de un ano. Gualdlupe tiene gusto del verde del color. Ella dice, "voy a ser un musition cuando crezco para arriba." Guadalupe es un estudiante muy bueno. Usted debe hablar con ella y satisfacerla para se."

Go to Gooooooogle Translations and see for yourself what they mean. It was quite embarrassing. It was a busy week, and my teacher, busy with the grading of about 30 students didn't look at my grade. She obviously didn't read my composition, for I got a "Check, y, Bueno" as my grade. I would have been in trouble if she actually read my work, I go to a small Christain school.

I gueess that the reason that I posted that is because it has Ian't favorite word in it a few times. :)

The Grey Album: Jay-Z and the Beatles

Genius. Pure genius. I finally got my hands on a copy of "the Grey Album," and I can't stop listening to it.

So what is "the Grey Album?" It is an outstanding cross between "the White Album" by the Beatles and "the Black Album" by Jay-Z. I know that, from the description, it sounds like it must be weird, but I swear, these 2 records must have been made to go together.

The mastermind behind this project is not John, Paul, George, Ringo, or even Jay-Z. This guy from NY called DJ Danger Mouse (AKA Brian Burton) took the a-cappella tracks from Jay-Z's "The Black Album" and laid them over samples from the Beatles' "the White Album." He then mixed up some new beats and, magic was made... THE GREY ALBUM. Guitar rifs from "Helter Skelter" give the arrogant and clever words of "99 problems" an aggressive drive and an instantly classic feel. The rhythms and rhymes of Jaz-Z just sound so good when played over top of "while my guitar gently weeps." It is so interesting and so different, you really have to hear it to fully appreciate it.

This release has been very controversial because of copyright laws etc. DJ Danger Mouse didn't write a single word or note of this album, but he released it as his compilation. There are tons of people who think that the dead members of the Beatles are rolling over in their graves in reaction to this desecration of their art. When confronted the DJ had this to say: "If somebody like Ringo or Paul McCartney heard it, I think they would dig it." Nonetheless, he does not have the rights to commercially sell this work, so you have to utilize different channels if you want to hear it. I got mine from my brother who got it from his friend who got it from his friend who got it from his friend who's friend is my wife's brother in law's brother's friend. You will probably have to get it in a similar manner (or you could download it).

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Drew Copeland, AKA Xerxes, AKA the bassist for the Look Machine

For those of you who are thinking, "What does the new bassist of the Look Machine actually look like?" Feast your eyes on this.

It's hard to be humble when you are Drew. (At least he tells me this).

Photo Shoot

We have to redesign our website and press kits and stuff like that, and considering we have two members in the band, ian has a thick beard, and collin is no longer a rasta dude, we needed new pictures. So today we had a photo shoot. (Great weather for a photo shoot by the way). We'll make use of more of the results in the weeks to come, but here is a sneak preview of the glory that is Palkovitz. If they ever wanted to make a Hanson album, this would be the cover.

Just a Glimpse

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Call Me Sampson

The other day Paul asked me to go to the gym with him. We both had a free lunch break between classes and it seemed like it would be a good time. It was fun, but I walked out of that gym as one humble man.

I'm a pretty big fellow, and I have always been relatively confident in my strength. I have never consistently worked out for longer than about 2 days, but I've always been strong enough to do whatever I needed to do, (like moving thousand pound televisions). Well, I'm not as strong as I thought.

We started off benching, and paul went first. He put some weight on the bar and ripped out ten reps with no sweat, just to warm up. "Looks easey" I thought. I laid down on the weight bench, and after nearly bursting all of the veins in my face, tearing all my muscles to bits, and crapping my pants a few times I maneged to do three reps (with a little assistance from Paul).

Looking around the gym I noticed that half of the guys were built like The Rock, and the other half looked like professional soccer players, lean and tough. I looked for somebody I would feel confident that I could beat up if necessary, and could only find one guy. I'm not discouraged though. I'm humbled, and I've spent the last two days with all of my muscles in mortal agony, but I'm going back, and I'm looking foreward to it.

Side Note: I bought a marshal 4x12 cab today. I'm hooking up my Fender Ultra Chorus to it, and I'll have a 3/4 stack. It looks pretty sweet, and its going to sound nice!

Friday, March 18, 2005

Rosie O'Donnell has a weblog?

She hasn't really been doing much in the public eye in some time, not since she quit her show, ruined a magazine, and lost millions in an ill-fated broadway play.

I do find it odd that she now has a weblog -- and I think it's really her, not some hoax. Read it here. Anyway, I've never understood the appeal of Rosie; but her blog is an interesting site.

Her writing is cut up into couplets but it's not poetic, not really. She writes at the level of a 7th grader. Half the time I don't even know what she's talking about.

But I keep going back to her site and reading, I don't know why! Now I can share the mysterious attraction with you.

This much I can gather:

1.) She loves Eminem and thinks everyone should too.
2.) She is mad at Kirstie Alley because KA said that her own "peak" weight was 201 pounds, and Rosie thinks that Kirstie Alley weighed more than that at some point. (maybe she should have filed that little observation under "who cares and why is it any of your business, rosie?")
3.) She hates fame so much and wishes everyone would please just forget about her (ahem, we were kind of trying to do that, and then you started this blog, the whole purpose of which is to communicate with the masses and make them think of you.)
4.) She's kind of not the friendly Rosie she was on TV. She swears like a sailor, and is kind of spiteful and mean.
5.) From the comments, you can observe that she has legion of fans who are overweight and in their 40s.
6.) She weighs 220 pounds.
7.) She's obsessed with the color yellow.
8.) Some of her commentors are very cruel.

Let me know if you can decipher anything else.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Like a Good Neighbor?

One of my very favorite things about my house is this awesome fire pit. It's made out of huge boulders, it's right up against a stone courtyard and a stone bench, it's great fun. In the 6 months since we've moved her, we've probably had. . . no lie, 30 campfires out there.

So the other day, the wind blows this 30 foot pine tree over in my backyard. (ugh!)

I've decided to be an old fashioned man of the land and I'm working on taking the tree apart using just an ax. No chainsaws for me, it's almost a religious belief. I like having all my fingers, so I don't really want to use power tools. Anyway, that is a tangent. This post isn't about that.

It's about this: The other day I'm using the fire pit to burn a lot of the branches. And my neighbor calls me over to the fence so he can tell me something.

Him: "Um, I didn't tell you this over the summer. .. but when you burn a fire there the smoke gets up into my attic and comes down into my bedroom. And it stinks."

Me: "Oh really."

Him: "So if you could just burn it back that (gestures to the rear of my yard), that would be much better."

(I don't remember what I said here.)

But now I'm grumpy about it. This has been an active fire pit for 16 years! The last two owners have used it. Much of the backyard is actually landscaped around it. I don't see how he can think it's a reasonable request. Honestly, his dog BARKS AND BARKS all day long and I've never once complained.

When I was burning the branched, the smoke was thick because of the pine needles. So now I think I'm going to handle it like this. For "burning" - branches, leaves, cardboard boxes - I will comply and burn towards the back of my property (Which incidentily, when I burn back there thick smoke literally envelopes his house. . . when I burn in the pit, the wind takes it towards my front yard and across the road, away from his house, go figure.)

But for legitimate CAMPFIRES I shall be using my CAMPFIRE PIT!

And make him complain again. At that point. . . I will buy him an attic fan or something.

Monday, March 14, 2005

Some new music

Based on a recommendation from my 17 year old cousin, I discovered music from the Anniversary. I like it a good deal, nice mix of male and female vocals and good unique music. Check them out. Sad to find out now that they have broken up! OH WELL.

Any new music you all would recommend?

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Train Deaths at UD

I go to school at the University of Delaware. there is a freight train track that runs through the middle of town. It doesn't seem like it should be an issue, you can hear the trains for five minutes before they get to town and they don't go very fast. However, recently there has been a whole string of accidents and deaths on the train tracks. I believe there have now been three deaths in the past three months. It is really pretty freaky! It hasn't been a consistant problem in the past, but it sure is now!

laura and I were sitting in an IV meeting on Friday night. At about 8 we heard a train whisteling like crazy. Since people started getting run over the trains have been a lot louder as they come into town, trying to avoid any more accidents. Even so, the honking sounded excessive. I almost leaned over to Laura and made a joke about another person getting run over. I thought better of as soon as I realised that it wasn't funny at all and she was trying to pay attention to the service. The more I thought about it, the more it scared me. It's like something from a twisted movie where people are getting killed one by one and you never know who's next. I put the whole thing out of my mind, but sirens kept screaming by outside the open door.

The meeting ended presently and we spend a few minutes hanging out and talking with people there. I was happy to see that there actually are some Christians on campus and that they are kind and genuine people who are really excited about their relationship with Jesus. David plays drums for their worship team, and he was sounding really good!

Laura and I left and headed back to where we were parked, accross the tracks from where the meeting was. We noticed that there were flares blocking off several of the roads and lots of police around. Having forgotten about the train, we assumed that it was a car crash. As we approached where we normally cross the tracks we saw a cop car parked in fron of the tracks with his lights flashing. With a sinking feeling in my stomach I saw that the train was stopped.

We approached the cop and the train, stopping right in fron of the bar that blocks the road whenever a train is crossing. The officer approached us saying, "See where you are standing? Now you have brains! You aren't stupid. What could possibly ever possess somebody to cross that line, let alone get in the way..." He was indignant, frustrated, and slightly less than sympathetic. We stood there, not saying a word. What could I say? I just stopped walking those same tracks a couple of weeks ago because the police caught me and threatened to arrest me for trespassing. "Somebody get hit?" I asked. "Somebody got hit, somebody got killed." he answered.

He wouldn't let us cross the tracks there because of the train, so we had to walk a long way around to Laura's car. It had just stopped raining and there was still mist hanging in the air. As we were walking past the Deer Park Tavern we saw police tape around several train cars. As we watched, the paramedics set out a stretcher then unfolded a body bag. They lifted the body up and placed it in the bag, then loaded it onto the stretcher.

It was a weird situation. There was a body, but it had just been a human. It changed from a living person, an active, dynamic life to just an empty shell. I didn't see any family around, no friends. A group of guys stood a hundred and fifty feet away on the porch of the Deerpark laughing raucously. I hardly felt anything. My strongest emotion was anger at the guys laughing with no respect.

I realized that I was watching someone's worst nightmare. He had been somebody's son, somebody's friend. Now his body was slumped into a bag and zipped up by the harsh light of halogen lamps and police light bars.

Friday, March 11, 2005

Updates that you're all dying to hear

Some news about the band:

* On April 6th we'll perform a song on TV. Pretty cool, huh? We were contacted by Positive Promotions when they heard our music online. So that'll be fun. We're going to do an acoustic number (by their request). It's one that we're just now putting the finishing touches on and have never played out yet. Once it's all official, we'll let you know what the schedule is.

* We're about to finalize a deal to have a real bonafide manager and try to take this whole thing to a more serious committed level. It should be fun. The manager's (to be named at a later date) first priority for us is finish a long ep or full length album (I'd rather do the album) that he can shop around to get us support dates with different bands.

* My birthday was last week and Collin's was yesterday.

* We're still working hard to incorporate the new lineup and make everything perfect. Sometimes playing music well is just hard work. Many times it's great fun, but sometimes it's actual labor (not the baby-birthing kind, mind you). Shows will come shortly.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Incredibly Funny Video

Now this video says it all! This is an absolutely true newscast about how the state of Oregon chose to deal with a dead and smelly whale washed up on their beach. They should definitely be awarded some kind of prize for creativity, and possibly one or two for stupidity.

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Gun Fight in Santa Fe

Paul Odders (A.K.A. Plodders, or el Guapo) and I took a three week trip to Venezuela this January. The main goal was to get off the continent, and with tickets being $375 and the exchange rate once we got there being excellent, Venezuela was the destination we selected. It's a beautiful country, going from flat, hot plains, to snow capped mountains, to white sandy beaches and coral reefs.

We traveled all around the country doing different things: hiking, paragliding, backpacking, swimming, snorkeling, anaconda hunting, and just chilling. During a backpacking trip in the Andes we got to thinking about coral reefs and how nice it would be to go snorkeling. Then next day we got up, broke camp, and after 27 hours of constant travel we reached our destination.

So there we were, in the fishing village of Santa fe. It was a beautiful place, like something from The Old Man and the Sea. We were staying in a guest house that was right on the beach. We hired people in fishing boats to take us snorkeling every day. There were coral reefs in a perfect blue sea broken up by rocky desert islands. One night we were sitting on the roof, watching the full moon rise over the ocean and soaking up the amazing sea breeze. It would have been romantic, except that it was me and Paul, what can I say, there is just no spark there. Romance or not, we were having a good time. We had just eaten a pot of spaghetti that we cooked on a camp stove (we were a little low on cash and couldn't afford a $2 dinner) and Paul was trying to convince me that I was "macho" (which I fiercely argued for a while, but it was hopeless). Someone walked up the steps and stood there, blocking the only way off of the roof. (At this point in the story, it should be noted that this guest house had no official security guards). Suddenly I heard the distinct sound or metal on metal, soft but definitely there. "Shink, Shink." I looked up and saw the glint of the moon bouncing off a revolver. It was like something from a movie, all there was a silhouette of a man, loading a gun one bullet at a time. You could see straight through the holes in the cylinder until a shot was dropped into it.

"Holy Crap, Paul, that guy's got a gun!" We sat still for a minute as he finished loading, blocking the only way of escape from the roof. Presently he turned and walked down the steps. We gave him a bit of a head start, then went down the stairs and locked ourselves in our room.

About the room... it's not the safe kind of room that you would want to be in with bullets flying all around. The door was glass, facing out onto a central courtyard, and my bed was right in front of this door. In a town like Santa fe, it felt about as safe as sleeping in the middle of a road.

The night passed with no problems and we spent the nest day snorkeling again. Paul dared me to try to swim through a really sharp fire coral tunnel. Being totally unmacho, I easily refused the dare... till he did it, then we were both bleeding and our clothes were torn up. We started to feel safe again.

That night I went up on the roof, and saw our old gun toting friend. He looked nervous, running from one side of the roof to the other, looking over the side. It was pretty plane to see that something wasn't right. Maybe our feeling of safety was a bit premature.

The next day we went snorkeling again. We found a huge ray buried in the sand underneath the water. Both of us being totally unmacho we definitely weren't going to bother him and risk getting stung, or rayed, or flayed, or whatever those things do to annoying gringos. We weren't going to... but then I swam down and picked up a little rock and swam right over him and tried to drop it on him. I missed, so Paul tried. He hit the poor thing, but it still thought it was hiding. Well, it took forever to bother this thing enough to get it to move, but in the end we accomplished our goal (I think you could still find our pile of rocks we tried to drop on him) and it was worth the effort.

That night we were in pretty high spirits, joking about all sorts of things but especially gunmen. It was really nice outside, and I wanted to hang up my nasty towel and watch the moon rise. Paul was busy doing something (most likely writing a love letter) so I headed up to the roof. As I left, I turned to Paul and laughingly crossed myself. Halfway through the cross I got a terrified feeling in the pit of my stomach. Right then and there I crossed myself, and I meant it. I prayed an earnest prayer, "In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, please keep me safe!" And stepped out the door.

I wasn't two steps from the door when gunfire broke out. I could hear it coming from right outside our compound, and apparently from the roof of our building. I rushed back into the room, closed the door, and turned the lights out. The two of us sat in our darkened room and listened as shots rang out over and over. We could hear them coming from several places right in our vicinity. There were men shouting right outside our door. Peeking around the curtain we saw five men meet and run out into the dark. We could see several more guys up on the roof. The gunfire died down after 5 or 10 minutes, but people were still running around shouting in front of our door. Every few minutes someone would pound on the door next to ours and they would have a hurried conversation and leave again. Someone came running, pushing a hand truck loaded with boxes and delivered them to our next door neighbors. I dragged my mattress onto the floor, behind a concrete wall and went to sleep.

The next day we woke up, happy to be alive. We belted out "Hero" by Enrique Egleisias at the top of our voices for no particular reason. It was a horribly off key duet, and the way it bounced off the concrete walls was just extraordinary. It was a fine time.

We moved that night. We stayed in a basement room inside a walled compound. All the windows were bared, our door had several locks and an iron portcullis to really lock people out.

Friday, March 04, 2005

Rock Update

Jason is away on vacation for a little while, but the rest of us got together last night and had practice. It is a lot harder to play the songs without Jason singing, but it is also really good to get to focus totally on the music. You just listen to it and write new parts in a whole different way when you are focusing entirely on what the other guys are playing.

We worked the hardest on a song you might know called "Simpler than it Seems." It's an acoustic song, but it's not a boring one. We worked a lot on the dynamics, starting off soft, building a little bit, going back to soft, building a little bit more, then breaking into the climax. It is coming together really nicely! Shane and Drew are both sounding excelent. We are also using the "beast from hell," as Shand affectionately calls his metronome, to find the ideal tempos for our songs.

Something to keep in the back of you mind: We are talking with Jealousy Curve and will be playing a show with them soon. It is going to be at a bar called Jocelyn's in Philadelphia. We'll let you know when we get a fixed date.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

You've Got Questions. I've got answers.

There are a lot of questions that people are asking themselves, and rightly so. These are difficult questions that people must wrestle with. For instance:

What is the meaning of life?
Why is the Devil red?
Is Justin Timberlake gay?
Is the Sasquotch real?
Where can I find a picture of the Loch Ness Monster?
Where are the cheapest airline tickets to London?
Who assassinated JFK?
Will we go to war with Iran?
Does Iran have nuclear weapons?
Where can I find cheat codes for halo 2?
What is Dragonball?
Is Terrel Owens the best player in the NFL?
Who is the best Inde rock band? (as if that were even a question)
What are the pros and cons to the atkins diet and the south beach diets?
What is KaZaA and how do you use it?
Does Harry Potter have any tattoos?
Dpes the IRS collect taxes from the Olsen twins?
Do Pokemon characters play poker for high stakes?
What are the rules of Texas Hold 'em
Who is richer than Bill Gates?
What would happen if you put Clay Aiken, Jeneffer Lopez, Janet Jackson, Nick Berg, and Michelle Vieth in one room?
Does Playstation have any baseball games? (must be boring)
What is the origin of 420?
Who won the grammys?
Is Michael Jackson guilty?
Is Michael Jackson white?
Is Michael Moor honest?
Who Will be our next president?
Will Hillary Clinton run for the Democratic Presidential Nomination?
Will Rudi Guillani run for the Republican Presidentiol Nomination?
Where is Dick Cheney Hiding?
What is the funniest joke in the world?
What is the best movie ever made?
Where can you find free pictures of Paris Hilton entirely clothed?

And finally, the most important Question: How do you get more Hits on your website?

Now for you my friends and family, total strangers, real aliens, Himalayan yettis, and successfully captured web surfers, I have an answer. Download our music and listen to it. I think you'll like it.