Wednesday, August 31, 2005

I miss Chris Farley

Chris, why why why? It makes me so sad.

Monday, August 29, 2005

The ugliest dog in the world

That is a real dog. Not made up by some creature technician in Hollywood. Can you believe it? You can read his and his owner's weblog.


i was just drumming. a florescent lightbulb fell on my drumset and myself and exploded. that was surprising/painful. My drums are a mess now. It was our black light. (48") Dangit.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Be on your guard

Best to not let your defenses down, even when things seem safe.

The Saga of TO and McNabb: Are we being played?

I've been forming a theory after seeing the obvious on field chemistry between Donovan McNabb and TO last night. It's just a thought, but I'll share it.

Here is the evidence:
a.) Clearly they are "on the same page" when it matters.
b.) There is no real attempt to sabotage the others success. TO isn't slowly running towards the ball so McNabb is tagged with an interception. Nor is McNabb freezing out TO - he's still his first option. If they wanted to "send a message" pre-season would be a safe time to do this.
c.) Both McNabb and TO have a flair for the dramatic. McNabb has said his dream growing up other than football was being an actor. And TO is TO.
d.) They have pretended to fight in the past, the week after the Steelers game when they really did have a tense moment, on Monday Night Football.

OK, so considering all of these things, here is my thought. What if McNabb and TO are fabricating "the ongoing feud" but actually they have worked things out behind the scenes? It is possible. And you have to admit. . . it wouldn't be such a bad idea. The coverage of "the feud" has taken all the pressure off the rest of the team. There is no intense media scrutiny of bad coaching in the Super Bowl, no stories about how difficult it will be to get back and win, no questioning of the team at all really.

All the newspaper space is dedicated to "the feud." And if the strain between QB and WR is really a ruse, then there is no pressure on this team, and they can play loose and easy with a smile on their faces.

And it's also so compelling, this idea of people who normally hate each other but in times of battle band together to serve the greater good. Think about it, if they continue to "hate" each other, yet win a Super Bowl despite the bad blood, that is a storyline for the ages, the stuff of legend. Everyone will always remember McNabb and TO, the two good soldier who developed on-field chemistry despite their clear animosity.

So I'm not saying that it is all made up, but I would say. . . I guess I wouldn't be surprised if it were. And honestly, I'd be impressed, because it's a pretty savvy act if that's what they are doing.

In conclusion, I would just like to say, "Go Eagles."

First Draft Completed

You will all be thrilled to know that as of 1.47 AM EST I have finished my first draft of (working title): The Black Death. Weighing in at 106 pages, I think it's pretty good, but I better read through it to make sure.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

What Band?

Okay, time for a post related to the Look Machine. I often forget that this blog is the band's. usually the topics on here have nothing to do with TLM,, and rarely even music.

Well, here is one about us.

I think that we are all back from our trips to various places around the world. We are going to have a band meeting at the Iron Skillet at [Information deleted not to protect privacy, but because I have forgotten]. We will mostly eat and talk about the band a little bit. You see, the swarms of adoring fans would swarm all the Iron Skillets around if we posted the time of the meeting.

That's all for now.

Monday, August 22, 2005


i am home now.

do you guys know what i was doing all summer, or should i explain it on here? here is a brief explanation of the dilly. I was on a trip with YWAM to Thailand. I was in a band. We played lots of concerts and worship services and lots of people got 'saved'. If that is not thorough enough for anyone, I can explain it in more detail.

I will put up pictures of the people in the band this summer.

well, here is Ian Howarth (that basest)

Here is April Davenny (lead singer)

Sarah Hale (singer)

Angela Weadon (Horn Player)

Kenneth Bonner (Guitar Maniac)

oh, me too.

That's all for now -- stories later if desired.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

More about "the Vine"

It would be nice if you wanted to subscribe and help out an independant publisher working out of her house.

Hey Jason,
I Love! Love! Love! the song you sent. Man I sure wish you guys
lived out here so I could get you on video. If you have any still
shots like the ones on your website I could do my best at
incorporating them in. It's going to be a challenge to make this
work but I love a challenge. I will need at least one still shot of
each of you with your names so I can tell who's who. Also who plays
what on the song and who sings what. And who wrote it.
I'm going to send you each a copy of the mag. and I'll put just
your part on a disc. for you also.
Just curious, how did you come up with your name?

Saturday, August 20, 2005

The Vine, A Video Mag

We have been invited to have one of our songs featured in a "Video Mag for Christian Girls" called "The Vine."
Hi guys,
I'm looking for original music to put in my "Video Mag" for Christian teen girls. The first one will be coming out Oct. 1st. of this year. I have a small print mag. but want to go into digital format.
I can't pay you. It would be good exposure for you though. If you were here in Oregon I could make a Video of you.
I would love to use music clips and video of you guys.
Let me know what you think.
Yours in Christ,
Mary Wheeler

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Pg 69

I just wanted everyone to know that I'm only about 30 pages from finishing my screenplay.

I'm sorry, Snakeman. . . toot toot. . .

In other news, I returned to a home with a flooded basement (broken pipes), a dead lawnmower (drained battery), spotty cable (stupid comcast), and Jurassic Park in the backyard (my fault for not hiring a lawn service while I was gone). In fact, we have a bird feeder and the birds apparently dropped some food because we now have corn growing in our yard. Well, at least we'll not starve.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Should I be offended?

I received this email today:
Subject: FW: Please Read: Today is your day!

Today is the international day for the mentally
disabled. Please send an encouraging message
to a mentally retarded friend--as I have just
done for you. Just thought I'd let your retarded
ass know I don't mind being friends with you. I
don't care if you lick windows or even if you
wear a football helmet to work. It doesn't bother
me that you wear your underwear on the outside
of your pants. All I ask is that when we go to the
club, you drive so we can park up front. You hang on
in there because you are doing great! You are special,
so keep trying! Have a great day!
--Your friend Always


Monday, August 08, 2005

Leaving LA

My time here is coming to an end, we're flying home on Tuesday. I'm really going to miss it out here. You can't tire of the weather, nor all of the wonderful places to visit. And there is just something dramatic about seeing beautiful mountains and the ocean everyday.

In terms of the school itself, it was completely worth it, perhaps even bordering on a smashing success.

My TA said that by far my script was the best in the class, very smart and compelling and imaginative. He encouraged me to hurry up and finish it because he would help me refine it, then pass it onto Professor Walter and his manager. Of course, both of these prospects are incredible. Professor Walter gets paid tens of thousands of dollars to read scripts and punch them up for the studios – he does not read his students scripts, only the 1 or 2 that are the best in the class – and finding an agent or manager is the first step towards having a legitimate Hollywood career.

So now I'm killing myself to finish this thing. I've done 55 pages, and I'm pretty excited about where it is now. When I'm cruising, I write maybe a page an hour. And I already know where the story is going. It's more like sculpting that writing sometimes. Putting words on paper, deleting them, reforming them, testing them and discarding them or keeping them. Reading through what you did the day before and running them through the filter again. And then making sure that the world you're creating sticks together. Are the characters actions consistent, are there logical gaps in the story, are there holes in the plot? Then you find a place where the answer is no and have to work to fix that up.

Realistically though, even if it's awesome (and I do think it's getting there), it probably won't get made. That's just the probabilities. Most screenplays written never get sold. Most that are sold are never greenlit. Most greenlit are never filmed. Many that are filmed are not completed. And many that are completed never get released, or receive no marketing or promotional push when they do.

But at the same time, I can dream. And so far things do seem to falling into place. At the very least, I'm inspired to write.

In my experimental film class, the instructor requested that I give her a copy of my final film, because she thought it was "incredible what I accomplished in just 6 weeks," and that my film was so "ambitious in its subject matter, worked on so many levels, and elicited such an emotional response" that she wanted to show it as inspiration to future classes. So yeah, I left her a copy. And of course I appreciate her comments as well.

And finally, the cinematography class was incredibly well taught. If anyone ever has the chance to take Bill McDonald's class 150 at UCLA, do it. I'm still amazed at the breadth of subjects he taught in 6 weeks. With the knowledge I have, I'm now completely confident to go home, rent film gear and shot a picture!

I miss all the folks at home, and having a proper home too. Our garbage chute is clogged right now, so now 3 stories of garbage are piled up and no one can get rid of any garbage anymore. 515 Kelton Towers, I will not miss you, really.

Next time I visit, I'm living in the Palisades!

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

I'm just a fan like everyone else!

A while ago, I posted about my great appreciate for Judge Mathis.

I suppose, in some people's eyes, my eloquent tribute has made me some kind of expert in the world of Mathis. Because today I received this email.
I, Debra Hankerson would like an address so i may forward a letter to Judge Mathis. It is regarding a legal situation. I wrote the letter sometime ago.

I got an address from WB, but the letter was returned to me.

Please forward the address to

Thank You
Debra Hankerson

I had to break the news to her that despite my high standing in the Judge Mathis Rox Fan Club, I didn't know his address.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Happy Birthday, Sha'uri.

Be on the lookout

Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they aren't out to get you.